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1373802 messages soc.culture.israel Israel and Israelis.
1318094 messages soc.culture.usa The culture of the United States of America.
1211858 messages soc.culture.jewish Jewish culture & religion (cf. talk.politics.mideast).
695763 messages soc.men Issues related to men, their problems & relationships.
692951 messages soc.culture.belgium Belgian society, culture(s) and people.
680488 messages soc.retirement Retirement, aging, gerontology issues.
621475 messages soc.culture.singapore The past, present and future of Singapore.
537418 messages soc.culture.indian Group for discussion about India & things Indian.
449355 messages soc.culture.british Issues about Britain & those of British descent.
444014 messages soc.culture.polish Polish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
441294 messages soc.culture.scottish Anything regarding Scotland or things Scots.
422128 messages soc.culture.argentina All about life in Argentina.
416874 messages soc.culture.china About China and Chinese culture.
409543 messages soc.culture.iranian Discussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
384106 messages soc.culture.palestine Palestinian people, culture and politics.
370298 messages soc.culture.irish Ireland and Irish culture.
367482 messages soc.culture.malaysia All about Malaysian society.
365286 messages soc.culture.cuba Cuban culture, society and politics.
361919 messages soc.culture.quebec Quebec society and culture.
359385 messages soc.veterans Social issues relating to military veterans.
355749 messages soc.culture.venezuela Discussion of topics related to Venezuela.
351454 messages soc.history.medieval The historic period of the middle ages.
351394 messages soc.culture.iraq Iraq, its society, culture and heritage.
306076 messages soc.culture.canada Discussions of Canada and its people.
293656 messages soc.culture.europe Discussing all aspects of all-European society.
272067 messages soc.culture.pakistan Topics of discussion about Pakistan.
261869 messages soc.history.what-if Alternate history.
247159 messages soc.culture.jewish.moderated Discussion of Jewish culture and religion. (Moderated)
246820 messages soc.culture.vietnamese Issues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
233208 messages soc.culture.australian Australian culture and society.
227746 messages soc.culture.greek Group about Greeks.
226558 messages soc.culture.african.american Discussions about Afro-American issues.
225449 messages soc.culture.turkish Discussion about things Turkish.
225224 messages soc.culture.romanian Discussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
221638 messages soc.culture.indonesia All about the Indonesian nation.
212012 messages soc.culture.spain Discussion of culture on the Iberian peninsula.
205648 messages soc.culture.russian All things Russian in the broadest sense.
193556 messages soc.culture.thai Thai people and their culture.
186076 messages soc.genealogy.britain Genealogy in Great Britain and the islands.
182459 messages soc.penpals In search of net.friendships.
173471 messages soc.culture.japan Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
154459 messages soc.history.war.misc History & events of wars in general.
145319 messages soc.culture.french French culture, history, and related discussions.
144685 messages soc.culture.netherlands People from the Netherlands and Belgium.
144288 messages soc.singles Newsgroup for single people, their activities, etc.
139782 messages soc.culture.arabic Technological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
138504 messages soc.culture.filipino Group about the Filipino culture.
136942 messages soc.culture.hmong Discussion of Hmong people and its culture.
134173 messages soc.motss Issues pertaining to homosexuality.
128981 messages soc.history.ancient Ancient history (up to AD 700).
119167 messages soc.culture.baltics People of the Baltic states.
117547 messages soc.women Issues related to women, their problems & relationships.
110907 messages soc.culture.lebanon Discussion about things Lebanese.
107143 messages soc.culture.german Discussions about German culture and history.
103456 messages soc.culture.colombia Colombian talk, social, politics, science.
102868 messages soc.culture.taiwan Discussion about things Taiwanese.
102549 messages soc.culture.mexican Discussion of Mexico's society.
100948 messages soc.culture.laos Cultural and Social Aspects of Laos.
100034 messages soc.senior.issues Issues relevant to seniors and aging.
94274 messages soc.genealogy.medieval Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
90575 messages soc.genealogy.benelux Genealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
86742 messages soc.culture.puerto-rico Puerto Rican culture, society and politics.
86184 messages soc.history Discussions of things historical.
86021 messages soc.culture.latin-america Topics about Latin-America.
85857 messages soc.culture.korean Discussions about Korea & things Korean.
81959 messages soc.culture.uruguay Discussions of Uruguay for those at home and abroad.
80118 messages soc.culture.south-africa South African society, culture, & politics.
78068 messages soc.support.fat-acceptance Self-acceptance for fat people. No diet talk.
74051 messages soc.culture.bulgaria Discussing Bulgarian society.
72603 messages soc.religion.quaker The Religious Society of Friends.
70849 messages soc.culture.catalan The Catalan language and the lands where it is spoken.
70162 messages soc.culture.bangladesh Issues & discussion about Bangladesh.
69836 messages soc.culture.asian.american Issues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
67945 messages soc.culture.brazil Talking about the people and country of Brazil.
64787 messages soc.culture.bengali Sociocultural identity of worldwide Bengali population.
61486 messages soc.history.war.world-war-ii History & events of World War Two. (Moderated)
60417 messages soc.culture.dominican-rep The life and people of the Dominican Republic.
58863 messages soc.culture.nordic Discussion about culture up north.
54968 messages soc.culture.czecho-slovak Bohemian, Slovak, Moravian and Silesian life.
54463 messages soc.culture.esperanto The neutral international language Esperanto.
52506 messages soc.culture.magyar The Hungarian people & their culture.
52301 messages soc.culture.italian The Italian people and their culture.
51219 messages soc.culture.cambodia Cambodia and its people.
50324 messages soc.culture.hongkong Discussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
50257 messages soc.rights.human Human rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International).
49209 messages soc.genealogy.jewish Jewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
48084 messages soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans The Afrikaans language and speakers.
47441 messages soc.genealogy.australia+nz Australia, New Zealand, and their territories.
43068 messages soc.culture.chile All about Chile and its people.
42598 messages soc.culture.mexican.american Mexican-American/Chicano culture and issues.
42430 messages soc.culture.haiti Haiti specific development and cultural issues.
42265 messages soc.culture.burma Politics, culture, news, discussion about Burma.
38137 messages soc.singles.moderated Conversations among people who are or were single. (Moderated)
36833 messages soc.culture.yugoslavia Discussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
36544 messages soc.culture.el-salvador Topics about El Salvador, Central America.
36022 messages soc.religion.mormon The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Moderated)
35779 messages soc.genealogy.marketplace Genealogy services and products.
35416 messages soc.culture.punjab Punjab and Punjabi culture.
34737 messages soc.culture.occitan Speakers of Provencal/Occitan/Langue d'Oc.
34051 messages soc.culture.afghanistan Discussion of the Afghan society.
33404 messages soc.culture.ecuador The culture and people of Ecuador.
32528 messages soc.culture.tamil Tamil language, history and culture.
31894 messages soc.culture.croatia The lives of people of Croatia.
29518 messages soc.culture.new-zealand Discussion of topics related to New Zealand.
27877 messages soc.culture.bolivia Bolivian people and culture.
27767 messages soc.culture.zimbabwe Culture and other issues pertaining to Zimbabwe.
27185 messages soc.culture.african Discussions about Africa & things African.
27139 messages soc.culture.peru All about the people of Peru.
26750 messages soc.culture.ukrainian The lives and times of the Ukrainian people.
26602 messages soc.culture.sri-lanka Things & people from Sri Lanka.
25845 messages soc.culture.indian.telugu The culture of the Telugu people of India. (Moderated)
25548 messages soc.religion.islam Discussions of the Islamic faith. (Moderated)
24743 messages soc.religion.bahai Discussion of the Baha'i Faith. (Moderated)
23968 messages soc.culture.kurdish People from Kurdistan and Kurds around the world.
23615 messages soc.culture.nicaragua Topics related to the country of Nicaragua in general.
21568 messages soc.culture.egyptian Egypt, and its society, culture, heritage, etc.
20767 messages soc.culture.indian.marathi Discussion related to Marathi Culture.
19384 messages soc.bi Discussions of bisexuality.
19104 messages soc.genealogy.surnames.britain Surnames queries - Great Britain. (Moderated)
18970 messages soc.genealogy.computing Genealogical computing & net resources.
18727 messages soc.culture.breton All about Breton culture and Brittany.
18334 messages soc.support.transgendered Transgendered and intersexed persons.
17846 messages soc.culture.algeria From A to Z about Algeria.
17588 messages soc.genealogy.german Family history including a German background.
17506 messages soc.history.war.us-civil-war Aspects of the U.S. Civil War. (Moderated)
17395 messages soc.culture.hawaii Aloha kakou, E KOMO MAI! Eh, no forget hemo da shoes. (Moderated)
17307 messages soc.culture.caribbean Life in the Caribbean.
16782 messages soc.genealogy.ireland Genealogy in Ireland (both North and South).
16152 messages soc.org.freemasonry Discussion group for the Fraternity "Freemasonry". (Moderated)
15671 messages soc.culture.asean Countries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations.
15223 messages soc.culture.welsh The people, language and history of Wales.
15077 messages soc.politics Political problems, systems, solutions. (Moderated)
14692 messages soc.culture.syria Syrian cultural matters and affairs.
13826 messages soc.culture.indian.kerala Culture of the people of Keralite origin.
13182 messages soc.culture.swiss Swiss culture.
12197 messages soc.culture.celtic Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
11915 messages soc.culture.portuguese Discussion of the people of Portugal.
9266 messages soc.culture.nigeria Nigerian affairs, society, cultures, and peoples.
9025 messages soc.politics.marxism Karl Marx and his legacy in theory and practice. (Moderated)
8615 messages soc.org.nonprofit Nonprofit organizations.
8305 messages soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland Surnames queries - Ireland & Northern Ireland. (Moderated)
8271 messages soc.culture.indian.karnataka Karnataka's culture, history, and present.
8115 messages soc.culture.jordan All topics concerning The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
8109 messages soc.genealogy.surnames.german Surnames queries - German speaking countries. (Moderated)
7877 messages soc.college.admissions The university admissions process.
7856 messages soc.culture.indian.delhi Information related to Delhi, capital of India.
7497 messages soc.genealogy.french Francophone genealogy.
7275 messages soc.culture.honduras General topics regarding Honduras and Central-America.
7152 messages soc.net-people Announcements, requests, etc. about people on the net.
6641 messages soc.culture.maghreb North African society and culture.
6436 messages soc.culture.austria Austria and its people.
6327 messages soc.genealogy.italian Italian genealogy and family heraldry.
6243 messages soc.culture.nepal Discussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
6199 messages soc.adoption.adoptees Discussion of adoption by adoptees. (Moderated)
6196 messages soc.religion.paganism Networking for Pagans. (Moderated)
6155 messages soc.religion.asatru Following the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe. (Moderated)
6147 messages soc.culture.native Aboriginal people around the world.
5985 messages soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna The independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
5961 messages soc.support.vision-impaired Living with visual impairment or blindness.
5952 messages soc.genealogy.methods Genealogical methods and resources. (Moderated)
5938 messages soc.culture.pakistan.religion Religious discussions related to Pakistan.
5884 messages soc.genealogy.west-indies Genealogy of the West Indies.
5524 messages soc.culture.costa-rica Topics about Costa Rica.
4941 messages soc.support.depression.manic Bipolar/manic-depression.
4906 messages soc.history.war.us-revolution American Revolution/international perspectives.
4845 messages soc.genealogy.misc General genealogical discussions.
4830 messages soc.culture.slovenia Slovenia and Slovenian people.
4740 messages soc.couples.wedding Wedding planning.
3971 messages soc.genealogy.surnames.misc Surnames - regions not covered elsewhere. (Moderated)
3863 messages soc.culture.kenya Kenyan peoples, politics, culture, and affairs.
3803 messages soc.culture.guinea-conakry Guinea (ne French Guinea, in West Africa).
3658 messages soc.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
3604 messages soc.genealogy.nordic Genealogy in the Scandinavian countries.
3488 messages soc.college College, college activities, campus life, etc.
3284 messages soc.senior.health+fitness Health, fitness, health-care for seniors.
3147 messages soc.culture.pakistan.politics Political discussions on Pakistan.
3139 messages soc.culture.russian.moderated Moderated discussion of Russian culture. (Moderated)
3130 messages soc.misc Socially-oriented topics not in other groups.
3075 messages soc.libraries.talk Discussing all aspects of libraries.
3054 messages soc.atheism Living as an atheist and atheism in society. (Moderated)
3032 messages soc.culture.indian.goa About Goa, India's smallest state. (Moderated)
2969 messages soc.culture.albanian Albania and Albanians around the world.
2828 messages soc.culture.berber The berber language, history, and culture.
2750 messages soc.culture.kuwait Kuwaiti culture, society, and history.
2673 messages soc.culture.cornish All things Cornish and Cornwall, worldwide.
2661 messages soc.culture.indian.gujarati Gujarati cultural group.
2550 messages soc.history.early-modern Early modern history worldwide, to 1800.
2472 messages soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmir The culture of Jammu & Kashmir.
2426 messages soc.culture.soviet Topics relating to Russian or Soviet culture.
2329 messages soc.culture.somalia Somalian affairs, society, and culture.
2285 messages soc.couples Discussions for couples (cf. soc.singles).
2222 messages soc.culture.african.american.moderated African-American perspectives. (Moderated)
2193 messages soc.genealogy.slavic Genealogy of Slavic peoples.
2181 messages soc.culture.jewish.holocaust The Shoah. (Moderated)
2090 messages soc.history.science History of science and related areas.
1889 messages soc.college.financial-aid Financial aid issues, college and beyond.
1865 messages soc.culture.scientists Cultural issues about scientists & scientific projects.
1860 messages soc.history.moderated All aspects of history. (Moderated)
1742 messages soc.culture.basque Basque culture and related issues. (Moderated)
1711 messages soc.men.moderated Men's interests, roles, rights, relationships, etc. (Moderated)
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