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671 messages malta.announce General announcements
487 messages malta.test Testing newsgroup
386 messages malta.news.announce For FAQ's,announcements,etc within the MALTA Hierarchy. (Moderated)
229 messages malta.media.radio Radio in Malta. Ir-Radju f'Malta.
128 messages malta.comp Computing, Informatics, IT and Internet in Malta.
26 messages malta.media.tv Tv in Malta. It-Televizjoni f'Malta.
23 messages malta.config Discussion on new newsgroups to be created in malta.*. (Moderated)
23 messages malta.media.misc The Media in Malta.
15 messages malta.fan.x-files The X-Files. Trust No One. (Moderated)
8 messages malta.fan.trekwho Star Trek and Doctor Who (Moderated)
0 messages malta.beatification Beatification of Dun Gorg Preca,N. Falzon,A. Pisani. (Moderated)