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1455752 messages rec.gambling.poker Analysis and strategy of live poker games.
1394498 messages rec.games.pinball Discussing pinball-related issues.
1349708 messages rec.sport.pro-wrestling Discussion about professional wrestling.
1263863 messages rec.sport.football.college US-style college football.
1159353 messages rec.arts.tv The boob tube, its history, and past and current shows.
1005817 messages rec.food.cooking Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.
783698 messages rec.arts.sf.written Discussion of written science fiction and fantasy.
773890 messages rec.sport.tennis Things related to the sport of tennis.
758504 messages rec.antiques.marketplace Buying/selling/trading antiques.
728622 messages rec.photo.digital Digital cameras, scanners, printers, software, PhotoCD.
644563 messages rec.outdoors.rv-travel Discussions related to recreational vehicles.
571537 messages rec.music.classical.recordings Classical music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc.
568788 messages rec.crafts.metalworking All aspects of working with metal.
556699 messages rec.woodworking Hobbyists interested in woodworking.
549982 messages rec.music.phish Discussing the musical group Phish.
507026 messages rec.music.gdead A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads.
504498 messages rec.motorcycles Motorcycles and related products and laws.
501134 messages rec.travel.europe Travel in Europe.
473549 messages rec.boats Hobbyists interested in boating.
465430 messages rec.music.beatles Postings about the Fab Four & their music.
454832 messages rec.sport.golf Discussion about all aspects of golfing.
440782 messages rec.audio.pro Professional audio recording and studio engineering.
438837 messages rec.sport.cricket Discussion about the sport of cricket.
438703 messages rec.humor Jokes and the like. May be somewhat offensive.
429830 messages rec.pets.cats.anecdotes Stories about our cats.
428850 messages rec.crafts.textiles.quilting All about quilts and other quilted items.
418639 messages rec.bicycles.tech Cycling product design, construction, maintenance, etc.
416820 messages rec.arts.poems For the posting of poems.
413045 messages rec.motorcycles.harley All aspects of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
410136 messages rec.martial-arts Discussion of the various martial art forms.
388320 messages rec.arts.sf.tv Discussing general television SF.
384767 messages rec.arts.movies.current-films The latest movie releases.
379376 messages rec.autos.sport.f1 Formula 1 motor racing.
377804 messages rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic Discussion of acoustic guitar playing.
368600 messages rec.arts.sf.fandom Discussions of SF fan activities.
362826 messages rec.arts.drwho Discussion about Dr. Who.
353677 messages rec.music.makers.guitar.jazz All aspects of jazz guitar.
347880 messages rec.sport.rugby.union Everything related to playing/supporting Rugby Union.
347253 messages rec.games.frp.dnd Fantasy role-playing with TSR's Dungeons and Dragons.
347048 messages rec.autos.sport.nascar NASCAR and other professional stock car racing.
344300 messages rec.sport.unicycling All sorts of fun on one wheel.
340576 messages rec.sport.soccer Discussion about soccer (Association Football).
340561 messages rec.music.opera All aspects of opera.
338872 messages rec.arts.sf.composition The writing and publishing of speculative fiction.
325864 messages rec.aviation.piloting General discussion for aviators.
325521 messages rec.autos.driving Driving automobiles.
317911 messages rec.arts.movies.past-films Past movies.
298297 messages rec.radio.shortwave Shortwave radio enthusiasts.
294562 messages rec.aviation.military Military aircraft of the past, present and future.
292181 messages rec.bicycles.racing Bicycle racing techniques, rules and results.
282786 messages rec.collecting.coins Coin, currency, medal, etc. collecting forum.
267764 messages rec.arts.tv.soaps.cbs Soap operas produced by or for the CBS network.
267578 messages rec.games.video.arcade.collecting Collecting, converting, repairing, etc.
264493 messages rec.arts.mystery Mystery and crime books, plays and films.
259684 messages rec.audio.opinion Everybody's two bits on audio in your home.
257336 messages rec.photo.equipment.35mm 35mm cameras and lenses.
254681 messages rec.pets.dogs.behavior Behaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing, etc.
254327 messages rec.arts.anime.misc Japanese animation fan discussions.
244384 messages rec.bicycles.misc General discussion of bicycling.
244253 messages rec.equestrian Discussion of things equestrian.
241962 messages rec.travel.cruises Travel by cruise ship.
236724 messages rec.music.classical.guitar Classical music performed on guitar.
232376 messages rec.arts.disney.parks Parks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations.
232108 messages rec.scuba Hobbyists interested in SCUBA diving.
231301 messages rec.arts.tv.uk.coronation-st Regarding the UK based show Coronation Street.
229484 messages rec.music.dylan Discussion of Bob's works & music.
224931 messages rec.games.bridge Hobbyists interested in bridge.
222005 messages rec.arts.marching.drumcorps Drum and bugle corps.
214311 messages rec.antiques.radio+phono Audio devices and materials of yesteryear.
212329 messages rec.music.hip-hop Hip-Hop music and culture in general.
208197 messages rec.arts.comics.dc.universe DC Comics' shared universe and characters.
201469 messages rec.guns Discussions about firearms. (Moderated)
196436 messages rec.pets.cats.health+behav Feline health and behavior.
195171 messages rec.crafts.beads Making, collecting, and using beads.
194815 messages rec.nude Hobbyists interested in naturist/nudist activities.
185887 messages rec.radio.amateur.policy Radio use & regulation policy.
184341 messages rec.org.mensa Talking with members of the high IQ society Mensa.
182670 messages rec.music.artists.kiss The rock band KISS and related projects.
181341 messages rec.sport.disc Discussion of flying disc based sports.
179343 messages rec.photo.digital.slr-systems Digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera systems.
177881 messages rec.autos.makers.jeep+willys discussions on Jeep and Willys vehicles.
173390 messages rec.motorcycles.dirt Riding motorcycles and ATVs off-road.
173228 messages rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe Marvel Comics' shared universe and characters.
172928 messages rec.arts.comics.strips Discussion of short-form comics.
170406 messages rec.travel.air Airline travel around the world.
169850 messages rec.music.classical Discussion about classical music.
168682 messages rec.music.makers.percussion Drum & other percussion techniques & equipment.
161072 messages rec.models.scale Construction of models.
160781 messages rec.running Running for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc.
159658 messages rec.crafts.textiles.needlework Any form of decorative stitching done by hand.
157036 messages rec.arts.theatre.musicals Musical theatre around the world.
155667 messages rec.autos.tech Technical aspects of automobiles, et. al.
154376 messages rec.games.chess.politics News of nat'l/international chess organizations.
153335 messages rec.juggling Juggling techniques, equipment and events.
152304 messages rec.crafts.brewing The art of making beers and meads.
150900 messages rec.sport.billiard Billiard sports, including pool, snooker, carom games.
150557 messages rec.models.rockets Model rockets for hobbyists.
147192 messages rec.outdoors.fishing.fly Fly fishing in general.
143364 messages rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad Jyhad trading card game discussions.
138768 messages rec.ponds Pond issues: plants, fish, design, maintenance.
138130 messages rec.crafts.scrapbooks The art of scrapbooking and its techniques.
136632 messages rec.games.chess.misc Forum for news/discussion related to chess.
129198 messages rec.arts.tv.soaps.abc Soap operas produced by or for the ABC network.
128872 messages rec.crafts.textiles.yarn Yarn making & use: spin, dye, knit, weave etc.
127742 messages rec.arts.books Books of all genres, and the publishing industry.
124336 messages rec.sport.boxing Boxing in all its pugilistic facets and forms.
122826 messages rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated Babylon 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans. (Moderated)
120995 messages rec.roller-coaster Roller coasters and other amusement park rides.
119031 messages rec.gardens Gardening, methods and results.
118887 messages rec.music.rock-pop-r+b.1960s 1960s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music.
116930 messages rec.travel.usa-canada Travel in the United States and Canada.
112064 messages rec.video.desktop Amateur, computer-based video editing and production.
111789 messages rec.radio.amateur.antenna Antennas: theory, techniques and construction.
109994 messages rec.boats.cruising Cruising in boats.
107412 messages rec.arts.movies.production.sound Movie, TV & Video sound.
105060 messages rec.music.progressive Symphonic rock, art rock, fusion, Canterbury, RIO, etc.
104863 messages rec.music.rock-pop-r+b.1950s 1950s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music.
102584 messages rec.music.makers.guitar Electric and acoustic guitar techniques and equipment.
101832 messages rec.games.miniatures.warhammer Wargaming in the Warhammer Universe.
101475 messages rec.autos.makers.ford.mustang Ford Mustangs in all their flavours.
99831 messages rec.arts.books.tolkien The works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
99468 messages rec.audio.tubes Electronic audio circuits which use vacuum tubes.
99342 messages rec.radio.cb Citizen-band radio.
98115 messages rec.sport.baseball Discussion about baseball.
94706 messages rec.gambling.sports Wagering on human sporting events.
92364 messages rec.models.railroad Model railroads of all scales.
91938 messages rec.skiing.alpine Downhill skiing technique, equipment, etc.
91737 messages rec.autos.makers.chrysler Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, etc info/talk.
90755 messages rec.aviation.soaring All aspects of sailplanes and hang-gliders.
90377 messages rec.autos.makers.vw.aircooled Bug, Bus, Ghia, Squareback, Thing, etc.
90304 messages rec.backcountry Activities in the Great Outdoors.
88446 messages rec.aviation.student Learning to fly.
86550 messages rec.arts.sf.science Real and speculative aspects of SF science.
83058 messages rec.autos.makers.honda Honda automobiles.
82031 messages rec.puzzles Puzzles, problems, and quizzes.
80400 messages rec.arts.int-fiction Discussions about interactive fiction.
80187 messages rec.audio.tech Theoretical, factual, and DIY topics in home audio.
79777 messages rec.models.rc.air Radio-controlled air models.
78285 messages rec.aviation.homebuilt Selecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft.
78036 messages rec.games.video.arcade.marketplace Commerce and requests for arcade games.
76033 messages rec.pyrotechnics Fireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics.
74070 messages rec.pets.cats.community Feline/human conversations and related topics.
73476 messages rec.birds Hobbyists interested in bird watching.
73012 messages rec.sport.basketball.college Hoops on the collegiate level.
72723 messages rec.aviation.owning Information on owning airplanes.
70163 messages rec.music.indian.misc Discussing Indian music in general.
70085 messages rec.autos.simulators Discussion of automotive simulators.
69038 messages rec.pets.dogs.health Info about health problems & how to care for dogs.
68141 messages rec.audio.car Discussions of automobile audio systems.
67641 messages rec.windsurfing Riding the waves as a hobby.
66415 messages rec.radio.amateur.misc Amateur radio practices, contests, events, rules, etc.
63382 messages rec.sport.paintball Discussing all aspects of the survival game paintball.
62487 messages rec.games.roguelike.development Design and programming of Roguelike games.
62211 messages rec.sport.rowing Crew for competition or fitness.
62077 messages rec.gambling.lottery Strategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes.
61964 messages rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc Freshwater aquaria in general.
61424 messages rec.bicycles.marketplace Buying, selling & reviewing items for cycling.
61052 messages rec.arts.drwho.moderated Discussion of "Doctor Who". (Moderated)
60673 messages rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter.
60296 messages rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Books by author Robert Jordan.
60241 messages rec.music.rock-pop-r+b.1970s 1970s Rock, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues music.
59652 messages rec.crafts.woodturning Woodturning and turned objects.
59123 messages rec.collecting.stamps.discuss Discussion of stamps and philately.
58305 messages rec.music.makers.songwriting All about songwriting.
58091 messages rec.collecting.sport.baseball Baseball memorabilia (cards, photos, etc).
57847 messages rec.bicycles.soc Societal issues of bicycling.
57697 messages rec.skydiving Hobbyists interested in skydiving.
56960 messages rec.games.roguelike.angband The computer game Angband.
56040 messages rec.travel.asia Travel in Asia.
55791 messages rec.gambling.craps Analysis of and strategy for the dice game craps.
55767 messages rec.arts.dance Any aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.
55620 messages rec.video.production Making professional quality video productions.
55456 messages rec.pets.dogs.breeds Breed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders, etc.
55379 messages rec.knives Anything that goes cut or has an edge.
53882 messages rec.autos.sport.indy Indy Car motor racing.
53858 messages rec.autos.makers.vw.watercooled Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Vanagon, new models, etc.
51799 messages rec.games.go Discussion about Go.
51712 messages rec.sport.football.fantasy Rotisserie (fantasy) football play.
51565 messages rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks The Mutant Universe of Marvel Comics.
51119 messages rec.sport.basketball.pro Talk of professional basketball.
51012 messages rec.photo.darkroom Developing, printing and other darkroom issues.
50813 messages rec.music.makers.piano Piano music, performing, composing, learning, styles.
50107 messages rec.arts.sf.movies Discussing SF motion pictures.
49785 messages rec.collecting.sport.hockey Hockey memorabilia (cards, photos, etc).
49655 messages rec.music.country.western C&W music, performers, performances, etc.
49654 messages rec.radio.swap Offers to trade and swap radio equipment.
49583 messages rec.outdoors.fishing.bass Freshwater bass.
47187 messages rec.pets.herp Reptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets.
47054 messages rec.aviation.ifr Flying under Instrument Flight Rules.
46433 messages rec.arts.tv.uk.eastenders Regarding the UK based show Eastenders.
46068 messages rec.photo.equipment.medium-format Medium format cameras and lenses.
45706 messages rec.games.chess.computer Reports on game servers, databases, software.
45157 messages rec.music.bluenote Discussion of jazz, blues, and related types of music.
44819 messages rec.aquaria.marine.reefs Marine Reef aquaria.
43897 messages rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Miscellaneous topics pertaining to Star Wars.
42392 messages rec.arts.tv.mst3k.misc For fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000.
42344 messages rec.music.filk Music genre originated in the sf/fantasy fan community.
42002 messages rec.heraldry Discussion of coats of arms.
41746 messages rec.arts.startrek.current New Star Trek shows, movies and books.
41433 messages rec.arts.books.marketplace Buying and selling of books.
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