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1140430 messages aus.politics Politics, debates, rational(?) arguments.
610013 messages aus.tv Television.
473847 messages aus.cars No description.
233962 messages aus.motorcycles Discussion of motorcycles and motorcycling.
203248 messages aus.religion.christian Christianity and issues relevant to Christianity.
194153 messages aus.legal Legal issues in Australasia.
155445 messages aus.religion.islam-
133438 messages aus.general General information, announcements, etc.
132366 messages aus.bicycle Push bikes.
119348 messages aus.computers Misc computer types.
113559 messages aus.sport.aussie-rules Australian rules football.
113298 messages aus.invest Investment and other financial matters.
108502 messages aus.dvd Digital Versatile Disk in Australia.
103952 messages aus.sport.rugby-league Rugby league football.
91293 messages aus.aviation Planes, gliders, flying, etc.
84038 messages aus.photo Photography, video, etc.
69590 messages aus.tv.pay General discussion of pay television within Australia.
68495 messages aus.sport.cricket-
68391 messages aus.electronics Discussion of electronics.
64769 messages aus.hi-fi Hi Fi Issues.
63789 messages aus.radio.broadcast Australian broadcast radio.
60081 messages aus.culture.true-blue-
57096 messages aus.rail No description.
54607 messages aus.net.access Internet access.
50101 messages aus.family-
48392 messages aus.comms.mobile Mobile communications in Australia.
41925 messages aus.comms Discussion about communications in general.
40049 messages aus.religion Discussions of, or related to, religions.
34644 messages aus.politics.guns-
33954 messages aus.services.defence-
31378 messages aus.tv.digital-
28085 messages aus.films Movies, Cinema, TV.
26215 messages aus.audio-visual.home-cinema-
26144 messages aus.ads.forsale Private "for sale" ads.
26098 messages aus.games Discussions of games.
25637 messages aus.radio.scanner Scanner frequency tips & tricks for Monitoring In Aust.
24998 messages aus.jokes Jokes, humour, and boring trivia.
21727 messages aus.radio.amateur.misc Amateur Radio.
21568 messages aus.ads.forsale.computers.used Advertisements for used or second hand
19963 messages aus.bushwalking No description.
19230 messages aus.music Music and related issues.
19004 messages aus.cars.offroad-
17418 messages aus.computers.mac No description.
16121 messages aus.gardens Gardens and gardening in Australia.
14074 messages aus.ads.forsale.computers.new Advertisements for new computer hardware
13997 messages aus.culture.gothic The Gothic subculture in Australia
13337 messages aus.computers.linux No description.
12547 messages aus.science-
11977 messages aus.media-watch Embittered, pompous gits of the net, unite!
11652 messages aus.talk.ltuae Life, The Universe And Everything.
11635 messages aus.flame Abusive noise, posted by morons.
10585 messages aus.food-
10314 messages aus.sf Australian discussion of SF&F literature, media, fandom.
10155 messages aus.sport.motor Motor sports.
9648 messages aus.radio.cb-
9600 messages aus.rail.models Model railways.
9376 messages aus.sport.pro-wrestling-
9085 messages aus.culture.naturist-
8544 messages aus.education Helping educators in Australia.
6956 messages aus.ads.wanted Private "wanted" ads.
6917 messages aus.test Test messages.
6884 messages aus.sf.star-trek Australian discussions of Star Trek, in all its forms.
6868 messages aus.religion.judaism-
6770 messages aus.computers.ibm-pc Discussions about the IBM pc & clones.
6284 messages aus.consumers No description.
5711 messages aus.tv.buffy-
5208 messages aus.services.emergency-
4828 messages aus.personals No description.
4510 messages aus.sport.sailing-
4420 messages aus.ads.forsale.cars-
4059 messages aus.tv.reality-
3952 messages aus.ads.commercial Advertising from commercial enterprises.
3939 messages aus.sport.scuba Scuba diving and related aquatic activities.
3734 messages aus.history-
3684 messages aus.ads.personals People seeking people.
3440 messages aus.net.news No description.
3430 messages aus.censorship Censorship in Australia.
3374 messages aus.pets Discussions of pets in Australia.
3218 messages aus.business-
3056 messages aus.theatre The theatre.
3004 messages aus.transport Discussion of Australian transport and traffic matters
2826 messages aus.environment.misc Miscellaneous discussion on Australia's environment.
2772 messages aus.sport Generic discussions of sport.
2706 messages aus.computers.amiga Discussions about Commodore Amiga computers.
2490 messages aus.mathematics Mathematics Research in Australasia.
2418 messages aus.sport.shooting-
2351 messages aus.ads.jobs Jobs available and wanted.
2012 messages aus.games.roleplay Discussions of role playing games.
1560 messages aus.environment.conservation Australian conservation issues.
1527 messages aus.sf.babylon5 No description.
1449 messages aus.books Australian discussion of books.
1244 messages aus.computers.sun No description.
1243 messages aus.culture.china soc.culture.china redistributed.
1220 messages aus.sport.fishing Discussion of fishing in Australia
1156 messages aus.students Going to school in Australia.
1006 messages aus.snow Winter sports in Australia.
980 messages aus.tv.community Discussions relating to community television.
911 messages aus.culture.ultimo No description.
839 messages aus.radio.amateur.wicen Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network.
826 messages aus.sport.golf-
813 messages aus.religion.spiritualism-
792 messages aus.radio.amateur.digital Digital techniques (packet etc) in Amateur Radio.
662 messages aus.ads.jobs.resumes Australian resumes.
556 messages aus.computers.cdrom No description.
449 messages aus.students.overseas Australian students abroad.
433 messages aus.net.mail No description.
415 messages aus.sport.frisbee-
354 messages aus.net.policy discussion of all aspects of Australian Internet policy.
341 messages aus.aviation.airspace No description.
319 messages aus.computers.java-
311 messages aus.net.announce Announcements of resources available on the net.
282 messages aus.tv.x-files No description.
255 messages aus.education.open-learning No description.
227 messages aus.sport.touch-
217 messages aus.games.bridge Australasian Bridge players.
210 messages aus.org.scouting Scouting in Australia
202 messages aus.comms.videocon Videoconferencing - compressed video.
192 messages aus.radio.showprep Show preparation for on-air professionals.
183 messages aus.computers.tex No description.
178 messages aus.arts.comics-
177 messages aus.education.bio-newtech New Technologies in Biology Teaching.
174 messages aus.computers.ai No description.
154 messages aus.flame.usa Reasoned criticism of the United States of America.
153 messages aus.computers.os2 No description.
149 messages aus.arts.anime-
147 messages aus.games.network-
139 messages aus.org.efa No description.
135 messages aus.culture.hellenic Topics that affect Greek(Hellenic) Australians.
130 messages aus.stats.s Discussions of the S data analysis & graphics software.
129 messages aus.org.sage No description.
125 messages aus.computers.parallel No description.
124 messages aus.net.directory For the discussion of the X.500 Directory.
123 messages aus.computers.logic-prog No description.
120 messages aus.mbio Molecular biology.
116 messages aus.org.acs.books ACS book reviews.
88 messages aus.org.acs The Australian Computer Society.
88 messages aus.org.waia Discussion forum for the W.A. Internet Association.
85 messages aus.net.status No description.
82 messages aus.net.irc Internet Relay Chat in Australia.
70 messages aus.flame.gareth-powell Australia's favourite computer journalist.
46 messages aus.org.rmaa Records Management Association of Australia related matters.
41 messages aus.org.auug AUUG Inc - Australian Unix User Group.
37 messages aus.org.awpa Australasian Web Publishers' Association, Inc.
35 messages aus.org.hisa Health Informatics Association of Australia related matters.
21 messages aus.legal.moderated A moderated Australian legal group. (Moderated)
17 messages aus.org.acsev-