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698614 messages seattle.politics Discussion of politics in Seattle, WA, USA.
107102 messages seattle.general Items of general interest in Seattle, Washington.
10485 messages seattle.forsale.misc Various forsale/wanted items in Seattle
8936 messages seattle.forsale.computers Computer related items in Seattle
8875 messages seattle.eats No description.
8752 messages seattle.jobs.offered No description.
2872 messages seattle.forsale.transportation Transportation related items in Seattle
2311 messages seattle.business Business affairs in Seattle, WA
963 messages seattle.forsale.housing Housing related items in Seattle
592 messages seattle.jobs.wanted No description.
485 messages seattle.internet ?
467 messages seattle.test USENET testing in Seattle, Washington
110 messages seattle.forrent.housing ?
95 messages seattle.admin Network news administration in Seattle, Washington.
60 messages seattle.freenet.scn No description.