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326583 messages ca.politics Political topics of interest to California readers only.
56767 messages ca.jobs-
31047 messages ca.driving California freeways and backroads.
21052 messages ca.environment Environmental concerns in California.
14277 messages ca.general Of general interest to readers in Calfornia only.
7107 messages ca.forsale Things for sale in California.
5771 messages ca.test Tests of 'ca' distribution articles.
1370 messages ca.earthquakes What's shakin' in California.
512 messages ca.seminars No description.
417 messages ca.wanted For Sale/Wanted postings throughout California.
379 messages ca.news USENET status and usage in California.
160 messages ca.water Info on CA water & Internet issues.
135 messages ca.unix Unix discussion/help.
124 messages ca.news.group Existing or proposed newsgroups for 'ca' distribution.
113 messages ca.usenet Discussion of Usenet/news administration in California.
45 messages ca.answers All the answers for California. (Moderated)