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1845 messages git.ads No description.
405 messages git.test No description.
329 messages git.club.entrepreneur Entrepreneur's Club
281 messages git.mgt.club.entrepreneur Entrepreneur Club
238 messages git.cc.class.8113h No description.
234 messages git.club.tef The Environmental Forum
231 messages git.ohr.jobs.digest GT OHR Job bulletin in digest format.
208 messages git.talk.philosophy Philosophy Discussion
186 messages git.cc.cscw No description.
175 messages git.isye.healthsystems Health Systems
167 messages git.club.amsa The American Medical Students Association
164 messages git.oit.availability This is for availability announcements from OIT (Moderated)
142 messages git.politics No description.
137 messages git.club.musicians-net No description.
136 messages git.club.lacrosse lacrosse club
136 messages git.general No description.
135 messages git.outreach Outreach
118 messages git.talk.cars Car Talk
108 messages git.test.test test
107 messages git.club.sailing The Georgia Tech Sailing Club Newsgroup
105 messages git.club.womens-union Georgia Tech Womens Student Union
102 messages git.cc.class.8011r College of Computing - Robotics
99 messages git.club.prisa Prisa
98 messages git.club.aao The Alliance of Asian Organizations
87 messages git.talk.middleast Middle East Discussion
87 messages git.talk.religion No description.
75 messages git.talk.christianity A newsgroup for the discussion of christianity
74 messages git.christianity A newsgroup for the discussion of christianity
74 messages git.talk.abortion No description.
73 messages git.olympics.official Campus Olympic Group
69 messages git.me.class.2016b Newsgroup for ME class 2016 section b
67 messages git.talk.objectivism Objectivism
61 messages git.mechatronics No description.
60 messages git.police.parking No description.
60 messages git.talk.international International Discussion
55 messages git.events.greekweek Greek Week
52 messages git.club.spc Student Pagan Community
50 messages git.oit.test this is a test newsgroup
50 messages git.talk.books.novels Discussion of popular novels, GT
49 messages git.me.research No description.
47 messages git.fin-aid.announce Financial Aid Announcments
46 messages git.club.cycling This is for cycling enthusiast on gt campus
46 messages git.club.guns No description.
46 messages git.club.sword No description.
45 messages git.talk.policy For the discussion of network policy at Tech
43 messages git.media-talk No description.
42 messages git.club.wrek.techtalk No description.
42 messages git.events.homecoming Homecoming Discussion
42 messages git.studctr.movie.discussion Student Center Movie Committee Discussion
40 messages git.club.fieldhockey this is for field hockey at georgia tech
39 messages git.quality For the discussion of TQM per Charley Brown.
39 messages git.talk.literature For Literature Conversations
38 messages git.club.bgsa No description.
38 messages git.psych.class.1010e No description.
37 messages git.olympics.volunteer Volunteers for Olympics '96
37 messages git.psych.class.1010b No description.
36 messages git.psych.class.1010c No description.
36 messages git.studctr.movie.committee Student Center Movie Committee
36 messages git.talk.ps President's Scholars: Questions, announcements, discussions
36 messages git.telework Telecommuting/Work Issues at GT
34 messages git.club.anachronism Society for Creative Anachronism
34 messages git.club.prolife Students for Life
34 messages git.edutech.ms.software Middle School project, software committee
34 messages git.psych.class.1010a No description.
34 messages git.psych.class.1010d No description.
33 messages git.housing.esa Eigth Street Apartments
33 messages git.tech.futures Discussion of emerging technologies.
32 messages git.cc.help No description.
32 messages git.club.csa CSA
32 messages git.club.sport.announce No description.
32 messages git.me.scholarship Scholarship opportunities newsgroup for ME
32 messages git.psych.class.1010f No description.
32 messages git.psych.class.1010g No description.
32 messages git.psych.class.1010h No description.
31 messages git.cc.general No description.
31 messages git.math.class.3012a1 No description.
31 messages git.rha.east Residence Hall Association - East Campus
31 messages git.studctr.movie.announce Student Center Movie Committee Announcements
30 messages git.edutech.ms Middle School project
30 messages git.infosystems For wais,gopher and www discussions....
30 messages git.physics.announce announcements for the Georgia Tech physics department
29 messages git.cc.class.4803a A class at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
28 messages git.housing.woodruff Woodruff
28 messages git.manufacturing.prc Georgia Packaging Research Center
28 messages git.news.groups No description.
28 messages git.unix.solaris Solaris 2.2 porting issues.
27 messages git.club.sps Society of Physics Students (was git.physics.society.students)
27 messages git.leadershape Leadershape
26 messages git.lcc.class.6303a for lcc6303a
26 messages git.unix.linux.mailing-lists.ale ALE mailing list mirror
25 messages git.lcc.class.2310p No description.
25 messages git.math.class.1507a4 For a calc math class
24 messages git.club.cambodia Georgia Tech Cambodia Club
24 messages git.club.ccf GT Christian Campus Fellowship
24 messages git.lcc.class.1001j No description.
24 messages git.lcc.class.3020o No description.
24 messages git.rha.west Residence Hall Association - West Campus
23 messages git.ce.concrete.canoe Canoe
23 messages git.lcc.class.2020j2 No description.
23 messages git.math.class.4803a No description.
22 messages git.cc.class.150x No description.
22 messages git.club.juggling Juggling Club
22 messages git.club.swim Swimming Club
22 messages git.edutech No description.
22 messages git.grad No description.
22 messages git.hideout No description.
21 messages git.cc.morale Mission ORiented Architectural Legacy Evolution
21 messages git.club.satf.response Sexual Assault Response
21 messages git.dining.menu GT Dining Services Menu
21 messages git.math.class.1509n4 MATH 1509 N4
21 messages git.math.symbolic No description.
21 messages git.options Options Committee
21 messages git.rha.general Residence Hall Association
21 messages git.sql-help Newsgroup for SQL help
20 messages git.cc.class.8113r No description.
20 messages git.ce.systems CE Systems
20 messages git.isye.general No description.
20 messages git.isye.mot No description.
20 messages git.talk.quake Quake
19 messages git.cc.class.8113p A class at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
19 messages git.cc.systems.mac College of Computing - Mac Systems
19 messages git.cc.systems.ug College of Computing - Undergraduate Systems News
19 messages git.ce.construction CE Construction
19 messages git.club.ans Georgia Tech American Nuclear Society
19 messages git.club.chi-alpha Chi Alpha
19 messages git.club.lcm Lutheran Campus Ministry
19 messages git.club.sca Student Construction Association
19 messages git.club.water-ski No description.
18 messages git.cc.alums No description.
18 messages git.club.aiasgt American Institute of Architecture Students GT Chapter
18 messages git.club.asa Georgia Tech African Students Association
18 messages git.club.snag Systems and Network Administrators' Group
18 messages git.ee.class.1300d No description.
18 messages git.grad.gta Newsgroup for Georgia Tech's Grad. Teaching Ass.
18 messages git.ieee No description.
17 messages git.class.compe.1770a COMPE 1770 A
17 messages git.club.ifc Inter-Fraternity Council
17 messages git.club.opa Omega Psi Alpha
17 messages git.club.satf.prevention Sexual Assult Prevention
17 messages git.club.suth Student Union for the Homeless
17 messages git.ee.compass No description.
17 messages git.math.class.3308ca MATH 3308 CA
17 messages git.msm.general No description.
17 messages git.physics.class.2122c Newsgroup for Georgia Tech's Grad. Teaching Ass.
17 messages git.rha.grad Residence Hall Association - Graduate Buildings
16 messages git.cc.class.8011p No description.
16 messages git.club.asme American Society of Mechanical Engineers
16 messages git.club.gspe Georgia Society of Professional
16 messages git.club.water-polo Water Polo
16 messages git.cont-ed No description.
15 messages git.club.sos Student Organization Space Board
15 messages git.edutech.ms.problems Middle School project, materials committee
15 messages git.enve.ers.s1 Environmental Research for Soil(Soil 1), GT
14 messages git.ce.steel.bridge Bridge
14 messages git.club.habitat Habitat for Humanity
14 messages git.club.ihss International Humic Substance Society
14 messages git.club.odk Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society
14 messages git.club.panh Panhellenic
14 messages git.club.rotaract Rotaract
14 messages git.club.seds Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.
14 messages git.club.ultimate The Ultimate Frisbee Team/Club
14 messages git.housing.resnet.questions For questions related to the Housing residence hall network
14 messages git.year2000 Newsgroup to discuss on year 2000 (Millenium Bug) issues
13 messages git.cc.class.8113g No description.
13 messages git.class.compe.1700a COMPE 1700 A
13 messages git.club.squash Squash Club, GT
12 messages git.cc.community College of Computing - Community Mentor Program
12 messages git.club.sfl No description.
12 messages git.ee.class.390x A class at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
12 messages git.oit.questions No description.
12 messages git.sga.coursecritique Course Critique
11 messages git.arch.durfee dufree
11 messages git.club.crew This is for the Rowing Club, a Georgia Tech Student Organization
11 messages git.club.swarm Newsgroup for swarm club members
11 messages git.club.wrekage WREK: Heavy Metal Music Show
11 messages git.os2 Yellow Jacket OS/2 User's Group.
11 messages git.studctr.center4arts Georgia Tech Center for the Arts
11 messages git.win95.questions Windows 95 Questions
10 messages git.cc.colloquia Discussions on past and future colloquia
10 messages git.talk.flame A place where students can flame each other
10 messages git.talk.nihongo Newsgroup for the GT Japanese community.
10 messages git.test.moderated Testing moderated stuff (Moderated)
9 messages git.gtri.co-op GTRI Co-ops
9 messages git.gtri.www For the discussion of issues related to the WorldWideWeb
8 messages git.class.isye.3027b ISYE 3027B
8 messages git.maple.questions Questions concerning Maple software, GT
8 messages git.talk.nomic ?
7 messages git.ce.sustainability CE Sustainability
6 messages git.nrotc GT Naval Science
4 messages git.fe.lap Learning Assistance Program that is part of the Freshman Experience program
3 messages git.club.bso A newsgroup to communicate with the Black Student Organization
3 messages git.sga.usc Student Government Assoc communications. (Moderated)
1 messages git.housing.resnet.availability For announcements related to uptimes and service changes for the residence hall networks (Moderated)