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38058 messages nj.jobs No description.
20727 messages nj.politics Political topics of interest to New Jersey readers.
8227 messages nj.market.housing For Sale/Rent/Wanted: Housing, land, roommates.
6744 messages nj.forsale Items for sale in New Jersey.
5408 messages nj.general Items of general interest in New Jersey.
769 messages nj.market.misc For Sale/Wanted: Miscellaneous.
548 messages nj.market.autos For Sale/Wanted: Autos, cycles, trucks, etc.
533 messages nj.jobs.resumes Postings of resumes for people in New Jersey
448 messages nj.test For testing news and uucp software or news connections.
443 messages nj.wanted New Jersey want ads.
376 messages nj.market.computers For Sale/Wanted: Computers and software.
372 messages nj.events Events in New Jersey.
102 messages nj.weather Weather in New Jersey.
49 messages nj.config For discussions about nj netnews and e-mail.