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893 messages hactar.space-1999 Mailinglist space-1999@quack.sac.ca.us
186 messages hactar.meeting Mailing list regarding the Programmers Meetings
129 messages hactar.test Post here in case you don't get enough email already :)
46 messages hactar.stats Statistics (uuacct, newsdaily, auslastung a. s. o.)
44 messages hactar.fish Fred Fish's announcements regarding his AmigaLibDisk series
26 messages hactar.general General discussions (like "no news today?" =:->)
24 messages hactar.mime Mailinglist info-metamail@thumper.belcore.com
21 messages hactar.cnews Discussions about CNews.
21 messages hactar.config Announcements and control messages regarding hactar.*
0 messages hactar.aminet.daily For the daily 'Recent uploads to Aminet'-mailinglist. (no posting)
0 messages hactar.aminet.weekly For the weekly 'Recent uploads to Aminet'-mailinglist. (no posting)