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16771 messages ucb.class.cs61c Computer Science 61c
12086 messages ucb.class.cs61a Computer Science 61a
9737 messages ucb.class.cs164 Computer Science 164
9547 messages ucb.class.cs186 Computer Science 186
9118 messages ucb.class.cs61b Computer Science 61b
7032 messages ucb.class.cs162 Computer Science 162
4900 messages ucb.class.cs188 Computer Science 188
4133 messages ucb.class.cs184 Computer Science 184
3380 messages ucb.os.os2 The OS/2 discussion and support group.
3216 messages ucb.class.cs150 Computer Science 150
2726 messages ucb.class.ee122 Electrical Engineering 122
2470 messages ucb.class.cs170 Computer Science 170
2188 messages ucb.market.vehicles Car for sale / wanted ads.
2135 messages ucb.jobs Help wanted announcements.
2073 messages ucb.cs.jobs Job listings for the Computer Science Department
2046 messages ucb.class.ee140 Electrical Engineering 140
1950 messages ucb.class.ee105 Electrical Engineering 105
1436 messages ucb.class.ee130 Electrical Engineering 130
1319 messages ucb.org.lt-weight-crew The Cal Light Weight Crew Discussion group.
1290 messages ucb.class.ee141 Electrical Engineering 141
662 messages ucb.class.ee120 Electrical Engineering 120 Topics
584 messages ucb.class.ee40 Electrical Engineering 40
523 messages ucb.geology The Geology Department Discussion Group.
518 messages ucb.class.ee143 Electrical Engineering 143
459 messages ucb.china.hk-roc Discussion about the Hong Kong turnover.
457 messages ucb.math.seminars Seminar announcements concerning the Mathematics Department.
450 messages ucb.class.cs160 Computer Science 160
427 messages ucb.class.cs172 Computer Science 172
393 messages ucb.class.cs169 Computer Science 169
358 messages ucb.class.ee192 Electrical Engineering 192
350 messages ucb.personals The UCB Personals Discussion Group
331 messages ucb.test Test group for UC Berkeley
294 messages ucb.class.cs152 Computer Science 152
260 messages ucb.class.cs9c Computer Science 9c
239 messages ucb.class.cs174 Computer Science 174
196 messages ucb.digital-video Discussion of hardware, software, and applications of digital video.
187 messages ucb.market.misc Tasteful, short postings about items forsale or items wanted to purchase.
180 messages ucb.market.books For selling or requesting text books.
174 messages ucb.class.ee126 Electrical Engineering 126
156 messages ucb.staff.healthcare Discussions about Staff health plans and health issues.
153 messages ucb.class.cs274 Computer Science 274
152 messages ucb.net.mbone Announcements / Discussion regarding IP Multicast Services at UCB
142 messages ucb.class.ee42 Electrical Engineering 42
123 messages ucb.students.india Discussions/Announcements regarding students from India.
116 messages ucb.class.cs3 Computer Science 3
113 messages ucb.politics Announcements/Discussions of a Political Nature
politics_1 112 messages ucb.politics.progressive Discussion of progressive politics in the scope of UCB.
102 messages ucb.cs.msgs A gatewayed 'Msgs' list concerning CS.
100 messages ucb.students.korean Discussions/Announcements regarding students from Korea.
94 messages ucb.class.ba100 Business Administration 100
89 messages ucb.hsb.undergrads.announce Haas School of Business.
87 messages ucb.seminars Announcements of seminars and talks.
87 messages ucb.sports UCB sports and athletics.
86 messages ucb.market.housing Postings seeking or offering housing.
85 messages ucb.class.econ201a Economics 201a Topics
85 messages ucb.class.ee123 Electrical Engineering 123
84 messages ucb.class.cs262 Computer Science 262
83 messages ucb.class.ee290h Electrical Engineering 290h
78 messages ucb.class.ee231 Electrical Engineering 231
78 messages ucb.icsi.talks Announcements of talks and seminars concerning ICSI.
73 messages ucb.org.indus Forum for the Student Organization INDUS
72 messages ucb.journalism Journalism Department Discussion Group
71 messages ucb.class.cs189 Computer Science 189
70 messages ucb.general General announcements for the UCB community.
68 messages ucb.class.ba202a Business Administration 202A
68 messages ucb.students.japanese Discussions/Announcements regarding students/visitors from Japan
68 messages ucb.students.taiwan UCB students interested in the culture, history and events related to Taiwan
66 messages ucb.students.chinese Discussions/Announcements regarding Chinese students.
66 messages ucb.study.abroad.japan Discussion about studying in Japan.
64 messages ucb.class.cs294-5 Computer Science 294-5
63 messages ucb.hsb.haas-online.market The online market place for the Haas On-line E-zine
62 messages ucb.games.magic Magic, The Gathering, Discussion Group
61 messages ucb.cs.grads Discussion group for Computer Science grads.
61 messages ucb.ee.grads Discussion group for Electrical Engineering grads.
60 messages ucb.org.bis Berkeley Internet Society Discussion Group
59 messages ucb.org.iran-club Iranian Student Association Group.
58 messages ucb.org.aclu The Berkeley Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.
57 messages ucb.english Discussion/announcements regarding the English department.
55 messages ucb.class.german5a German 5A Topics.
54 messages ucb.german Discussion Group for German Department, Students, Germanphiles.
53 messages ucb.class.ee290n Electrical Engineering 290n
53 messages ucb.cs.undergrads Discussion group for Computer Science undergrads.
53 messages ucb.students.disabled Discussion group for UCB disabled students.
52 messages ucb.class.ee290w Electrical Engineering 290w
52 messages ucb.news General info about Usenet News at Berkeley.
52 messages ucb.org.bicycal Discussion of cycling issues on campus
52 messages ucb.org.ficb Discussion group for the Fellowship in Christ at Berkeley
52 messages ucb.org.thai-club Discussion group the the UCB Thai Club.
51 messages ucb.students.filipino Discussions/Announcements regarding Filipino students.
50 messages ucb.flame Disgruntled comments of an inflammatory nature.
50 messages ucb.linguistics A general forum for the UCB Linguistics Department.
49 messages ucb.class.ee77s Electrical Engineering 77s
48 messages ucb.parents Discussion group for parents who work, teach or go to school at UCB
46 messages ucb.class.ee128 Electrical Engineering 128
46 messages ucb.discuss.japan Discussion about Japan.
45 messages ucb.ee.undergrads Discussion group for Electrical Engineering undergrads.
44 messages ucb.cchem Discussions/announcements regarding the College of Chemistry
44 messages ucb.cogsci Discussion and announcemnts to the UCB Cognitive Science community.
44 messages ucb.education.dte Developmental Teacher Education program.
43 messages ucb.math.undergrads The Math Undergrad Discussion Group
43 messages ucb.study.abroad Discussion about studying abroad.
42 messages ucb.becmug The Berkeley Electronic and Computer Music Group's discussion group.
42 messages ucb.physics.grads The physics grad student discussion group.
42 messages ucb.students.internat Discussions/Announcements regarding international students.
41 messages ucb.building-coord Announcements/Discussion for building coordinators.
41 messages ucb.org.filmstuds Graduate Film Studies Working Group Discussion Group
41 messages ucb.org.ocf Discussion group for the Open Computing Facilily.
41 messages ucb.org.yearbook The UC Berkeley Blue & Gold Yearbook
40 messages ucb.hsb.undergrads.general Haas School of Business.
40 messages ucb.net.home-ip.discussion Discussion/Questions/Tips about Home IP issues, software, etc
39 messages ucb.ce.grads Civil Engineering graduate students
38 messages ucb.alumni Discussion Group for UC Berkeley Alumni
38 messages ucb.arts Discussion/announcement of art/music events.
38 messages ucb.geography.comp-facility Announcement/discussion group about the Geography Computing Facility
38 messages ucb.grads Announcements & discussion concerning all UCB grad students.
38 messages ucb.sysadmin Items concerning System Administrators on campus.
37 messages ucb.ce.undergrads Civil Engineering undergraduate students
37 messages ucb.class.cs195 Computer Science 195
37 messages ucb.class.cs267 Computer Science 267
37 messages ucb.class.ee142 Electrical Engineering 142
37 messages ucb.math Discussion/announcements concerning the Mathematics Department.
37 messages ucb.org.bridge-club UCB Bridge Club.
36 messages ucb.class.cs252 Computer Science 252
36 messages ucb.org.aquaria The C-BAS Aquarium Organization
36 messages ucb.org.csua Discussion group for the CS Undergrad Association.
36 messages ucb.students.cambodian Discussion Group for Camobdian Students
35 messages ucb.class.cs3s Computer Science 3s
35 messages ucb.film-program Discussion group about for the UCB Film Program.
35 messages ucb.me.grads Discussion group for Mechanical Engineering grads.
34 messages ucb.econ.grads Discussion group for Economic grads.
34 messages ucb.me.undergrads Mechanical Engineering undegraduate students
33 messages ucb.class.cs9e Computer Science 9e
33 messages ucb.os.linux The Linux discussion and support group.
32 messages ucb.class.cs30s Computer Science 30s
32 messages ucb.class.ee43 Electrical Engineering 43
32 messages ucb.hsb.computers Haas School of Business.
32 messages ucb.org.bio-scholars The Biology Scholars Program
32 messages ucb.students.uc-village Discussion group for the UC Village Grad Housing.
31 messages ucb.alt.uclink Unofficial forum for discussion of UCLink related issues
31 messages ucb.class.cs9f Computer Science 9f
31 messages ucb.cs.hpux.sysadmins CS HP/UX sys admins
31 messages ucb.ee.msgs A gatewayed 'Msgs' list concerning EE.
31 messages ucb.me.grads.announce Announcements for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students
31 messages ucb.org.cal-cycling Discussion group for the Cal Cycling Team
30 messages ucb.nuc.grads Nuclear Engineering graduate students
29 messages ucb.ieor.grads Discussion group for Department of Industrial Engineering and Operation Research (IEOR) Grads
29 messages ucb.net.announce Announcements of network problems/fixes and general network interest.
29 messages ucb.scholarship Posting of Scholarship information / tips discussion
27 messages ucb.class.cs198 Computer Science 198
27 messages ucb.class.cs9g Computer Science 9g
27 messages ucb.net.discussion Discussion of network problems/fixes and general network interest.
27 messages ucb.news.stats Statistics on Usenet News transmission and NNTP useage.
27 messages ucb.org.bcr Berkeley College Republicans.
27 messages ucb.org.cal-animage Discussion within Cal-Animage Alpha about club activities
27 messages ucb.org.hiking-club Hiking Club Discusion group.
27 messages ucb.org.quiz-bowl Quiz Bowl Club Discussion Group
26 messages ucb.class.cs9a Computer Science 9a
26 messages ucb.class.physics7a Physics 7A Topics
26 messages ucb.class.physics7b Physics 7B
26 messages ucb.hsb.ibc Haas Internet Business Club Discussion Group
26 messages ucb.ieor.undergrads Industrial Engineering undergraduate students
26 messages ucb.nuc.undergrads Nuclear Engineering undergraduate students
26 messages ucb.org.aswg American Studies Working Group Discussion Group
26 messages ucb.org.callug Discussion of issues pertaining to the Cal Linux Users Group
26 messages ucb.org.golden-key Discussion for the Golden Key Society.
25 messages ucb.class.ee240 Electrical Engineering 240
25 messages ucb.os.freebsd Dicussion group for UCB FreeBSD users.
24 messages ucb.class.chem1a Chemistry 1a Topcis
24 messages ucb.class.cs284 Computer Science 284
24 messages ucb.class.cs9d Computer Science 9d
24 messages ucb.class.ee227a Electrical Engineering 227a
24 messages ucb.org.agse Discussion group for the Association of Graduate Student Employees.
24 messages ucb.peoples-park Discussion about people's park.
23 messages ucb.class.cs9b Computer Science 9b
23 messages ucb.class.ee1 Electrical Engineering 1
23 messages ucb.class.ee20 Electrical Engineering 20
23 messages ucb.cs.sww.announce The CS "Software Warehouse" server announce group.
23 messages ucb.eecs.sww.announce The EECS "Software Warehouse" server announce group.
23 messages ucb.hsb.mbaa Haas MBA Associates - The Businesses School's Student Government
23 messages ucb.ppcs.facilities Discussion about the Campus' Physical Facilities
22 messages ucb.boalt Announcements/Discussion regarding the Boalt Hall Law School.
22 messages ucb.ced College of Environmental Design Discussion Group
22 messages ucb.class.cs250 Computer Science 250
22 messages ucb.computing.announce Announcements regarding computing at UCB.
22 messages ucb.cs.alphas Discussion group for the CS DEC alphas.
22 messages ucb.eats Discussion/Reviews of restaurants and food.
22 messages ucb.hsb.cbw The Haas "Cal Business Weekly."
22 messages ucb.hsb.gbc The Haas Graduate Business Conference
22 messages ucb.hsb.mba.general Haas School of Business.
22 messages ucb.mcb.grad Molecular and Cellular Biology Grad Student Group
22 messages ucb.reviews.class Student reviews of Classes and Professors.
21 messages ucb.class.ee225a Electrical Engineering 225a
21 messages ucb.class.ee241 Electrical Engineering 241
21 messages ucb.erg Discussion group for the Energy Resources Group.
21 messages ucb.icsi Discussion/announcements concerning the International Computer Science Institute.
21 messages ucb.org.grad-assembly The Grad Assembly announcement group.
21 messages ucb.org.mcbusa The Molecular and Cell Biology Undergraduate Student Association discussion group
21 messages ucb.org.pasae Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers Discussion Group
21 messages ucb.org.scibugs Society of Cal Integrative Biology Undergraduate Students (SCIBUGS)
21 messages ucb.org.upsa The Undergraduate Political Science Association
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