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40968 messages rec.collecting.sport.football Football memorabilia (cards, photos, etc).
40491 messages rec.music.theory A forum for discussion of music theory.
40257 messages rec.collecting Discussion among collectors of many things.
39777 messages rec.audio.high-end High-end audio systems. (Moderated)
39227 messages rec.games.video.classic Older home video entertainment systems.
39198 messages rec.games.frp.gurps The GURPS role playing game.
38779 messages rec.gardens.edible Edible gardening topics.
38768 messages rec.crafts.winemaking The tasteful art of making wine.
38120 messages rec.music.movies Music for movies and television.
38046 messages rec.music.reggae Roots, Rockers, Dancehall Reggae.
38005 messages rec.scouting.issues Issues related to scouting policy.
37682 messages rec.autos.sport.cart Championship Auto Racing Teams.
36834 messages rec.music.makers.trumpet The exchange of trumpet related information.
36661 messages rec.arts.comics.misc Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art.
36602 messages rec.motorcycles.tech Motorcycle Technical Discussion.
35852 messages rec.toys.cars Toy car collecting.
35837 messages rec.radio.amateur.homebrew Amateur radio construction and experimentation.
35538 messages rec.arts.fine Fine arts & artists.
35303 messages rec.puzzles.crosswords Making and playing gridded word puzzles.
34312 messages rec.games.video.nintendo All Nintendo video game systems and software.
34286 messages rec.games.video.sony Sony game hardware and software.
34227 messages rec.food.drink.tea Tea as beverage and culture.
33673 messages rec.games.video.sega All Sega video game systems and software.
33621 messages rec.autos.sport.nascar.moderated NASCAR and Stockcar Racing. (Moderated)
32832 messages rec.arts.comics.marketplace The exchange of comics and comic related items.
32618 messages rec.sport.snowmobiles Snowmobiling and related issues.
32544 messages rec.radio.amateur.boatanchors Vacuum tube-based amateur radio equipment.
32540 messages rec.sport.skating.ice.figure Figure/artistic skating.
32164 messages rec.radio.scanner "Utility" broadcasting traffic above 30 MHz.
32142 messages rec.video.releases Pre-recorded video releases on laserdisc and videotape.
31884 messages rec.autos.makers.mazda.miata Mazda MX-5 Miata Forum.
31748 messages rec.music.artists.amy-grant All aspects of Amy Grant's career.
31589 messages rec.music.marketplace.vinyl Buying and selling collectible vinyl records.
31552 messages rec.games.video.arcade Discussions about coin-operated video games.
31546 messages rec.audio.marketplace Buying and selling of home audio equipment.
31328 messages rec.arts.theatre.stagecraft Issues in stagecraft and production.
31291 messages rec.sport.swimming Training for and competing in swimming events.
31095 messages rec.games.board Discussion and hints on board games.
31018 messages rec.skiing.nordic Cross-country skiing technique, equipment, etc.
30520 messages rec.games.chess.analysis Analysis of openings/middlegames/endgames.
30403 messages rec.radio.amateur.equipment All about production amateur radio hardware.
30099 messages rec.games.roguelike.misc Rogue-style dungeon games without other groups.
29442 messages rec.boats.building Boat building, design, restoration, and repair.
29392 messages rec.games.roguelike.adom The computer game ADOM.
29356 messages rec.collecting.sport.basketball Basketball memorabilia (cards, photos, etc).
29348 messages rec.music.artists.debbie-gibson The music of Deborah Gibson.
29274 messages rec.gardens.orchids Growing, hybridizing, and general care of orchids.
29048 messages rec.pets.birds The culture and care of indoor birds.
28864 messages rec.arts.animation Discussion of various kinds of animation.
28801 messages rec.bicycles.rides Discussions of tours and training or commuting routes.
28764 messages rec.games.backgammon Discussion of the game of backgammon.
28269 messages rec.food.preserving Preserving foodstuffs, herbs, and medicinals.
28232 messages rec.sport.rugby.league Everything related to playing/supporting Rugby League.
28155 messages rec.autos.makers.ford.explorer 1991+ Ford Explorer SUV.
27891 messages rec.arts.bodyart Tattoos and body decoration discussions.
27697 messages rec.games.int-fiction All aspects of interactive fiction games.
27526 messages rec.motorcycles.racing Discussion of all aspects of racing motorcycles.
27201 messages rec.music.classical.contemporary Contemporary classical music.
26991 messages rec.music.compose Creating musical and lyrical works.
26708 messages rec.arts.movies.local.indian Indian movies and the Indian film industry.
26650 messages rec.music.makers.synth Synthesizers and computer music.
26644 messages rec.aviation.military.naval Discussion of Naval Aviation subjects.
26127 messages rec.scuba.locations Scuba travel, location questions.
26109 messages rec.antiques Discussing antiques and vintage items.
26003 messages rec.photo.equipment.large-format Large format cameras and lenses.
25841 messages rec.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
25579 messages rec.pets.dogs.misc All other topics, chat, humor, etc.
25265 messages rec.autos.makers.saturn All about Saturn cars, fans and company.
25224 messages rec.food.recipes Recipes for interesting food and drink. (Moderated)
25086 messages rec.org.sca Society for Creative Anachronism.
24501 messages rec.video.dvd.tech DVD-Video in-depth technical issues.
24103 messages rec.travel.australia+nz Travel Information for Australia and New Zealand.
23109 messages rec.collecting.books Issues related to collecting books of all types.
22795 messages rec.hunting Discussions about hunting. (Moderated)
22630 messages rec.pets.dogs.rescue Information about breed rescue, placing and adopting.
22547 messages rec.food.sourdough Making and baking with sourdough.
22529 messages rec.food.equipment Food-related equipment, appliances, utensils.
22408 messages rec.outdoors.camping General camping, any camping you could do by auto.
22306 messages rec.video.satellite.dbs DBS systems and technologies.
21917 messages rec.drugs.cannabis The drug cannabis (marijuana).
21764 messages rec.models.rc.helicopter Model helicopter flying, construction, and tips.
21669 messages rec.arts.movies.tech Technical aspects of movies.
21488 messages rec.autos.4x4 The on and off-road four wheel drive vehicle.
21311 messages rec.gambling.blackjack Analysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21.
20898 messages rec.audio.misc Post about audio here if you can't post anywhere else.
20871 messages rec.sport.skating.ice.recreational Recreational ice skating.
20797 messages rec.boats.electronics Electronics, hardware, software on boats.
20756 messages rec.boats.paddle Talk about any boats with oars, paddles, etc.
20450 messages rec.music.makers.bowed-strings Violin family (current & old) performance.
20225 messages rec.music.artists.kings-x Gretchen Goes to Usenet.
20069 messages rec.music.makers.squeezebox Accordions, concertinas, and related free reeds.
19808 messages rec.autos.misc Miscellaneous discussion about automobiles.
19568 messages rec.music.indian.classical Hindustani and Carnatic Indian classical music.
19409 messages rec.video Video and video components.
19152 messages rec.gambling.racing Wagering on animal races.
18841 messages rec.scuba.equipment Scuba equipment, purchase, pros/cons, use.
18729 messages rec.sport.hockey Discussion about ice hockey.
18473 messages rec.food.baking Baking and baked goods, e.g. bread, pastries.
18381 messages rec.games.trivia Discussion about trivia.
18224 messages rec.skiing.resorts.europe Skiing in Europe.
17884 messages rec.travel.latin-america Travel in Caribbean, Central and South America.
17872 messages rec.gambling.misc All other gambling topics including travel.
17812 messages rec.video.dvd.players DVD-Video players and other hardware.
17729 messages rec.games.trading-cards.magic.rules "Magic: the Gathering" rules Q&A.
17692 messages rec.music.christian Christian music, both contemporary and traditional.
17624 messages rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish Care and keeping of goldfish, koi, carp.
17574 messages rec.photo.misc General issues related to photography.
17547 messages rec.games.frp.misc General discussions of role-playing games.
17476 messages rec.travel.caribbean Travel to the islands of the Caribbean, sans pirates.
17212 messages rec.sport.olympics All aspects of the Olympic Games.
16619 messages rec.sport.jetski Discussion of the sport of jet skiing
16040 messages rec.music.makers.jazz Discussion by and for musicians on the making of jazz.
15937 messages rec.sport.triathlon Discussing all aspects of multi-event sports.
15893 messages rec.crafts.textiles.sewing Sewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes, etc.
15867 messages rec.collecting.sport.misc Sports memorabilia not in any other group.
15735 messages rec.models.rc.land Radio-controlled land models.
15655 messages rec.collecting.cards.non-sports Non-sports cards.
15537 messages rec.humor.oracle.d Comments about the USENET Oracle's comments.
15486 messages rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants Keeping of freshwater aquarium plants.
15341 messages rec.music.makers.builders Design, building, repair of musical instruments.
15277 messages rec.music.country.old-time Southern fiddle/banjo music and beyond.
15108 messages rec.music.folk Folks discussing folk music of various sorts.
15006 messages rec.arts.horror.tv The horror genre in television shows.
14779 messages rec.games.computer.ultima.online The multi-player game Ultima Online.
14640 messages rec.music.makers.marketplace Buying & selling used music-making equipment.
14487 messages rec.crafts.glass All aspects of glassworking and glass.
14443 messages rec.sport.skating.inline Inline skating, aka Rollerblading.
14389 messages rec.sport.pro-wrestling.fantasy Rotisserie league professional wrestling.
14336 messages rec.scouting.usa USA specific scouting and guiding topics.
14211 messages rec.music.dementia Discussion of comedy and novelty music.
14172 messages rec.arts.movies.production Filmmaking, amateur and professional.
14139 messages rec.skiing.snowboard Snowboarding technique, equipment, etc.
14070 messages rec.arts.books.childrens All aspects of children's literature.
14026 messages rec.video.satellite.tvro "Large Dish" ("BUD") systems and technologies.
14025 messages rec.music.makers.bagpipe Music and playing of all types of bagpipes.
13944 messages rec.collecting.paper-money Paper money and related collecting.
13924 messages rec.arts.startrek.tech Star Trek's depiction of future technologies.
13579 messages rec.arts.bonsai Dwarfish trees and shrubbery.
13460 messages rec.music.early Discussion of pre-classical European music.
13224 messages rec.arts.horror.movies The horror genre in movies.
12803 messages rec.arts.marching.colorguard Competitive color guard activity.
12205 messages rec.music.rem The musical group R.E.M.
12098 messages rec.travel.africa Travel on the African continent.
12029 messages rec.travel.marketplace Tickets and accomodations wanted and for sale.
11905 messages rec.sport.table-tennis Things related to table tennis (aka Ping Pong).
11834 messages rec.travel.misc Everything and anything about travel.
11745 messages rec.crafts.jewelry Jewelry making and gemology. (Moderated)
11741 messages rec.sport.football.pro US-style professional football.
11732 messages rec.toys.action-figures.discuss Discussion of action figure toys.
11692 messages rec.music.afro-latin Music with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences.
11668 messages rec.outdoors.national-parks Activities and politics in national parks.
11444 messages rec.games.miniatures.historical Historical and modern tabletop wargaming.
11443 messages rec.sport.officiating Sports officials and officiating athletic contests.
11350 messages rec.gambling.other-games Gambling games not covered elsewhere.
11331 messages rec.drugs.smart Smart drugs (nootropics).
11255 messages rec.games.frp.advocacy Flames and rebuttals about various role-playing systems.
11030 messages rec.music.makers.bass Upright bass and bass guitar techniques and equipment.
10938 messages rec.aviation.products Reviews and discussion of products useful to pilots.
10888 messages rec.kites Talk about kites and kiting.
10849 messages rec.music.classical.performing Performing classical (including early) music.
10669 messages rec.autos.marketplace Buy/Sell/Trade automobiles, parts, tools, accessories.
10663 messages rec.food.drink.beer All things beer.
10651 messages rec.photo.film+labs Film and commercial photofinishing.
10621 messages rec.arts.prose Short works of prose fiction and followup discussion.
10587 messages rec.humor.jewish Humor and the discussion of humor, mostly Jewish. (Moderated)
10406 messages rec.pets.cats.misc General feline topics.
10399 messages rec.music.industrial Discussion of all industrial-related music styles.
10381 messages rec.music.makers For performers and their discussions.
10316 messages rec.music.marketplace.cd Buying and selling collectible compact discs.
10307 messages rec.outdoors.fishing.fly.tying Issues relating to tying flies for flyfishing.
10215 messages rec.sport.football.canadian All about Canadian rules football.
10200 messages rec.aviation.misc Miscellaneous topics in aviation.
10108 messages rec.photo.marketplace Trading of personal photographic equipment.
10053 messages rec.ponds.moderated Care & enjoyment of recreational pods & water gardens. (Moderated)
9946 messages rec.crafts.meadmaking The art and lore of making mead.
9885 messages rec.radio.amateur.dx Discussion, tips, notices and news for DXers.
9815 messages rec.arts.tv.soaps.misc Postings of interest to all soap opera viewers.
9788 messages rec.music.marketplace.misc Buying and selling non-vinyl/CD music.
9767 messages rec.toys.action-figures.marketplace Buying, selling, trading and auctions.
9573 messages rec.arts.manga All aspects of the Japanese storytelling art form.
9519 messages rec.games.vectrex The Vectrex game system.
9428 messages rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids Care and keeping of freshwater cichlids.
9403 messages rec.video.dvd.titles DVD-Video titles and other software.
9136 messages rec.music.artists.queensryche The Thinking Mind's Metal Band.
9044 messages rec.autos.sport.f1.moderated Discussion of Formula One racing. (Moderated)
8976 messages rec.crafts.pottery The ancient art of making clay pots.
8926 messages rec.outdoors.fishing All aspects of sport and commercial fishing.
8600 messages rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal forsale notices of SF materials.
8595 messages rec.photo.marketplace.digital Trading digital photographic equipment.
8461 messages rec.arts.marching.band.high-school High school marching bands.
8437 messages rec.sport.curling All aspects of the Sport Curling.
8391 messages rec.aviation.rotorcraft Helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft.
8382 messages rec.games.video.marketplace Home video game stuff for sale or trade.
8201 messages rec.video.cable-tv Technical and regulatory issues of cable television.
8183 messages rec.music.tori-amos Discussion of the female singer/songwriter Tori Amos.
8131 messages rec.arts.sf.superman Discussion of Superman in any medium.
8099 messages rec.photo.marketplace.35mm Trading 35mm equipment.
8032 messages rec.games.board.marketplace Trading and selling of board games.
7962 messages rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace All philatelic advertising.
7859 messages rec.music.gaffa Discussion of Kate Bush & other alternative music. (Moderated)
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