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77336 messages fl.politics Politics in Florida.
76405 messages fl.jobs.computers.programming Computer Programming job postings in Florida. (Moderated)
51534 messages fl.jobs.misc Miscellaneous Florida job postings. (Moderated)
20203 messages fl.general General topics in Florida.
13192 messages fl.jobs-
8008 messages fl.attractions Florida attractions and entertainment.
4019 messages fl.jobs.www WWW Florida job links. (Moderated)
3494 messages fl.test Testing workspace in Florida.
3078 messages fl.forsale Items for sale in Florida.
302 messages fl.biz Florida commercial marketplace.
243 messages fl.announce Important announcements for everyone in Florida.
229 messages fl.gardening Landscaping & Gardening within Florida State (Moderated)
186 messages fl.jobs.telecommute Telecommutable Florida job postings. (Moderated)
185 messages fl.real-estate Real Estate Forsale within Florida (Moderated)
127 messages fl.media.radio Radio announcements and issues specific to Florida (Moderated)
85 messages fl.media.tv Television announcements and issues specific to Florida (Moderated)
66 messages fl.uug UNIX user groups within Florida.
54 messages fl.config fl.* (Florida) configuration and policy discussion.
35 messages fl.jobs.resumes Job seekers seeking Florida employment. (Moderated)
17 messages fl.restaurant Reviews, advice & discussion on restaurants in Florida (Moderated)
13 messages fl.config.control fl.* (Florida) configuration messages. (Moderated)
13 messages fl.travel Travel discussions within Florida. (Moderated)
11 messages fl.environment Florida Environmental Issues (Moderated)
11 messages fl.forsale.auto Automobiles forsale within the State of Florida (Moderated)
7 messages fl.jobs.computers.misc Misc computer related job postings in Florida. (Moderated)
3 messages fl.jobs.computers.application Computer Software Application job in Florida. (Moderated)