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7752 messages rec.video.dvd.marketplace DVD-Video forsale/wanted posts.
7721 messages rec.aviation.simulators Flight simulation on all levels.
7548 messages rec.animals.wildlife Wildlife related discussions/information.
7467 messages rec.games.mahjong Mahjong related discussion and posting.
7372 messages rec.arts.anime.marketplace Things for sale in the Japanese animation world.
7338 messages rec.arts.movies.reviews Reviews of movies. (Moderated)
7180 messages rec.music.a-cappella Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment.
7173 messages rec.games.diplomacy The conquest game Diplomacy.
7117 messages rec.radio.broadcasting Discussion of global domestic broadcast radio. (Moderated)
7092 messages rec.music.makers.choral Choral groups and choral music.
7074 messages rec.photo.technique.nature Wildlife, landscapes, travel tips etc.
6965 messages rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh The Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters.
6928 messages rec.arts.horror.written The horror genre in written form.
6910 messages rec.video.marketplace Video equipment marketplace.
6844 messages rec.music.artists.paul-mccartney Paul McCartney's music and life.
6802 messages rec.aviation.ultralight Light aircraft in general, all topics.
6586 messages rec.arts.tv.uk.emmerdale All about the British soap, Emmerdale.
6476 messages rec.games.corewar The Core War computer challenge.
6428 messages rec.music.misc Music lovers' group.
6412 messages rec.pets.cats.rescue Discussion of feline rescue organizations and methods.
6399 messages rec.gardens.roses Gardening information related to roses.
6392 messages rec.arts.startrek.misc General discussions of Star Trek.
6317 messages rec.arts.comics.creative Comics-related original creative writing. (Moderated)
6072 messages rec.music.collecting.vinyl Collecting vinyl records (NO wanted or forsale).
6060 messages rec.arts.sf.misc Science fiction lovers' newsgroup.
6059 messages rec.crafts.marketplace Small-scale ads for craft products of all kinds.
6058 messages rec.games.frp.super-heroes Super-hero role playing games.
6052 messages rec.arts.movies.misc General aspects of movies not covered by other groups.
6032 messages rec.pets Pets, pet care, and household animals in general.
5943 messages rec.music.brazilian All aspects of brazilian music.
5904 messages rec.sport.waterski Waterskiing and other boat-towed activities.
5893 messages rec.arts.misc Discussions about the arts not in other groups.
5841 messages rec.sport.archery All aspects of archery for archers of any skill level.
5818 messages rec.sport.volleyball Discussion about volleyball.
5720 messages rec.travel.budget.backpack Backpack travel discussion group.
5679 messages rec.food.veg Vegetarians.
5585 messages rec.sport.fencing All aspects of swordplay.
5568 messages rec.games.empire Discussion and hints about Empire.
5565 messages rec.autos.antique Discussing all aspects of automobiles over 25 years old.
5520 messages rec.drugs.psychedelic LSD, Ecstasy, magic mushrooms and the like.
5477 messages rec.music.celtic Traditional and modern music with a Celtic flavor.
5468 messages rec.aviation.marketplace Aviation classifieds.
5468 messages rec.games.frp.storyteller World of Darkness and StoryTeller games.
5386 messages rec.games.computer.stars The strategy game "Stars!".
5357 messages rec.crafts.polymer-clay Techniques & resources relating to polymer clay.
5345 messages rec.skiing.alpine.moderated Alpine (downhill) skiing. (Moderated)
5316 messages rec.sport.baseball.college Baseball on the collegiate level.
5207 messages rec.arts.anime.fandom Important issues concerning Japanese animation fans.
5179 messages rec.boats.paddle.touring Flatwater paddling and touring.
5080 messages rec.games.trading-cards.magic.misc General "Magic: the Gathering" postings.
5040 messages rec.folk-dancing Folk dances, dancers, and dancing.
4999 messages rec.aquaria.marketplace Aquarium advertising & announcements.
4950 messages rec.music.artists.beach-boys The Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had.
4909 messages rec.music.beatles.moderated Fab Four analytical & investigative articles. (Moderated)
4767 messages rec.sport.softball All aspects of fastpitch and slowpitch softball.
4722 messages rec.crafts.misc Handiwork arts not covered elsewhere.
4655 messages rec.skiing.backcountry Backcountry skiing.
4652 messages rec.pets.dogs.activities Dog events: showing, obedience, agility, etc.
4623 messages rec.models.rc.water Radio-controlled water models.
4543 messages rec.music.makers.saxophone All aspects of the saxophone and its music.
4422 messages rec.food.restaurants Discussion of dining out.
4421 messages rec.photo.equipment.misc Other formats, tripods, projectors, bags etc.
4411 messages rec.video.dvd.misc DVD-Video miscellaneous issues.
4379 messages rec.sport.pro-wrestling.moderated Sports Entertainment. (Moderated)
4359 messages rec.sport.baseball.fantasy Rotisserie (fantasy) baseball play.
4352 messages rec.photo.digital.zlr Digital cameras w/ fixed zoom lenses & manual controls.
4296 messages rec.autos.rod-n-custom High performance automobiles.
4295 messages rec.games.pbm Discussion about Play by Mail games.
4291 messages rec.pets.dogs.info General information and FAQs posted here. (Moderated)
4268 messages rec.collecting.dolls Doll and bear collecting and crafting.
4206 messages rec.drugs.misc Stimulants, sedatives, smart drugs, et cetera.
4205 messages rec.music.ambient Ambient music and artists.
4188 messages rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigo Comics from the Vertigo imprint.
4181 messages rec.toys.lego Discussion of Lego, Duplo (and compatible) toys.
4170 messages rec.crafts.textiles.marketplace Ads for textile products.
4170 messages rec.outdoors.fishing.saltwater Saltwater fishing, methods, gear, Q&A.
4148 messages rec.games.trading-cards.magic.strategy "Magic: the Gathering" strategy.
4143 messages rec.games.frp.marketplace Role-playing game materials wanted and for sale.
3988 messages rec.photo.technique.people Portraits, figure studies, weddings etc.
3976 messages rec.radio.amateur.moderated Amateur radio practices, rules, etc. (Moderated)
3951 messages rec.crafts.rubberstamps The rubberstamp craft- tips, supplies, swaps.
3946 messages rec.radio.amateur.digital.misc Packet radio and other digital radio modes.
3761 messages rec.arts.disney.animation Animated features, cartoons, short subjects.
3750 messages rec.aquaria.marine.misc Marine aquaria in general.
3740 messages rec.food.drink Wines and spirits.
3696 messages rec.games.board.ce The Cosmic Encounter board game.
3660 messages rec.autos.rotary Rotary engines & vehicles using them.
3561 messages rec.food.historic The history of food making arts.
3560 messages rec.toys.misc Discussion of toys that lack a specific newsgroup.
3526 messages rec.arts.horror.marketplace All horror-related commercial messages.
3511 messages rec.food.chocolate Chocolate.
3471 messages rec.games.abstract Perfect information, pure strategy games.
3321 messages rec.arts.theatre.plays Dramaturgy and discussion of plays.
3308 messages rec.crafts.knots Discussion on knots, how to tie and where to use them.
3255 messages rec.boats.marketplace Boating products for sale and wanted. (Moderated)
3246 messages rec.games.video.atari Discussion of Atari's video game systems.
3182 messages rec.music.funky Funk, rap, house, soul, r&b and related.
3180 messages rec.music.newage "New Age" music discussions.
3149 messages rec.games.design Discussion of game design related issues.
3145 messages rec.games.computer.ultima.series Forum for fans of the Ultima games.
3137 messages rec.media.players.portable.ipod Apple's iPod media players.
3130 messages rec.radio.amateur.space Amateur radio transmissions through space.
3100 messages rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 Babylon 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans.
2913 messages rec.toys.vintage Toys older than 20 years valued as historic/memorabilia.
2860 messages rec.arts.disney.merchandise Toys, videos, music, books, art, collectibles.
2823 messages rec.games.trading-cards.misc Other trading card game discussions.
2823 messages rec.music.makers.bands For musicians who play in groups with others.
2799 messages rec.games.chess.play-by-email Reports/discussions regarding email chess.
2758 messages rec.food.drink.coffee The making and drinking of coffee.
2720 messages rec.music.makers.percussion.hand-drum All aspects of hand drumming.
2708 messages rec.models.rc.soaring Building and flying radio controlled gliders.
2689 messages rec.music.experimental For the discussion of experimental music.
2680 messages rec.photo.digital.point+shoot Point-and-shoot digital cameras.
2658 messages rec.crafts.distilling Discussion of distilling alcohol and other substances.
2614 messages rec.games.miniatures.misc Miniatures and various tabletop wargames.
2610 messages rec.music.artists.bruce-hornsby The music of Bruce Hornsby.
2585 messages rec.aquaria.misc Closed System aquaria in general.
2480 messages rec.photo.marketplace.medium-format Trading medium-format equipment.
2457 messages rec.sport.basketball.women Women's basketball at all levels.
2457 messages rec.sport.football.australian Discussion of Australian (Rules) Football.
2441 messages rec.arts.movies.international Non-American art films.
2365 messages rec.radio.info Informational postings related to radio. (Moderated)
2325 messages rec.games.netrek Discussion of the X window system game Netrek (XtrekII).
2308 messages rec.drugs.chemistry Chemistry, pharmacology and related issues.
2308 messages rec.skiing.resorts.north-america Skiing in North America.
2284 messages rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap Quantum Leap TV, comics, cons, etc.
2272 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.misc Discussion of all Star Wars collecting.
2267 messages rec.aviation.aerobatics Aerobatics and unusual attitude flying.
2222 messages rec.crafts.dollhouses Collecting and making of dollhouse miniatures.
2209 messages rec.arts.theatre.misc Miscellaneous topics and issues in theatre.
2206 messages rec.humor.funny.reruns Reposts of rec.humor.funny archive material. (Moderated)
2185 messages rec.games.playing-cards Recreational (non-gambling) card playing.
2177 messages rec.arts.marching.band.college College marching bands.
2175 messages rec.arts.comics.reviews Reviews of comics and comics-related materials. (Moderated)
2168 messages rec.sport.sumo This group is dedicated to the Japanese sport Sumo.
2152 messages rec.arts.tv.uk.comedy Regarding UK-based comedy shows.
2129 messages rec.collecting.cards.discuss Discussion of sports and non-sports cards.
2060 messages rec.aquaria.tech Aquarium related technology and equipment.
2032 messages rec.food.veg.cooking Vegetarian recipes, cooking, nutrition. (Moderated)
2006 messages rec.martial-arts.moderated Martial-arts in general. (Moderated)
2006 messages rec.sport.pro-wrestling.info Informational postings about wrestling. (Moderated)
1992 messages rec.photo.technique.art Issues of fine art, framing, display.
1977 messages rec.photo.technique.misc Other non-equipment posts about technique.
1918 messages rec.pets.birds.pigeons Racing Pigeons, Show Pigeons, and related material.
1835 messages rec.aviation.restoration Forum for debate on aircraft restoration.
1812 messages rec.music.video Discussion of music videos and music video software.
1805 messages rec.sport.table-soccer Table-soccer of all types: foosball and subbuteo.
1801 messages rec.photo.marketplace.large-format Trading large-format equipment.
1755 messages rec.games.chinese-chess Discussion of the game of Chinese chess, Xiangqi.
1752 messages rec.gardens.bamboo All aspects of bamboo growing and uses.
1737 messages rec.games.computer.doom.editing Editing and hacking DOOM-related files.
1730 messages rec.arts.marching.percussion Marching percussion.
1730 messages rec.outdoors.marketplace All business related to the outdoors.
1682 messages rec.toys.transformers.marketplace Buy/sell/trade/auctioning Transformers.
1674 messages rec.sport.baseball.data Raw baseball data (Stats, birthdays, scheds).
1646 messages rec.photo.marketplace.darkroom Trading darkroom equipment & supplies.
1632 messages rec.arts.books.hist-fiction Historical fictions (novels) in general.
1624 messages rec.misc General topics about recreational/participant sports.
1598 messages rec.boats.racing Boat racing.
1595 messages rec.parks.theme Entertainment theme parks.
1591 messages rec.music.artists.extreme The band Extreme and members' post-breakup work.
1578 messages rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks.
1551 messages rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.misc Trading trading card stuff.
1543 messages rec.music.ragtime Ragtime and related music styles.
1542 messages rec.bicycles.off-road Moderated off-road cyclist topics. (Moderated)
1511 messages rec.games.video.misc General discussion about home video games.
1510 messages rec.crafts.carving Exchange of information on carving and its techniques.
1508 messages rec.video.satellite.misc Non-TVRO and non-DBS satellite information.
1495 messages rec.games.mecha Giant robot games. (Moderated)
1470 messages rec.sport.misc Spectator sports.
1469 messages rec.arts.movies.people People in the movie business.
1465 messages rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.sales Selling Magic cards.
1455 messages rec.crafts.textiles.machine-knit Discussion of machine knitting.
1437 messages rec.music.collecting.cd Compact discs of collector value (NO wanted or forsale).
1421 messages rec.food.marketplace Buying and selling food-related items.
1403 messages rec.motorcycles.victory Polaris Victory motorcycle rides, tech, resources.
1395 messages rec.aviation.hang-gliding Hang-gliding, paragliding, foot-launched flight.
1377 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.vintage Star Wars items made before 1990.
1377 messages rec.sport.basketball.europe A European basketball forum.
1357 messages rec.scouting.misc General and international guiding and scouting topics.
1324 messages rec.arts.startrek.fandom Star Trek conventions and memorabilia.
1313 messages rec.boats.paddle.whitewater Whitewater paddling.
1308 messages rec.autos.sport.rally Any type of interest in any form of rally motorsport.
1305 messages rec.music.collecting.misc Memorabilia (NO wanted, forsale, CD or vinyl).
1300 messages rec.games.frp.cyber Discussions of cyberpunk related roleplaying games.
1294 messages rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.auctions Auctions of Magic cards.
1283 messages rec.food.cuisine.jewish All matters concerning Jewish cuisine. (Moderated)
1280 messages rec.music.artists.ani-difranco Ani Difranco, related topics.
1259 messages rec.models.rc.misc Radio-controlled miscellaneous items.
1258 messages rec.boats.racing.power Speed-based competition of all motorized watercraft.
1257 messages rec.collecting.pins All aspects of collecting and trading pins.
1217 messages rec.games.bridge.okbridge Okbridge forum.
1198 messages rec.sport.football.misc Discussion about American-style football.
1197 messages rec.sport.skating.racing Racing and speed skating.
1174 messages rec.arts.comics.info Reviews, convention information and other comics news. (Moderated)
1137 messages rec.games.roguelike.announce Major info about rogue-styled games. (Moderated)
1137 messages rec.music.filipino All types and forms of Filipino music.
1132 messages rec.arts.tv.uk.misc Miscellaneous topics about UK-based television.
1108 messages rec.humor.d Discussions on the content of rec.humor articles.
1106 messages rec.games.misc Games and computer games.
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