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1544597 messages uk.politics.misc Miscellaneous UK political discussion
1260045 messages uk.rec.motorcycles for discussion of motorcycle issues relevant to the UK
1023615 messages uk.legal Discussion of legal issues in the UK
713354 messages uk.people.silversurfers Advice and chat for older internet users
697682 messages uk.d-i-y Do-It-Yourself
690420 messages uk.media.tv.misc Discussion of all aspects of TV in the UK
605560 messages uk.railway Trains
528572 messages uk.rec.sheds Sheds: culture, contents, usage
485398 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.liverpool Liverpool Football Club
478329 messages uk.rec.cycling Discussion of UK cycling issues
462613 messages uk.comp.sys.mac Discussion relating to Apple's Macintosh computers
399916 messages uk.misc General interest to everyone on UKnet
393321 messages uk.rec.competitions Announcement/discussion of UK based competitions
343747 messages uk.radio.amateur Amateur radio and related matters
332154 messages uk.rec.driving Discussion of all aspects of non-professional driving
298450 messages uk.rec.gardening To discuss gardening topics of interest in the UK
264642 messages uk.transport Transportation issues in the United Kingdom
240134 messages uk.media.radio.archers Discussion of the BBC radio soap opera "The Archers"
239097 messages uk.telecom.mobile Mobile telephone equipment and networks
236509 messages uk.religion.islam Discussion of the islamic faith
214160 messages uk.sci.weather for the discussion of weather events
208173 messages uk.religion.christian Christianity in the UK (Moderated)
207935 messages uk.tech.digital-tv Technical issues of domestic digital television
206018 messages uk.people.consumers.ebay Doing business on Ebay in the UK
186853 messages uk.food+drink.misc food & drink in all forms within the UK
186853 messages uk.games.video.xbox UK based discussion about Microsoft's XBox
180288 messages uk.rec.cars.maintenance General car maintenance
179990 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.celtic Celtic Football Club discussion
166427 messages uk.telecom.broadband ADSL/cable/other broadband services/products
165816 messages uk.business.agriculture Agricultural industry in the U.K
164200 messages uk.rec.cars.modifications aspects of car modifications (tuning, styling)
160183 messages uk.games.video.misc UK-centric discussion of video games
160008 messages uk.people.support.depression Advice, support and chat for depressed people.
147007 messages uk.sport.football Association Football in the UK
146455 messages uk.current-events.terrorism 11 September 2001 attack on US and follow up
145734 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.rangers The Rangers Football Club, Glasgow
144478 messages uk.rec.walking To exchange information on walking, hiking or rambling in the uk
140466 messages uk.media.dvd The Digital Versatile Disc medium in the UK
129018 messages uk.education.staffroom Humorous discussion about teaching
127800 messages uk.adverts.computer Adverts in the uk for computer related items
124978 messages uk.legal.moderated Legal topics relevant to UK law (Moderated)
122660 messages uk.comp.homebuilt DIY computer construction and hardware upgrades
122149 messages uk.transport.london Discussion of all forms of transport in London
122044 messages uk.rec.cars.misc Other UK car topics
119612 messages uk.local.kent All aspects of visiting, living or working in Kent.
113271 messages uk.local.cumbria The county of Cumbria, England
112327 messages uk.music.guitar Guitars and Guitar music in the UK
111367 messages uk.finance Discussion about Finance issues in the UK
108695 messages uk.local.london London, the capital city of the United Kingdom
107763 messages uk.rec.waterways for discussing British waterways
95854 messages uk.rec.scouting Discussion of Scouting and Guiding in the UK
94123 messages uk.telecom Discussion of UK telecommunications
89766 messages uk.rec.caravanning recreational and technical aspects of caravanning
89153 messages uk.media.tv.sf.drwho Doctor Who discussion from a UK perspective
84618 messages uk.local.yorkshire Discussion regarding the Yorkshire region of the UK
83311 messages uk.sport.cricket Discussion of UK cricket
79957 messages uk.rec.audio Discussion and exchange of hi-fi audio equipment
75086 messages uk.local.glasgow Local discussion for Glasgow, Scotland
74989 messages uk.local.southwest Gloucs, Wilts, Bristol, Som, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall
71145 messages uk.rec.sailing To discuss all aspects of sailing activity in the UK
70103 messages uk.tech.broadcast Technology used in UK radio and TV broadcasting
66463 messages uk.net.news.config Discussions of RFDs posted in uk.net.news.announce
66317 messages uk.rec.models.rail Railway model making
65769 messages uk.comp.os.linux Discussion of the Linux operating system
65574 messages uk.politics.parliament Discussion of the UK Parliament
63918 messages uk.religion.pagan Pagan orientated topics and experiences in the UK
63597 messages uk.rec.humour Humour with a UK perspective.
61880 messages uk.tech.tv.sky Technical issues of Sky television
60220 messages uk.people.disability discussion of disability related topics in the UK
60067 messages uk.rec.naturist Discussion,chat, on naturism in uk, europe
59512 messages uk.sci.astronomy Astronomy in the UK
57573 messages uk.environment.conservation UK conservation, heritage and wildlife matters
55396 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r4 General issues and programmes on BBC Radio Four
53473 messages uk.local.isle-of-wight The Isle of Wight
53089 messages uk.rec.models.engineering All aspects of model engineering in the UK
51557 messages uk.current-events.n-ireland The Northern Ireland settlement
50567 messages uk.rec.bodybuilding Aspects of bodybuilding in the UK
48952 messages uk.politics.guns For discussion of guns and gun laws in the UK
48833 messages uk.politics.drugs Politics of legal and illegal drug use in the UK
48036 messages uk.people.gothic Discussion about issues relating to Gothic Culture
45667 messages uk.rec.birdwatching Discussion of all aspects of United Kingdom Birdwatching
45558 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.newcastle-united Newcastle United Football Club
42451 messages uk.rec.motorcycles.classic Classic motorcycles, owning, riding, restoring
42367 messages uk.jobs.offered Situations vacant. No discussion
41572 messages uk.rec.scuba UK scuba diving
41484 messages uk.music.folk UK discussion for those interested in folk/roots/acoustic music
40522 messages uk.rec.equestrian Discussion of general UK equestrian activities
40449 messages uk.local.east-anglia Discussion about the region of East Anglia
40245 messages uk.sport.horseracing UK focussed group for the discussion of horseracing topics
39585 messages uk.media.tv.sky Programmes on the British Sky Broadcasting network
38710 messages uk.telecom.voip Voice over IP technology and related matters
36977 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.man-city Manchester City Football Club
35180 messages uk.local.south-wales Welsh/English, discussions relating to South Wales
34324 messages uk.philosophy.atheism Atheist philosophy, UK atheism + atheists
33195 messages uk.local.surrey Discussion about the county of Surrey
32404 messages uk.philosophy.humanism UK issues in Humanism and in Secular thought
32367 messages uk.local.bristol-
32182 messages uk.local.geordie The Culture and Civilisation centred on Newcastle upon Tyne
31957 messages uk.local.hampshire Discussion about the county of Hampshire
31424 messages uk.rec.engines.stationary For the preservation of stationary engines
30858 messages uk.net.providers.aaisp AAISP (Andrews & Arnold) discussion
30051 messages uk.games.video.playstation Sony playstation games and hardware
29429 messages uk.community.policing Discussion of police and policing in the UK
29237 messages uk.media.home-cinema A group to discuss all aspects of Home Cinema in the UK
29039 messages uk.net.web.authoring A forum for UK web developers
28689 messages uk.media.tv.sf.startrek For discussion of Star Trek relevant to the UK
28373 messages uk.rec.cars.classic Classic Cars in the UK
28345 messages uk.rec.photo.misc Photography and Photographic issues in the UK
28094 messages uk.education.schools-it IT in UK education, Primary to 'A' level
27899 messages uk.games.video.handheld UK focused discussion of handheld video gaming
27732 messages uk.comp.home-networking Home networking, including hardware, protocols, etc.
27291 messages uk.sport.golf Discussion of Golf within the UK
27228 messages uk.local.essx The county of Essex, England
27078 messages uk.comp.vendors Issues related to UK computer vendors
26663 messages uk.gov.social-security Benefits & tax credits from central & local government
26475 messages uk.music.charts Discussion about the UK music charts
26276 messages uk.business.accountancy UK accounting, auditing and taxation
26197 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.leeds-united Leeds United Football Club
23366 messages uk.media.animation.anime The UK Anime & Manga scene
23345 messages uk.rec.video.digital Digital Video, hardware, software & use
22111 messages uk.adverts.telecom.mobile Adverts for uk mobile comms
21450 messages uk.test UK wide tests
21203 messages uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20401 messages uk.rec.models.radio-control.air UK Radio Control Aero Modelling
20302 messages uk.comp.sys.laptops Laptop computers and their use in the UK
20207 messages uk.singles Discussion for people about, or who are, single
19932 messages uk.sport.motorsport.formula1 Formula 1 motorsport and the UK
19882 messages uk.local.nw-england Issues concerning the North-West of England
19876 messages uk.comp.misc Miscellaneous UK-related computing issues
19748 messages uk.people.health Health-related issues relevant to the UK
19612 messages uk.games.video.nintendo UK-based discussion about Nintendo videogames consoles
19317 messages uk.rec.gps Global Positioning Systems and radio navigation systems
19196 messages uk.media Discussion of Media in the UK
19049 messages uk.local.north-wales Discussion about the North Wales area
18299 messages uk.rec.psychic Psychic matters
18214 messages uk.local.shropshire Topics relevant to Shropshire, England
17258 messages uk.net.news.management management of the uk.* news hierarchy
17206 messages uk.food+drink.real-ale Cask-conditioned ales and related topics
16930 messages uk.rec.running Running, jogging, racing and related issues
16833 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.west-ham West Ham United Football Club
16823 messages uk.education.teachers For discussion by/about teachers
16604 messages uk.rec.cars.vw.watercooled Volkswagen water-cooled cars
16384 messages uk.rec.aviation flying related interests/activities in the UK
16211 messages uk.adverts.personals for personal contact adverts with relevance to the UK
16164 messages uk.environment United Kingdom environmental issues
15304 messages uk.people.parents Discussion about parental childcare
14999 messages uk.rec.radio.cb General discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK
14963 messages uk.rec.subterranea Tunnels and other man-made/used spaces underneath the UK
14727 messages uk.people.consumers Discussion about products and services
14460 messages uk.culture.language.english-
14288 messages uk.gov.agency.csa Child Support Agency issues and topics
13796 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r2 People and programmes on BBC Radio 2
13746 messages uk.local.lincolnshire Topics relevant to Lincolnshire
13732 messages uk.transport.buses Issues facing the UK bus industry
13306 messages uk.politics.crime Criminal policy relating to the UK
12969 messages uk.adverts.other Adverts in the uk for items not covered by other groups
12648 messages uk.tech.rocketry-
12628 messages uk.local.warwickshire The County of Warwickshire
12585 messages uk.games.trading-cards.misc Strategy/tournaments: Collectable Trading Cards
12515 messages uk.rec.camping Devoted to the discussion of camping in the uk
12049 messages uk.media.newspapers Read all about it! Discussion of UK newspapers
11513 messages uk.people.bdsm Discussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s
11187 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r1 People, Programmes and Related Topics on BBC Radio 1
11176 messages uk.media.tv.angel Fans of the TV show Angel
11012 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r5 Issues and programmes on BBC Radio 5 Live
10767 messages uk.local.birmingham The City of Birmingham, England
10673 messages uk.rec.motorcaravans Recreational and technical aspects of motorcaravanning
10451 messages uk.rec.drugs.cannabis Cannabis use and abuse in the UK
10167 messages uk.rec.fishing.coarse for the discussion of coarse angling
9460 messages uk.local.manchester News and views about Greater Manchester
9416 messages uk.games.video.gameboy UK based Discussion about Nintendo's GameBoy Range
9336 messages uk.rec.cars.4x4 Discussions about 4 Wheel Drive & Off-Road Cars
9328 messages uk.politics.animals UK political discussion concerning animals
9018 messages uk.people.support.arthritis Arthritis and related issues
8934 messages uk.adverts.computer.mac Advertising relating to Apple's Macintosh computers
8916 messages uk.rec.skydiving UK related sport parachuting
8723 messages uk.media.tv.sf.farscape Farscape sci-fi tv series as screened in the UK
8568 messages uk.games.video.dreamcast UK based discussion about Sega's Dreamcast
8505 messages uk.food+drink.indian Discussion of the food of the Indian sub-continent
8500 messages uk.gov.local Local government in the United Kingdom
8295 messages uk.consultants Discussion from/by all types of consultants
8246 messages uk.tech.tv.video.pvr Hard disk-based Personal Video Recorder(PVR) systems
8165 messages uk.people.dead UK obituaries and discussion of dead people
7823 messages uk.local.teesside Topics relevant to the Teesside area of England
7455 messages uk.comp.sys.palmtops The use of palmtops in the UK
7370 messages uk.local.scot-highlands Discussions relating to the Scottish Highlands+Islands
7145 messages uk.rec.cars.fuel.lpg Converting and running cars on LPG in the UK
7053 messages uk.education.misc Discussion relating to education issues
6884 messages uk.rec.collecting.coins Coin and banknote collecting
6772 messages uk.local.thames-valley Living in or visiting the Thames Valley
6688 messages uk.media.films.carry-on Carry On Films and all those who worked on them
6390 messages uk.rec.audio.car Car audio systems discussion in the UK
6385 messages uk.education.maths UK discussion on matters in maths education
6272 messages uk.rec.pets.misc Pet care and related issues in the UK
6197 messages uk.rec.natural-history The study of UK wildlife
6129 messages uk.religion.misc Discussion about religion in general
6092 messages uk.local.west-wales Welsh/English discusion involving West Wales
6036 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.southampton Southampton Football Club
6000 messages uk.games.roleplay A UK specific newsgroup for all aspects of roleplaying
5990 messages uk.culture.nostalgia.1980s Nostagic discussion about life in the 1980s
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