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2043 messages airnews.test Test postings, propagation checks, etc.
952 messages airnews.support Electronic support for Internet America AIRNEWS!.
700 messages airnews.general Discussion of Internet America AIRNEWS!-related topics.
599 messages airnews.alt.travel.air.airports.bicker Airport-related topics, bickering.
472 messages airnews.alt.paranoia.black.helicopters Total conspiracy and we have proof!
460 messages airnews.alt.company.wsps Tech Support for WebSite Promotional Services.
288 messages airnews.flame Kicking, screaming and venting on AIRNEWS! issues.
129 messages airnews.announce Internet America AIRNEWS! announcements (Moderated)
13 messages airnews.alt.announce Internet America AIRNEWS.alt announcements. (Moderated)
13 messages airnews.alt.culture.etiquette Etiquette issues in the USA. (Moderated)