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194995 messages gov.us.fed.doc.cbd.solicitations Procurement solicitation in Commerce Business Daily. (Moderated)
61259 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.notices Notices in the Federal Register. (Moderated)
20876 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.extensions Extension of remarks in the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
20024 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.print Abstracts of new publications available in hard copy. (Moderated)
9660 messages gov.us.fed.doc.cbd.notices General notices in Commerce Business Daily. (Moderated)
8914 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.proposed-rules Proposed Regulations in the Federal Register. (Moderated)
7915 messages gov.us.fed.epa.announce Environmental Protection Agency announcements. (Moderated)
7586 messages gov.us.topic.energy.utilities Regulated utilities providing gas and electricity. (Moderated)
7344 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.rules Rules and Regulations in the Federal Register. (Moderated)
4763 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.reports Reports from the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
4168 messages gov.us.topic.finance.securities Securities, commodity futures, etc.. (Moderated)
3845 messages gov.us.topic.foreign.trade.misc Issues involving foreign trade, importation, customs. (Moderated)
3190 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.contents Contents and Indexes of the Federal Register. (Moderated)
3146 messages gov.us.fed.usda.announce Department of Agriculture announcements. (Moderated)
2136 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.science Physical sciences job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
2100 messages gov.us.topic.agri.farms Farming- growing crops, raising livestock. (Moderated)
2089 messages gov.us.fed.nasa.announce National Aeronautics and Space Administration announcements. (Moderated)
1993 messages gov.us.topic.telecom.announce Announcements on general telecom policy issues. (Moderated)
1943 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.admin Administrative job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
1649 messages gov.us.fed.doc.cbd.forsale Surplus Property Sales in Commerce Business Daily. (Moderated)
1602 messages gov.us.fed.frs.announce Federal Reserve System announcements. (Moderated)
1573 messages gov.us.topic.transport.misc General transportation in the US. (Moderated)
1372 messages gov.us.topic.environment.toxics Hazardous material use, disposal, cleanup. (Moderated)
1305 messages gov.us.topic.info.libraries.govdocs Government documents libraries. (Moderated)
1291 messages gov.us.topic.emergency.misc Natural disasters, recovery, prevention. (Moderated)
1243 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.technical Technical job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
1110 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.clerical Clerical job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
920 messages gov.us.topic.finance.banks Banking, monetary supply, currency exchange. (Moderated)
866 messages gov.us.topic.nat-resources.minerals Extraction and transportation of minerals. (Moderated)
858 messages gov.us.fed.nsf.announce National Science Foundation announcements. (Moderated)
852 messages gov.us.topic.law.pub-contract Lawyers discuss Federal public contract law. (Moderated)
839 messages gov.us.fed.sba.announce Small Business Administration announcements. (Moderated)
740 messages gov.us.fed.treasury.irs.announce Internal Revenue Service announcements. (Moderated)
679 messages gov.us.topic.nat-resources.parks Public land for recreation & tourism, museums. (Moderated)
629 messages gov.us.topic.environment.water Water issues: drinking, irrigation, sewage. (Moderated)
627 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.law-enforce Law enforcement job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
618 messages gov.us.fed.doc.cbd.awards Contract awards in Commerce Business Daily. (Moderated)
552 messages gov.us.topic.agri.food Food production and distribution, nutrition of food. (Moderated)
472 messages gov.us.topic.transport.shipping International shipping and package delivery. (Moderated)
470 messages gov.org.admin.financenet FinanceNet - information on public financial management. (Moderated)
462 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.engineering Engineering related job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
436 messages gov.us.usenet.test Use in testing news software setups.
433 messages gov.usenet.test Use in testing news software setups.
402 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.math-comp Math and computer related job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
331 messages gov.us.fed.congress.discuss Followup discussions on Congress. (Moderated)
296 messages gov.us.topic.grants.research Grant opportunities for research. (Moderated)
294 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.employee.news News of interest to government employees. (Moderated)
288 messages gov.us.fed.fdic.announce Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announcements. (Moderated)
284 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.employee.issues Discussions on government employee issues. (Moderated)
275 messages gov.us.topic.agri.statistics Detailed statistics on crop, livestock, and food production. (Moderated)
262 messages gov.topic.forsale.misc Miscellaneous government asset sales. (Moderated)
259 messages gov.us.org.info.ace Americans Communicating Electronically. (Moderated)
173 messages gov.topic.transport.rail Railroad transportation. (Moderated)
168 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.news General government finance news. (Moderated)
150 messages gov.us.org.admin.fasab Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board. (Moderated)
127 messages gov.us.topic.nat-resources.forests Forestry, logging and wood production. (Moderated)
126 messages gov.us.usenet.software Discuss gov.us specific software.
117 messages gov.topic.telecom.misc Telecommunications- telephone, radio, TV, Internet. (Moderated)
109 messages gov.usenet.software Discuss gov news specific software.
107 messages gov.us.topic.environment.misc General environmental protection. (Moderated)
97 messages gov.topic.transport.misc General international transportation. (Moderated)
89 messages gov.org.g7.environment G7 Environment and Natural Resources Project. (Moderated)
72 messages gov.org.g7.misc General G7 related discussions. (Moderated)
69 messages gov.topic.info.systems.year2000 Accomodating dates after the year 2000.
68 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.perf-measures Financial performance measures. (Moderated)
65 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.health Medical and health related job opportunities in government. (Moderated)
63 messages gov.topic.transport.air Aviation, aircraft, travel by air. (Moderated)
57 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.admin.ses Senior Executive Service job opportunity. (Moderated)
55 messages gov.usenet.admin Discussion of gov news admininstration.
54 messages gov.us.usenet.groups Discussion of gov.us management.
53 messages gov.us.topic.nat-resources.land Other uses of public land, e.g. grazing, wetlands, watershed. (Moderated)
52 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.announce Announcements on job hunting in government. (Moderated)
51 messages gov.us.topic.telecom.misc Discussion on general telecom policy issues. (Moderated)
50 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.accounting Public accounting. (Moderated)
49 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.audits Financial audits of government agencies. (Moderated)
49 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.foreign Federal job opportunities located outside the US. (Moderated)
48 messages gov.us.usenet.admin Discussion of gov.us news admin.
47 messages gov.us.topic.foreign.trade.statistics Detailed statistical reports on import/exports. (Moderated)
46 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.questions Questions and answers on job hunting in government. (Moderated)
43 messages gov.us.topic.agri.misc General agricultural issues. (Moderated)
43 messages gov.us.usenet.questions Q & A for users new to gov.us newsgroups.
43 messages gov.usenet.groups Discussion of gov hierarchy management.
42 messages gov.us.fed.congress.documents Congressional documents.
42 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.cdrom Abstracts of new CD-ROM releases. (Moderated)
40 messages gov.us.topic.ecommerce.announce Government electronic commerce infrastructure announcements. (Moderated)
39 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.travel-admin Travel administration. (Moderated)
38 messages gov.us.org.admin.gfoa Government Finance Officers Association. (Moderated)
38 messages gov.usenet.questions Q & A for users new to gov newsgroups.
37 messages gov.us.topic.emergency.alerts Important bulletins for immediate broadcasting. (Moderated)
35 messages gov.topic.admin.privatization Privatization of government, Public/Private partnerships. (Moderated)
34 messages gov.us.topic.gov-jobs.offered.misc Unclassified public sector job opportunities. (Moderated)
33 messages gov.us.fed.congress.reports Congressional reports.
29 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.systems Financial software and hardware systems. (Moderated)
28 messages gov.us.topic.info.libraries.technology Library information technology discussion. (Moderated)
27 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.payroll Government payroll issues. (Moderated)
26 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.training Financial personnel & training. (Moderated)
25 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.policy Government financial policy. (Moderated)
24 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.calendar Calendar of public finance events. (Moderated)
24 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.int-controls Internal financial controls. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.procurement Procurement management. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.topic.transport.water Maritime related issues, transportation over water. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.epub Abstracts of new publications available electronically. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.us.topic.statistics.reports Detailed reports on economic and demographic statistics. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.us.usenet.lists News related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
21 messages gov.usenet.lists News related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
20 messages gov.us.fed.courts.announce U.S. Courts announcements. (Moderated)
20 messages gov.us.fed.dod.army.announce Department of the Army announcements. (Moderated)
19 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.asset-liab-mgt Asset-liability management. (Moderated)
19 messages gov.us.fed.eop.white-house.announce The President and White House Staff announcements. (Moderated)
18 messages gov.us.fed.dod.navy.announce Department of the Navy announcements. (Moderated)
18 messages gov.us.fed.dot.faa.announce Federal Aviation Administration announcements. (Moderated)
18 messages gov.us.fed.va.announce Department of Veterans Affairs announcements. (Moderated)
17 messages gov.topic.finance.banks Banking, monetary supply, currency exchange. (Moderated)
17 messages gov.us.fed.congress.bills.senate Bill text from the Senate. (Moderated)
16 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.reporting Financial statements & reporting. (Moderated)
16 messages gov.us.topic.info.abstracts.infosystems Abstracts of new online systems and services. (Moderated)
15 messages gov.us.fed.congress.bills.house Bill text from the House. (Moderated)
14 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.decisions Decisions from the Comptroller General. (Moderated)
13 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.discuss Discussion on the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
13 messages gov.us.fed.usaid.announce US Agency for International Development, IDCA, OPIC. (Moderated)
12 messages gov.org.g7.announce Announcements on G7 activities. (Moderated)
12 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.misc General public finance topics. (Moderated)
12 messages gov.us.fed.congress.calendar.senate Senate calendar of activities. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.state-county State and county financial issues. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.us.fed.cia.announce Central Intelligence Agency announcements. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.us.fed.nara.announce National Archives and Records Administration announcements. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.us.topic.environment.announce Announcements on environmental protection. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.us.topic.transport.water Maritime related issues, transportation over water. (Moderated)
11 messages gov.usenet.answers FAQs and periodic articles. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.fed.congress.calendar.house House calendar of activities. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.fed.dod.army.reserve Army Reserve related announcements and discussions. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.authoring Discussion for Federal Register authors. (Moderated)
10 messages gov.us.topic.info.policy.announce Announcements on government information policy. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.topic.telecom.announce Telecommunications related announcements. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.us.fed.dhhs.fda.announce Food and Drug Administration announcements. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.us.fed.doc.cbd.standards Foreign standards notices in Commerce Business Daily. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.us.fed.dod.usaf.announce Department of the Air Force announcements. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.us.fed.nsf.grants National Science Foundation grant information. (Moderated)
9 messages gov.us.topic.transport.rail Railroad transportation. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.digest Digest from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.doc.census.announce Census Bureau announcements. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.doi.announce Department of the Interior announcements. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.ferc.announce Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announcements. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.fed.gsa.announce General Services Administration announcements. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.org.admin.aga Association of Government Accountants. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.us.topic.energy.misc Generation and delivery of energy. (Moderated)
8 messages gov.usenet.control Control messages for top gov newsgroup changes. (Moderated)
7 messages gov.us.fed.congress.gao.announce Announcements about the Government Accounting Office. (Moderated)
7 messages gov.us.fed.doc.noaa.announce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announcements. (Moderated)
7 messages gov.us.fed.doe.announce Department of Energy announcements. (Moderated)
7 messages gov.us.fed.dot.nhtsa.announce National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announcements. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.fed.dot.announce Department of Transportation announcements. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.fed.hud.announce Department of Housing and Urban Development announcements. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.announce Announcements about the Federal Register. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.fed.nrc.announce Nuclear Regulatory Commission announcements. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.fed.state.announce Department of State announcements. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.us.usenet.answers FAQs and periodic articles. (Moderated)
6 messages gov.usenet.announce Admin announcements. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.topic.finance.securities Securities, commodity futures, etc. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.fed.doj.announce Department of Justice announcements. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.fed.dot.uscg.announce United States Coast Guard announcements. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.fed.fmc.announce Federal Maritime Commission announcements. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.corrections Corrections in the Federal Register. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.org.info.ala American Library Association. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.usenet.announce Admin announcements. (Moderated)
5 messages gov.us.usenet.control Control messages for US gov newsgroup changes. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.topic.transport.navigation Navigation systems. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.index Index to the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.senate Senate pages from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.dhhs.ssa.announce Social Security Administration announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.dol.announce Department of Labor announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.ed.announce Department of Education announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.eop.announce Executive Office of the President announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.fcc.announce Federal Communications Commission announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.fema.announce Federal Emergency Management Agency announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.opm.announce Office of Personnel Management announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.fed.treasury.announce Department of the Treasury announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages gov.us.topic.statistics.announce Brief announcements on economic and demographic statistics. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.topic.transport.road Transportation over roads, auto safety, mass transit. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.topic.transport.shipping International shipping and package delivery. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.fed.congress.announce Announcements about Congress. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.fed.nara.fed-register.presidential Presidential Documents in the Federal Register. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.fed.nsf.documents National Science Foundation documents. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.topic.nat-resources.oil-gas Extraction and transportation of oil and gas. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.topic.transport.air Aviation, aircraft, travel by air. (Moderated)
3 messages gov.us.topic.transport.road Transportation over roads, auto safety, mass transit. (Moderated)
2 messages gov.us.fed.dod.announce Department of Defense announcements. (Moderated)
2 messages gov.us.fed.sec.announce Securities and Exchange Commission announcements. (Moderated)
2 messages gov.us.topic.ecommerce.misc Discussions concerning government electronic commerce. (Moderated)
2 messages gov.us.topic.foreign.news Selected news media reports from outside the US. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.budgeting Appropriations and budgeting management. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.topic.admin.finance.municipalities Municipal financial issues. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.topic.info.systems.epub Government use of electronic publishing. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.congress.record.house House pages from the Congressional Record. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.dhhs.announce Department of Health and Human Services announcements. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.doc.announce Department of Commerce announcements. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.nasa.ksc.announce NASA Kennedy Space Center specific announcements. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.fed.usaid.pib USAID Procurement Information Bulletin. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.topic.ecommerce.standards Standards for government electronic commerce. (Moderated)
1 messages gov.us.topic.energy.nuclear Nuclear power and radioactive materials. (Moderated)
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