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506632 messages demon.local Local chatter
73829 messages demon.nl.support General Dutch Service support issues.
51211 messages demon.service Complaints, Praise etc. at the Level of Service
38681 messages demon.ip.support.turnpike Turnpike support issues
9095 messages demon.tech.pc No description.
3131 messages demon.test Test messages
2939 messages demon.nl.babbel Local Dutch chatter.
2343 messages demon.adverts Personal and commercial adverts by Demon members
2202 messages demon.ip.support General support issues
ip_1 support_2 1771 messages demon.ip.support.pc PC support issues
1380 messages demon.ip.support.newuser-
1348 messages demon.nl.mopper-
1094 messages demon.answers FAQs relating to the Demon Service (Moderated)
779 messages demon.sales Demon sales announcements (Moderated)
763 messages demon.nl.hardware-
646 messages demon.homepages.authoring The creation of homepages at Demon Internet.
643 messages demon.news Discussion/proposals for Demon groups
587 messages demon.archives.d Discussion of Uploads
543 messages demon.nl.homepages-
508 messages demon.nl.software.algemeen-
408 messages demon.ip.support.unix Unix support issues
310 messages demon.ip.support.amiga Amiga support issues
293 messages demon.homepages.adverts Announcements of the contents of Homepages at Demon.
223 messages demon.service.isdn Discussions about a possible ISDN service
196 messages demon.announce Demon Internet announcements (Moderated)
187 messages demon.service.homepages Demon Internet Ltd. homepages service issues.
164 messages demon.sales.d Discussion area for demon.sales
163 messages demon.adverts.d Discussion area for demon.adverts
127 messages demon.security Security/encryption related issues
99 messages demon.games Discussion of Online Games running on Demon's servers
90 messages demon.tech.modems-
89 messages demon.tech.unix-
86 messages demon.security.keys For posting public keys (e.g. PGP)
75 messages demon.nl.technobabbel-
71 messages demon.nl.announce Demon Internet Nederland announcements. (Moderated)
70 messages demon.ip.developers Developers of s/w for use with Demon
59 messages demon.ip.support.archimedes Archimedes support issues
57 messages demon.ip.support.os2-
47 messages demon.ip.support.mac Mac support issues
45 messages demon.ip.support.winsock-
44 messages demon.ip.www World Wide Web Related Discussion
41 messages demon.ip.support.atari Atari support issues
41 messages demon.tech.mac-
31 messages demon.ip.cppnews For users of the Cppnews package
31 messages demon.ip.support.ie4 Use of Microsoft's IE4 with Demon Internet.
30 messages demon.ip.support.win95 Windows'95 IP support issues.
30 messages demon.nl.games-
29 messages demon.tech.amiga-
28 messages demon.ip.winsock For users of Winsock
28 messages demon.nl.software.os-
27 messages demon.ip.discoveries Discoveries on the Net
26 messages demon.ip.support.nt Connecting to Demon Internet with Windows NT.
25 messages demon.ip.support.other Support issues specific to other platforms
24 messages demon.ip.winsock.dics DICS PD software to access Demon Internet
18 messages demon.tech.archimedes-
12 messages demon.pops Where to request a new PoP on your doorstep
12 messages demon.tech.atari-
9 messages demon.archives.announce News uploaded to ftp.demon.co.uk (Moderated)
1 messages demon.ip.support.pc.announce PC related announcements (Moderated)
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