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1079 messages rec.sport.squash Forum for all apects of squash.
1072 messages rec.video.satellite.europe European satellite broadcasting.
1057 messages rec.antiques.bottles Antique bottle collecting
1053 messages rec.collecting.postal-history Study of the movement of the mails worldwide.
1052 messages rec.music.bluenote.blues The Blues in all forms and all aspects.
1050 messages rec.collecting.phonecards Info and Marketplace group for phonecards.
1033 messages rec.arts.sf.announce Major announcements of the SF world. (Moderated)
1020 messages rec.autos.sport.tech Technical aspects & technology of auto racing.
1011 messages rec.photo.equipment.aps Discussion of APS equipment.
984 messages rec.arts.disney.misc General topics pertinent to the Disney Company.
984 messages rec.arts.marching.misc Marching-related performance activities.
968 messages rec.music.makers.french-horn About horn players and playing.
932 messages rec.photo.moderated The art and science of photography. (Moderated)
929 messages rec.music.reviews Reviews of music of all genres and mediums. (Moderated)
921 messages rec.arts.henson+muppets The Muppets and other Jim Henson works.
920 messages rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature Guitar tablature and performance. (Moderated)
919 messages rec.arts.anime.creative Original works by fans, related to anime/manga. (Moderated)
886 messages rec.pets.ferrets Forum on ferret care and husbandry. (Moderated)
857 messages rec.games.mud.misc Various aspects of multiuser computer games.
855 messages rec.humor.funny Jokes that are funny (in the moderator's opinion). (Moderated)
853 messages rec.sport.skating.roller Conventional (quad) roller skating.
848 messages rec.music.barbershop Barbershop quartet and chorus singing.
841 messages rec.games.video.nintendo.wii Nintendo Wii gaming console.
840 messages rec.skiing.marketplace Items for sale/wanted.
833 messages rec.games.video.advocacy Debate on merits of various video game systems.
819 messages rec.games.video.3do Discussion of 3DO video games systems.
817 messages rec.games.computer.doom.playing Playing DOOM and user-created levels.
811 messages rec.crafts.textiles.misc Fiber and textile crafts not covered elsewhere.
802 messages rec.arts.movies.movie-going Going-to-movies experiences.
790 messages rec.games.mud.admin Administrative issues of multiuser dungeons.
780 messages rec.music.arabic All aspects of the music of the Arab world.
778 messages rec.games.roguelike.moria The computer game Moria.
770 messages rec.arts.horror.misc The horror genre in miscellaneous media.
757 messages rec.mag Magazine summaries, tables of contents, etc.
746 messages rec.games.frp.announce Announcements of happenings in the role-playing world. (Moderated)
742 messages rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.trades Trading Magic cards.
724 messages rec.games.mud.announce Informational articles about multiuser dungeons. (Moderated)
723 messages rec.aviation.balloon Hot air and gas balloons and airships.
721 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.games Star Wars games: RPG, computer, card, etc.
720 messages rec.games.mud.lp Discussions of the LPMUD computer role playing game.
664 messages rec.autos.sport.misc Organized, legal auto competitions.
662 messages rec.games.computer.puzzle Puzzle-solving computer games.
652 messages rec.sport.rodeo Anything dealing with the sport of rodeo.
623 messages rec.arts.comics.elfquest The Elfquest universe and characters.
621 messages rec.radio.noncomm Topics relating to noncommercial radio.
597 messages rec.arts.movies.lists+surveys Top-N lists and general surveys.
578 messages rec.music.makers.dulcimer Dulcimers and related instruments.
571 messages rec.sport.hockey.field Discussion of the sport of field hockey.
565 messages rec.sport.skating.misc Miscellaneous skating topics.
561 messages rec.arts.origami Ancient Asian Paper Sculpture.
551 messages rec.games.video.sony.playstation3 Sony PS3 comsole.
550 messages rec.games.frp.industry Roleplaying industry & companies.
531 messages rec.video.dvd.advocacy DVD-Video pro/con arguments.
526 messages rec.games.computer.doom.help DOOM Help Service (new players welcome).
512 messages rec.games.video.cd-i CD-i topics with emphasis on games.
512 messages rec.music.makers.chamber-music All aspects of chamber music.
511 messages rec.games.video.microsoft.xbox360 Microsoft XBox360 console.
484 messages rec.games.computer.everquest The Online RPG EverQuest.
481 messages rec.arts.tv.mst3k.announce Mystery Science Theater 3000 announcements. (Moderated)
479 messages rec.sport.orienteering All matters related to the sport of orienteering.
478 messages rec.arts.puppetry For discussion of puppets in any form or venue.
476 messages rec.video.desktop.toaster The Video Toaster and Flyer systems.
471 messages rec.games.bolo The networked strategy war game Bolo.
455 messages rec.arts.ascii ASCII art, info on archives, art, & artists. (Moderated)
448 messages rec.collecting.villages Collectible houses, cottages, villages, and accessories.
443 messages rec.music.info News and announcements on musical topics. (Moderated)
434 messages rec.games.mud.diku All about DikuMuds.
423 messages rec.arts.tv.news.oreilly-factor Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor.
419 messages rec.games.computer.doom.misc Talking about DOOM and id Software.
415 messages rec.music.artists.emmylou-harris Emmylou Harris, her music, her friends.
409 messages rec.music.iranian Discussion of Iranian music.
408 messages rec.games.mud.tiny Discussion about Tiny muds, like MUSH, MUSE and MOO.
407 messages rec.games.roguelike.rogue The computer game Rogue.
396 messages rec.skiing.resorts.misc Skiing in other than Europe and North America.
373 messages rec.music.promotional Information and promo materials from record companies. (Moderated)
372 messages rec.music.artists.wallflowers Music group The Wallflowers.
371 messages rec.music.artists.mariah-carey Mariah Carey and her music.
371 messages rec.music.folk.tablature Folk Music Tune Discussion and Trade.
367 messages rec.sport.basketball.misc Discussion about basketball.
360 messages rec.arts.sf.tv.jericho A small US town copes after a nationwide nuclear attack.
337 messages rec.music.artists.little-feat The Little Feat Newsgroup.
332 messages rec.games.trading-cards.startrek Star Trek Trading Card Games.
320 messages rec.music.artists.reb-st-james All aspects of Rebecca St. James' career.
304 messages rec.photo.digital.rangefinder Digital rangefinder camera systems.
292 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.customizing Customizing Star Wars toys.
283 messages rec.games.frp.live-action Live-action roleplaying games.
259 messages rec.games.computer.quake.playing Playing Quake and user-created levels.
255 messages rec.humor.oracle Sagacious advice from the USENET Oracle. (Moderated)
250 messages rec.sport.water-polo Discussion of water polo.
237 messages rec.arts.tv.interactive Developments in interactive television.
236 messages rec.games.video.cd32 Gaming talk, info and help for the Amiga CD32.
235 messages rec.games.computer.quake.misc General discussion of Quake.
231 messages rec.aviation.powerchutes Safety and operation of powered parachutes.
231 messages rec.games.computer.quake.servers Setup and maintenance of servers.
227 messages rec.arts.anime.info Announcements about Japanese animation. (Moderated)
221 messages rec.games.computer.xpilot About the X11 game XPilot.
216 messages rec.arts.wobegon "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show discussion.
208 messages rec.games.computer.quake.editing Editing and hacking Quake-related files.
205 messages rec.games.computer.quake.quake-c Modifying Quake with Quake-C.
194 messages rec.music.artists.danny-elfman Composer Danny Elfman's music.
176 messages rec.sport.footbag Discussion about the sport of footbag.
172 messages rec.arts.tv.comedy.colbert-report Stephen Colbert tells it like it is!
163 messages rec.mag.dargon DargonZine fantasy fiction emag issues and discussion.
139 messages rec.games.computer.planetarion The Planetarion Game in general.
128 messages rec.games.xtank.play Strategy and tactics for the distributed game Xtank.
126 messages rec.gardens.ecosystems Ecosystems and organic gardening. (Moderated)
122 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.info General information pertaining to Star Wars. (Moderated)
103 messages rec.games.xtank.programmer Coding the Xtank game and its robots.
92 messages rec.arts.tv.comedy.the-office The Office, both US and UK Version.
89 messages rec.aviation.stories Anecdotes of flight experiences. (Moderated)
88 messages rec.media.players.portable Portable media players.
73 messages rec.music.beatles.info Latest press notes about the Beatles. (Moderated)
62 messages rec.skiing.announce FAQ, competition results, automated snow reports. (Moderated)
39 messages rec.drugs.announce Announcements about drugs and related issues. (Moderated)
18 messages rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated Blackjack gambling. (Moderated)
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