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16308 messages hk.rec.scouting Discussion of Hong Kong Scouting movement and related topics
14536 messages hk.rec.travel Discussion of travelling
3812 messages hk.talk.feelings Share your feelings for Hong Kong people
3240 messages hk.soc.religion.christianity Discussion about Christianity in Hong Kong
3230 messages hk.talk.love Discussion of matters on love by Hong Kong people.
2956 messages hk.comp.software Discussions on computer software
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2504 messages hk.jobs.recruit Jobs recruitment in Hong Kong
1675 messages hk.rec.cars Discussion of cars in Hong Kong
1670 messages hk.rec.photo Discussion of Photography in Hong Kong.
1470 messages hk.rec.music Discussion of music in Hong Kong
1358 messages hk.rec.horse-racing Discussion of Horse Racing in Hong Kong
1169 messages hk.rec.movies Share your feelings for Hong Kong people
1108 messages hk.rec.audio-visual No description.
1076 messages hk.rec.videogame Discussion of Videogame in Hong Kong
1016 messages hk.rec.books Discussion about readings in Hong Kong
1009 messages hk.rec.comics Discussion of comics in Hong Kong
983 messages hk.rec.sport.soccer Discussion of soccer by Hong Kong people
946 messages hk.rec.alt-music Discussion of Alternative Music in Hong Kong
868 messages hk.rec.music.classical Hong Kong based discussion of classical music
849 messages hk.comp.os.unix Talking about Unix among Hong Kong People
722 messages hk.rec.tv.x-files Discussion Of the TV Show The X-Files In Hong Kong
98 messages hk.fan.noriko Hong Kong Based Newsgroup for Discussions Of Pop Star Noriko (Moderated)