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37283 messages phl.media Newspapers, radio & TV in Philadelphia.
28711 messages phl.jobs.offered Employment available in Philadelphia.
10572 messages phl.transportation Getting around in the Philadelphia region.
3537 messages phl.forsale Items for sale in Philadelphia.
1822 messages phl.misc Miscellaneous postings.
1196 messages phl.food Restaurant information and reviews.
907 messages phl.music Musical events, reviews and discussions.
713 messages phl.bicycles Bicycles, bike trails, recreation and transportation.
707 messages phl.housing Houses/apartments/roomates available/wanted in Phila.
685 messages phl.singles Single people & their activities in Philadelphia.
520 messages phl.announce Announcements of general interest in Philadelphia.
421 messages phl.internet Internet service info and discussions in Philadelphia.
308 messages phl.jobs.wanted Employment wanted in Philadelphia.
249 messages phl.test USENET testing in Philadelphia.
191 messages phl.outdoors Outdoor recreation - camping, hiking, parks.
182 messages phl.wanted Items wanted in Philadelphia.
179 messages phl.dance Dance events, reviews and discussions.
167 messages phl.sports Sporting events and discussions.
123 messages phl.pagan Paganism in the Philadelphia region.
67 messages phl.scanner Scanning the airwaves in Philadelphia.
59 messages phl.motss Gay, lesbian & bisexual people and issues in Philadelphia
54 messages phl.theatre Theatre events, reviews and discussions.
53 messages phl.weather Weather forecasts for the Philadelphia area.
13 messages phl.config USENET configuration for Philadelphia.