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739397 messages be.politics Belgian politics.
186209 messages be.test for all your be.* test postings (no binaries!)
171530 messages be.radio-
101262 messages be.burgerrechten Discussions about "Burgerrechten"
66419 messages be.tv About Television programmes in Belgium.
46530 messages be.comp Computers in Belgium.
27074 messages be.absurd just abusrd
24595 messages be.comp.hardware Discussion about computer hardware and nifty toys
24430 messages be.misc Miscellaneous topics relevant to Belgium.
22015 messages be.comp.os.windows Alles over het Windows Operating-System
20064 messages be.forsale.comp.hardware Non-commercial computer hardware for sale/wanted
19884 messages be.comp.internet Discussions about the internet in Belgium.
15947 messages be.telecom About Telecommunications in Belgium
15232 messages be.jokes Jokes about Belgium & others
13864 messages be.comp.internet.design Design of websites and related stuff
12909 messages be.music-
10496 messages be.history Discussions about history in Belgium, present and future
9080 messages be.jobs The job marketplace in Belgium.
8519 messages be.finance Discussions about finance in Belgium, present and future
8043 messages be.sf-
7785 messages be.comp.sys.mac Over de Macintosh Computers
6180 messages be.commercial Commercial postings for Belgium.
6143 messages be.science About science and scientific research in Belgium.
6059 messages be.comp.programming-
5194 messages be.immo All about immo in Belgium
4682 messages be.comp.networking Discussion about computer networks and related stuff
3744 messages be.rec.photography About photography
3334 messages be.sport.football Discussions about football
3239 messages be.film-
3169 messages be.education About education, schools, universities in Belgium
1888 messages be.comp.security Discussions about e-security and hacking
1655 messages be.science.electronics About electronics
1616 messages be.rec.motorcycles About motorbiking and motorcycling
1523 messages be.forsale.comp.software Non-commercial computer software for sale/wanted
1317 messages be.comp.games-
1041 messages be.arts.comics Everything about comics
985 messages be.sport Discussions about sport in Belgium
981 messages be.youth Discussions about youth in Belgium, present and future
899 messages be.soc.handicap Gehandicapten in Belgie
734 messages be.forsale Non-commercial sales announcements in Belgium.
733 messages be.comp.os.unix About the unix operating systems and their software
602 messages be.providers Discussions about Belgian Internet-providers
594 messages be.comp.os.linux Everything about Linux in Belgium
556 messages be.arts All about arts in Belgium
462 messages be.announce Important announcements. (Moderated)
416 messages be.graphics Discussion about graphics and graphism in Belgium
154 messages be.comp.internet.irc Everything about IRC in Belgium
148 messages be.providers.freenet Discussions about The Freenet Project vzw
129 messages be.sport.basketball Everything about the basketball game
92 messages be.sport.volleyball-