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1274019 messages news.admin.net-abuse.email Discussion of abuse of email systems.
887556 messages news.lists.filters Notices for automated news filtering systems.
157508 messages news.groups Discussions and lists of newsgroups.
120054 messages news.software.readers Discussing software for reading network news (Usenet).
27596 messages news.admin.net-abuse.blocklisting Discussion of ip-based blocklisting. (Moderated)
16772 messages news.software.nntp The Network News Transfer Protocol.
9376 messages news.admin.net-abuse.policy Discussion of net abuse policy. (Moderated)
9347 messages news.admin.censorship Censorship issues in news administration.
6994 messages news.newusers.questions Q & A for new users of Usenet. (Moderated)
5411 messages news.groups.proposals Development of Big 8 proposals. (Moderated)
5240 messages news.admin.net-abuse.misc Network facility abuse, including spamming.
3752 messages news.misc Discussions of USENET itself.
3565 messages news.admin.hierarchies Network news hierarchies.
2723 messages news.admin.misc General topics of network news administration.
2521 messages news.announce.newgroups Calls for newgroups & announcements of same. (Moderated)
2342 messages news.groups.questions Where can I find talk about topic X?
1741 messages news.lists.misc News-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
1612 messages news.announce.conferences Calls for papers and conference announcements. (Moderated)
914 messages news.software.misc Usenet-related software other than readers and servers.
784 messages news.software.nn Discussion about the "nn" Usenet news reader package.
612 messages news.admin.moderation Technical and social issues of newsgroup moderation. (Moderated)
612 messages news.announce.newusers Explanatory postings for new users. (Moderated)
592 messages news.admin.peering Article flow, server peering requests, & offers.
516 messages news.admin.net-abuse.usenet Discussion of abuse of the Usenet system.
307 messages news.software.b Discussion about Usenet B-news-compatible software.
284 messages news.admin.technical Technical aspects of maintaining network news. (Moderated)
184 messages news.admin.nocem NoCeM protocol policy issues and information.
56 messages news.admin.announce Announcements for news administrators. (Moderated)
11 messages news.announce.important General announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)