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317 messages uwo.med.research No description.
237 messages uwo.comp.helpdesk No description.
235 messages uwo.comp.general No description.
166 messages uwo.comp.security Computer security issues and policy.
148 messages uwo.csd.cs357a Computer Networks Course.
147 messages uwo.test No description.
91 messages uwo.astro.ast021 General Astronomy -- Course.
61 messages uwo.events No description.
55 messages uwo.physics.optics Applied Optics course, Phy 364a.
42 messages uwo.iaa.research No description.
42 messages uwo.library No description.
40 messages uwo.biochem Biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario.
40 messages uwo.biomed.inroads Rehabilitation Engineering Research and Development.
40 messages uwo.clubs.wow-kayak No description.
39 messages uwo.ssc.network Social Sciences Centre Network.
34 messages uwo.wbs.general Western Business School -- General discussions
33 messages uwo.biology.bio221a No description.
33 messages uwo.sogs No description.
29 messages uwo.comp.nupop No description.
28 messages uwo.engrg.general No description.
27 messages uwo.ccs.changes No description.
27 messages uwo.comp.packet No description.
27 messages uwo.comp.sun.announce No description.
27 messages uwo.wbs.mba Western Business School - MBA program.
25 messages uwo.biomed.engrg Biomedical Engineering Research.
24 messages uwo.comp.net-status No description.
24 messages uwo.comp.pine No description.
24 messages uwo.csd.acm No description.
24 messages uwo.slis.c640 Software Evaluation Course.
24 messages uwo.wbs.hba Western Business School - HBA program.
23 messages uwo.comp.x500 No description.
23 messages uwo.slis.c706 Research Methods Course.
22 messages uwo.comp.ibm.announce No description.
22 messages uwo.comp.progress No description.
22 messages uwo.csd.cs201 Software Engineering, Algorithms & Data Struct Course.
22 messages uwo.csd.cs305 No description.
22 messages uwo.med No description.
21 messages uwo.comp.micro No description.
21 messages uwo.comp.sgi.announce No description.
21 messages uwo.comp.wais No description.
21 messages uwo.csd.cs304 No description.
21 messages uwo.csd.cs331 Foundations of Theoretical Computer Science.
21 messages uwo.csd.cs333 No description.
21 messages uwo.csd.cs619 No description.
21 messages uwo.med.talk No description.
21 messages uwo.slis.c601 Online and Ondisc Information Systems & Services Course.
20 messages uwo.csd.cs175 No description.
20 messages uwo.slis.c558 Data Base Management Systems & Programming Course.
20 messages uwo.slis.review No description.
19 messages uwo.geog.308b No description.
19 messages uwo.its.cmsteam No description.
18 messages uwo.csd.cs319 No description.
18 messages uwo.csd.cs346 No description.
18 messages uwo.pma No description.
18 messages uwo.slis.c705 Collection Development Course.
18 messages uwo.slis.c708 Systems and Information Technology Course.
16 messages uwo.csd.cs333y No description.
16 messages uwo.csd.cs402 No description.
16 messages uwo.slis.c591 Information Sources & Services in Science & Tech Course.
15 messages uwo.csd.cs434 CS434 - Selected Topics in Computer Systems
15 messages uwo.csd.cs650a No description.
15 messages uwo.slis.c707 No description.
14 messages uwo.wbs.techtalk Technical Q&A dealing with WBS computers.
12 messages uwo.wbs.phd Western Business School - PHD program.
11 messages uwo.engrg.es391b No description.