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436132 messages han.rec.humor Humorous or Funny Stories, Jokes.
52582 messages han.test Testing, testing, 1-2-3...
5575 messages han.comp.lang.c Discussions of C Language.
3771 messages han.rec.manhwa Manhwa: Comics, Cartoons, and Animations.
2574 messages han.comp.lang.c++ Discussions of C++ Language.
2367 messages han.politics Politics in Republic of Korea.
2241 messages han.news.net-abuse Information about Usenet abuse. (Moderated)
2061 messages han.announce Announcement to All Korean Usenet Subscribers. (Moderated)
1343 messages han.rec.cars ڵ Ϲ .
1334 messages han.news.stats Korean news server statistics. (Moderated)
1137 messages han.rec.photo Photo and Photography.
961 messages han.soc.religion.christianity.protestant Discussions on Protestant.
935 messages han.rec.movie Movie and Video.
743 messages han.misc.forsale Things for Sale, Wanted to Buy.
704 messages han.rec.games Computer Games, Electronic Amusement.
562 messages han.soc.religion.christianity.catholic Discussions on Catholic.
555 messages han.rec.books Book and Press.
514 messages han.comp.lang.lisp Lisp programming language.
481 messages han.rec.food All about things to Eat or Drink.
473 messages han.comp.mail E-mail system, config and reader issues.
459 messages han.misc.jobs Job announcements and discussions in Korea.
446 messages han.net.kornet News specific to KORNET of Korea Telecom.
433 messages han.comp.lang.java Discussions of Java Language.
410 messages han.comp.devtools.vc++ Using Visual C++.
407 messages han.comp.lang.perl Perl programming language.
387 messages han.rec.travel ࿡ ̾߱.
365 messages han.arts.music.movie ȭ ̾߱.
343 messages han.soc.religion.buddhism Discussions on Buddhism.
325 messages han.news.users Usenet users, new user question/discussion.
323 messages han.arts.music.jazz 罺 ̾߱.
301 messages han.rec.sports.football Discussions on football.
298 messages han.sci.math Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
277 messages han.sci.med A forum for doctors and medical scientists.
273 messages han.arts.design Comercial graphic design.
268 messages han.comp.os.linux.setup ġ, , .
268 messages han.comp.periphs.input Input Devices: keyboard/mouse/scanner/...
262 messages han.talk.hangul 츮 츮 ׸ ٷ ⿡ Ͽ
259 messages han.comp.os.freebsd Information on FreeBSD operating system.
251 messages han.rec.sports.golf Discussions on golf.
235 messages han.rec.sports.baseball Discussions on baseball.
231 messages han.arts.music.pop .
230 messages han.sci.astro Stars and Planets, Astronomy and Space.
219 messages han.comp.database DB design, construction and application.
217 messages han.arts.music.misc Ϲ Ÿ .
213 messages han.talk.economy Ȱ ̾߱.
210 messages han.arts.music.rock ϵ, Ż ̾߱.
207 messages han.arts.music.classical .
206 messages han.rec.tv Television.
205 messages han.comp.os.linux.networking Ʈŷ.
191 messages han.soc.culture.seoul Culture of Seoul, Korea.
190 messages han.comp.os.unix Unix:General issues(shell,admin,utility.programming).
188 messages han.soc.religion.misc Discussions on other religions.
185 messages han.comp.hangul How Korean Hangul can be used in computers.
178 messages han.sci.dentistry Dentally related topics; all about teeth.
174 messages han.school.high Meeting place of senior high school students.
173 messages han.arts.architecture Architecture.
170 messages han.news.groups RFD/CFV for create/remove/change a newsgroup.
168 messages han.comp.security Computer & Network Security, Protection, Privacy issues.
167 messages han.misc.misc General or Miscellaneous News Topics.
164 messages han.soc.culture.chejudo Culture of Chejudo, Korea.
161 messages han.comp.os.windows.apps MS Windows applications/usage.
160 messages han.comp.os.linux.devel ý α׷ .
160 messages han.rec.baduk Baduk(a.k.a. Go).
154 messages han.comp.os.windows.setup MS Windows installation/configuration.
154 messages han.comp.periphs.networking Network hardware & equipment.
150 messages han.comp.os.linux.apps α׷ Ȱ.
148 messages han.rec.sports.basketball Discussions on basketball.
140 messages han.comp.misc Computer Technologies and Computer Science Topics.
133 messages han.rec.misc Other Recreation, Hobbies, Sports or Entertainment.
132 messages han.news.admin Discussions on news server administration and news feeding.
129 messages han.soc.culture.chollado Culture of Chollado, Korea.
125 messages han.school.middle Meeting place of junior high school students.
125 messages han.sci.physics Physical laws, properties, etc.
124 messages han.arts.fine-art Disscusion on fine arts.
124 messages han.arts.music.gugak 츮 Ѹ.
124 messages han.arts.music.progressive Ʈ α׷ú ϴ ҵ.
124 messages han.school.pta Parents and teachers meeting place.
117 messages han.rec.sports.volleyball Discussions on volleyball.
117 messages han.soc.culture.kyongsangdo Culture of Kyongsangdo, Korea.
111 messages han.rec.sports.misc Discussions on other sports.
110 messages han.soc.culture.kangwondo Culture of Kangwondo, Korea.
109 messages han.comp.os.linux.misc .
107 messages han.net.misc News for Other networks and BBS's in Korea.
107 messages han.soc.culture.chungchongdo Culture of Chungchongdo, Korea.
106 messages han.rec.sports.tennis Discussions on tennis.
104 messages han.soc.culture.kyonggido Culture of Kyonggido, Korea.
103 messages han.comp.devtools.vb Using Visual Basic.
102 messages han.comp.www.browsers Discussions of browsers.
102 messages han.sci.bio Biology and life science in general.
101 messages han.comp.www.servers Discussions of web servers.
99 messages han.sci.chem Chemistry and related sciences.
97 messages han.comp.sys.misc DEC,IBM RS6000,NC,NetPC,PDA and other systems.
97 messages han.school.elementary Meeting place of elementary school students.
97 messages han.soc.movements Social Movements in Korea.
91 messages han.arts.misc Other arts.
91 messages han.arts.theater Musicals and other theatrical productions.
90 messages han.sci.agriculture Farming,agriculture,forestry and related topics.
89 messages han.comp.devtools.delphi Using Delphi.
89 messages han.sci.engr Engineering(EE,ME,ChemE,IE,and all others).
84 messages han.comp.sys.sun SUN workstation. SunOS, Solaris.
83 messages han.comp.text Text processing: tools/standard/methodology/etc.
82 messages han.comp.os.windows.nt.admin Windows NT administration topics.
82 messages han.rec.sf Science Fiction and Fantasy.
78 messages han.comp.www.authoring Authoring of web page.
76 messages han.sci.earth Our Planet, Earth, Geo Science and Meteology.
74 messages han.comp.os.windows.misc Other MS Windows issues.
73 messages han.net.nuri News specific to NURINET of INET.
70 messages han.comp.os.misc Miscellaneous OS(BeOS,VMS,NeXTstep,SCO,etc).
67 messages han.comp.os.linux.advocacy ٸ  ü .
67 messages han.comp.periphs.output Output Devices: monitor/printer/sound card/...
66 messages han.comp.os.windows.nt.services About BackOffice, Services, and etc.
65 messages han.comp.lang.misc Discussions of Miscellaneous Languages.
64 messages han.sci.misc Other Scientific or Literate Research and Academic topics.
63 messages han.comp.sys.ibmpc IBM-PC & compatibles, software, hardware, peripherals.
61 messages han.comp.www.misc Other WWW issues.
60 messages han.comp.periphs.storage hard disc & other storage devices.
59 messages han.comp.www.info Web URL information.
53 messages han.comp.os.windows.nt.setup Windows NT installation/configuration.
51 messages han.sci.stat Discussions on statistics.
49 messages han.comp.sys.hp Hewlett-Packard computers, HP-UX.
44 messages han.sci.gis ̿뿡 Ͽ.
36 messages han.comp.lang.fortran Discussions of Fortran Language.
36 messages han.comp.sys.mac Macintosh computer, Power Mac, MacOS.
35 messages han.comp.os.windows.nt.misc Other Windows NT issues.
34 messages han.net.kreonet News specific to KREONET Research Network.
33 messages han.comp.devtools.misc Using miscellaneous development tools.
30 messages han.comp.lang.tcltk Tcl/Tk programming language.
30 messages han.net.kren News specific to KREN Academic Network.
29 messages han.comp.sys.sgi Discussions of SGI Graphic Workstations, OpenGL, IRIX.
16 messages han.comp.sys.cray CRAY Supercomputer & Crayettes.
6 messages han.answers FAQ and periodic postings. (Moderated)
0 messages han.comp.os.linux.announce-