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48729 messages k12.chat.teacher Casual conversation for teachers of grades K-12.
5002 messages k12.ed.math Mathematics curriculum in K-12 education. (Moderated)
1383 messages k12.ed.life-skills Home Economics, career education, and school counseling.
1057 messages k12.ed.science Science curriculum in K-12 education.
844 messages k12.ed.special Educating students with handicaps and/or special needs.
705 messages k12.chat.elementary Casual conversation for elementary school students.
594 messages k12.ed.business Business education curricula in grades K-12.
390 messages k12.ed.health-pe Health and Physical Education curricula in grades K-12.
315 messages k12.lang.francais French practice with native speakers.
312 messages k12.ed.music Music and Performing Arts curriculum in K-12 education.
294 messages k12.library Implementing info technologies in school libraries.
265 messages k12.ed.tech Industrial arts & vocational education in grades K-12.
238 messages k12.ed.soc-studies Social Studies and History curriculum in K-12 education.
233 messages k12.lang.deutsch-eng Bilingual German/English practice with native speakers.
211 messages k12.ed.comp.literacy Teaching computer literacy in grades K-12.
193 messages k12.chat.senior Casual conversation for high school students.
170 messages k12.lang.art The art of teaching language skills in grades K-12.
166 messages k12.chat.junior Casual conversation for junior high school students.
152 messages k12.ed.art Arts & crafts curricula in K-12 education.
128 messages k12.lang.russian Bilingual Russian/English practice with native speakers.
121 messages k12.ed.tag K-12 education for gifted and talented students.
98 messages k12.lang.japanese Bilingual Japanese/English ith native speakers.
69 messages k12.lang.esp-eng Bilingual Spanish/English practice with native speakers.
48 messages k12.sys.channel2 Current projects.
38 messages k12.sys.channel9 Current projects.
35 messages k12.sys.channel12 Current projects.
35 messages k12.sys.channel3 Current projects.
35 messages k12.sys.channel8 Current projects.
31 messages k12.sys.channel0 Current projects.
30 messages k12.sys.channel4 Current projects.
30 messages k12.sys.channel5 Current projects.
29 messages k12.sys.channel1 Current projects.
26 messages k12.sys.projects Discussion of potential projects.
25 messages k12.sys.channel10 Current projects.
25 messages k12.sys.channel11 Current projects.
25 messages k12.sys.channel6 Current projects.
20 messages k12.sys.channel7 Current projects.