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2481288 messages talk.politics.misc Political discussions and ravings of all kinds.
1208375 messages talk.origins Evolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!). (Moderated)
1104640 messages talk.politics.guns The politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.
526050 messages talk.politics.mideast Discussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.
365478 messages talk.religion.course-miracle A Course in Miracles.
348155 messages talk.abortion All sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
266372 messages talk.politics.china Discussion of political issues related to China.
230936 messages talk.atheism Debate about the validity and nature of atheism.
227123 messages talk.religion.buddhism All aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
164902 messages talk.politics.libertarian Libertarian politics & political philosophy.
152862 messages talk.politics.drugs The politics of drug issues.
151368 messages talk.general-
118869 messages talk.religion.bahai Discussion of the Baha'i Faith.
103667 messages talk.bizarre The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often interesting.
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politics_1 93797 messages talk.politics.animals The use and/or abuse of animals.
83791 messages talk.environment Discussion the state of the environment & what to do.
73040 messages talk.politics.european-union The EU and political integration in Europe.
64609 messages talk.politics.medicine The politics and ethics involved with health care.
58830 messages talk.religion.misc Religious, ethical, & moral implications.
55465 messages talk.rape Discussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.
43366 messages talk.philosophy.humanism Humanism in the modern world.
34706 messages talk.politics.tibet The politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people.
32582 messages talk.philosophy.misc Philosophical musings on all topics.
24932 messages talk.us.rhode-island Issues related to the State of Rhode Island, USA.
22537 messages talk.religion.newage Esoteric and minority religions & philosophies.
15238 messages talk.politics.usa-
12223 messages talk.politics.theory Theory of politics and political systems.
3763 messages talk.politics.crypto The relation between cryptography and government.
3548 messages talk.euthanasia All aspects of euthanasia.
3419 messages talk.rumors For the posting of rumors.
2384 messages talk.religion.pantheism Pantheism in general.
1463 messages talk.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
1213 messages talk.politics.soviet Discussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign.
951 messages talk.politics.peace-
350 messages talk.politics.usa.constitution-
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