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61123 messages england.chat General topics for discussion.
37516 messages england.religion.christian Discussion of the Christian faith.
2973 messages england.religion.misc Discussion about faith and religion in general.
2627 messages england.religion.islam Discussion of the Islamic faith.
1568 messages england.ads.personals People seeking people.
1537 messages england.politics.misc General English political discussion.
1521 messages england.rec.gardening Gardens and gardening in England.
1302 messages england.test Test postings.
1029 messages england.biz.entrepreneur The business of being an entrepreneur.
995 messages england.genealogy.misc Genealogy discussion concerning England.
883 messages england.local.london London, the capital city of England.
801 messages england.politics.conservative Discussion of conservative politics.
777 messages england.jobs.offered England market for jobs offered.
757 messages england.ads.misc General adverts with an English flavour.
725 messages england.politics.europe Discussion on all aspects of European politics.
635 messages england.politics.immigration The politics of immigration.
513 messages england.biz.misc General business discussion.
510 messages england.writing Discussion of all forms of writing.
490 messages england.legal English law and legal issues.
436 messages england.sport.football Association Football in England.
sport_1 football_2 413 messages england.sport.football.clubs.man-utd Manchester United Football Club.
361 messages england.sport.rugby-union English Rugby Union.
307 messages england.org.trade-union Discussion of trades union organizations.
301 messages england.education.teachers Education matters of interest for teachers.
269 messages england.jobs.wanted England market for jobs wanted.
220 messages england.people.royalty Discussion of English royalty.
195 messages england.sport.cricket Discussion of English test cricket.
190 messages england.music.misc General talk about the music of England.
187 messages england.education.misc Discussion relating to English education.
175 messages england.ads.computer Adverts for computer related items.
163 messages england.history.misc Historical discussion concerning England.
158 messages england.culture.books English discussion of books.
122 messages england.current-events.general Discussion of England-related news items.
113 messages england.education.language People learning/teaching the English Language.
97 messages england.rec.pets English pet owners, and their pets.
94 messages england.culture.theatre The English theatre.
88 messages england.media.misc General discussion of Media in England.
84 messages england.news.policy Policy and management of the england hierarchy.
81 messages england.sport.misc Discussion of English sport.
49 messages england.comp.misc About computer-related issues in general.
40 messages england.news.newusers Help and support for newusers.
26 messages england.announce.discuss Discussions about announcements.
21 messages england.announce Announcements relevant to people in England. (Moderated)