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246312 messages ott.forsale.computing Computers & related equipment forsale/wanted in Ottawa.
172995 messages ott.general General news local to Ottawa sites.
164765 messages ott.forsale.other Otherwise unclassified items forsale/wanted in Ottawa.
129651 messages ott.jobs Job Listings
69904 messages ott.forsale.vehicles Vehicles forsale/wanted in Canada's National Capital Region
48678 messages ott.housing Places to live wanted, for sale or for rent
27851 messages ott.motorcycles Motorcycles
27410 messages ott.vietnamese Vietnamese interest group.
15295 messages ott.rides Rides wanted/offered to or from Ottawa
9354 messages ott.business.ads Only group allowing commercial advertising in Ottawa.
8818 messages ott.weather Weather forecasts for the Ottawa area. (Moderated)
4412 messages ott.config ott.* hierarchy administrivia discussions.
3860 messages ott.singles People who were or are single - no personals
3288 messages ott.personals Personals in Ottawa, Canada -- no commercial ads.
3227 messages ott.test Test newsgroup propagation, newsreaders, etc
2910 messages ott.events Seminars and the like at Ottawa sites.
2666 messages ott.business.ads.computing Commercial computing ads in Ottawa Canada
2629 messages ott.rec.canoe-kayak Recreational Canoe/Kayaking in Ottawa, Canada
2307 messages ott.politics Discussions about politics relevant to the Ottawa-Hull area
2020 messages ott.rec.snowmobiling Snowmobiling in the National Capital Region of Canada
1744 messages ott.online Discussions with and about the online community
1621 messages ott.rec.sailing Sailing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
1149 messages ott.education.misc-
997 messages ott.education.homeschooling Homeschooling in Ottawa
842 messages ott.rec.books-
541 messages ott.community.motss Gay, lesbian, bi, trans chat in Ottawa-Hull, Canada
434 messages ott.talk.high-tech Discussions of interest to high-tech workers in the National Capital Region