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65235 messages gnu.emacs.help User queries and answers.
30518 messages gnu.emacs.bug GNU Emacs bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
22021 messages gnu.misc.discuss Serious discussion about GNU and freed software.
20612 messages gnu.gnustep.discuss No description.
17924 messages gnu.emacs.gnus News reading under GNU Emacs using GNUS (in English).
17397 messages gnu.cvs.help Concurrent Versions System (CVS) queries/answers
12725 messages gnu.gcc.help GNU C Compiler (gcc) user queries and answers.
11018 messages gnu.ghostscript.bug GNU Ghostscript interpreter bugs. (Moderated)
10516 messages gnu.hurd.bug-
9277 messages gnu.bash.bug Bourne Again SHell bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
7797 messages gnu.cvs.bug CVS bug reports and suggested fixes
7217 messages gnu.gnustep.bug No description.
6672 messages gnu.cfengine.help User queries about cfengine and answers.
6212 messages gnu.g++.help GNU C++ compiler (G++) user queries and answers.
5916 messages gnu.utils.bug GNU utilities bugs (e.g., make, gawk. ls). (Moderated)
5780 messages gnu.groff.bug Bugs in the GNU roff programs. (Moderated)
4885 messages gnu.gnusenet.test GNU's Not Usenet alternative hierarchy testing.
3801 messages gnu.emacs.sources ONLY (please!) C and Lisp source code for GNU Emacs.
3623 messages gnu.emacs.vms VMS port of GNU Emacs.
3540 messages gnu.emacs.vm.info Information about the Emacs VM mail package.
3273 messages gnu.hurd.help-
2736 messages gnu.smalltalk.bug Bugs in GNU Smalltalk. (Moderated)
2469 messages gnu.utils.help Non-product-specific help forum for GNU users.
2392 messages gnu.g++.bug g++ bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
1378 messages gnu.chess Announcements about the GNU Chess program.
1304 messages gnu.gnustep.help No description.
1069 messages gnu.announce Status and announcements from the Project. (Moderated)
814 messages gnu.g++.lib.bug g++ library bug reports/suggested fixes. (Moderated)
766 messages gnu.chess.bug-
531 messages gnu.cfengine.bug Bug reports for cfengine & suggested fixes. (Moderated)
527 messages gnu.emacs.vm.bug Bug reports on the Emacs VM mail package.
273 messages gnu.gdb.bug gcc/g++ DeBugger bugs and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
265 messages gnu.glibc.bug-
203 messages gnu.emacs.gnews News reading under GNU Emacs using Weemba's Gnews.
189 messages gnu.gnats.bug GNATS bug reports and suggested fixes
183 messages gnu.gnustep.announce No description. (Moderated)
97 messages gnu.gnusenet.config GNU's Not Usenet administration and configuration.
33 messages gnu.gcc.bug GNU C Compiler bug reports/suggested fixes. (Moderated)
30 messages gnu.emacs.announce Announcements about GNU Emacs. (Moderated)
30 messages gnu.g++.announce Announcements about the GNU C++ Compiler. (Moderated)
3 messages gnu.gcc.announce Announcements about the GNU C Compiler. (Moderated)