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75 messages comp.unix.machten The MachTen operating system and related issues.
73 messages comp.infosystems.wais The Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
73 messages comp.sys.next.bugs Discussion and solutions for known NeXT bugs.
71 messages comp.mail.zmail The various Z-Mail products and their configurability.
70 messages comp.sys.encore Encore's MultiMax computers.
69 messages comp.sys.tahoe CCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
68 messages comp.org.issnnet The International Student Society for Neural Networks.
68 messages comp.windows.garnet The Garnet user interface development environment.
66 messages comp.infosystems.kiosks Informational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated)
66 messages comp.sys.amiga.uucp Amiga UUCP packages.
64 messages comp.soft-sys.app-builder.dynasty Dynasty Development.
62 messages comp.org.sug Talk about/for the The Sun User's Group.
61 messages comp.soft-sys.shazam The SHAZAM econometrics computer program.
59 messages comp.internet.services.wiki ?
58 messages comp.sources.bugs Bug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
58 messages comp.sys.convex Convex computer systems hardware and software.
58 messages comp.windows.ui-builders.uimx Using and augmenting the UIM/X UI Builder.
57 messages comp.internet.services.social.myspace ?
57 messages comp.os.ms-windows.nt.pre-release Unreleased and beta Windows NT versions.
57 messages comp.soft-sys.app-builder.forte Discussion of Forte development software.
57 messages comp.sys.alliant Info and discussion about Alliant computers.
56 messages comp.sys.proteon Proteon gateway products.
55 messages comp.sys.ridge Ridge 32 computers and ROS.
52 messages comp.unix.sys3 System III UNIX discussions.
49 messages comp.specification.larch Larch family of formal specification languages.
48 messages comp.soft-sys.middleware.opendoc OpenDoc and its related technologies.
47 messages comp.os.parix Forum for users of the parallel operating system PARIX.
25 messages comp.lang.c++.misc Development in C++, libraries, cross and single targets
23 messages comp.compression.research Discussions about data compression research. (Moderated)
16 messages comp.security.pgp.announce New PGP versions, utils and such. (Moderated)
16 messages comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce Announcements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
13 messages comp.os.linux.answers FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
12 messages comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announce OpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
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