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2519 messages ucd.swap selling-trading-looking for all items
1620 messages ucd.rec.poetry students interested in reading, posting, and commenting on poetry.
494 messages ucd.cs.jobs Jobs and internships for CS students
313 messages ucd.general Items of general interest to UCD and Davis
276 messages ucd.cs.ugrad CS dept undergrad student information
254 messages ucd.listserv.ucdnet-admin Important announcements for UCD netadmins. (Moderated)
238 messages ucd.housing Rentals available in Davis
227 messages ucd.jobs Jobs offered and wanted
216 messages ucd.org.fraternity.a-phi-o Alpha Phi Omega official announcements
186 messages ucd.test Post test messages here
140 messages ucd.geology No description.
139 messages ucd.life Davis Chatter
132 messages ucd.swap.books A convenient place to swap your used books
123 messages ucd.cs.club Computer Science Club at UC Davis
68 messages ucd.sports.volleyball.mens UC Davis Men's Volleyball
66 messages ucd.snowboarding Snowboarding at U.C. Davis
66 messages ucd.talk.medical.entomology Ent153 student disussion
63 messages ucd.org.anime-club Davis Anime Club Info Group
62 messages ucd.org.exercise-sci events and announcements of the exercise science club
62 messages ucd.org.mga-kapatid Filipino American Students Association
58 messages ucd.org.collegedems Forum for UCD College Democrats
52 messages ucd.org.artsworks Forum for discussion of artsworks activities
46 messages ucd.org.seed Students for the Earth and Environment at Davis
41 messages ucd.org.cambodia Cambodia club annoucements
41 messages ucd.org.transfers.srjc Santa Rosa Junior College Transfer Students
40 messages ucd.cs.programming Questions and answers to programming problems
40 messages ucd.org.proj-recycle No description.
39 messages ucd.org.pcbtg No description.
38 messages ucd.comp.questions General Davis computer questions
38 messages ucd.talk.bugculture FRS001 Sec 2 student disussion
37 messages ucd.org.asme Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis
37 messages ucd.org.caless Chicano And Latino Engineers and Scientists Society
35 messages ucd.grad.lit-forum.theory Comparative Litature Graduate Discussion Forum
34 messages ucd.ece.ieee IEEE, UC Davis Chapter
34 messages ucd.gis Local GIS info (events,general,..)
34 messages ucd.q-news News from UCD LesGayBi Resource Center
34 messages ucd.rideshare Car-pools and rides offered and wanted
33 messages ucd.org.asce American Society of Civil Engineers at UC Davis.
33 messages ucd.org.filcro Filipino Cultural Research Organization
33 messages ucd.wef Whole Earth Festival
32 messages ucd.org.fraternity.a-phi-o.d Alpha Phi Omega discussion
32 messages ucd.org.swe Society of Women Engineers at UCD
31 messages ucd.org.apac Asian Pacific American Coalition
29 messages ucd.agecon Ag. Econ. Dept related news and discussion
29 messages ucd.rec.dragon Role-Playing & Wargaming in Davis
29 messages ucd.talk.bugnews Ent111 student disussion
28 messages ucd.irc IRC related topics
27 messages ucd.cs.grad CS dept grad student information
27 messages ucd.grad.ptxgg PTXGG student information hotline
27 messages ucd.org.pssa No description.
26 messages ucd.ag.explore Providing Academic Information
25 messages ucd.gsa Graduate student issues
25 messages ucd.org.aiche American Institute of Chem. Engineering
21 messages ucd.comp.instruction IT Instruction Services
1 messages ucd.itcap IT-CAP announcements (Moderated)