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5989 messages uk.rec.aquaria.misc-
5921 messages uk.rec.fishing.sea for the discussion of sea angling
5870 messages uk.local.herefordshire Herefordshire, England
5838 messages uk.people.support.cfs-me chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis
5815 messages uk.local.hertfordshire The county of Hertfordshire, England
5686 messages uk.religion.interfaith Discussion of the interfaith issues
5573 messages uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 Discussion of Babylon-5 relevant to the UK
5485 messages uk.media.tv.west-wing The TV show The West Wing as screened in the UK
5385 messages uk.adverts.cars Advertisements for the sale of cars
5343 messages uk.tech.electronic-security Technical issues of electronic security
5274 messages uk.politics.censorship Discussion of censorship
5273 messages uk.rec.shooting.game Game/pest control shooting and related disciplines
5271 messages uk.rec.metaldetecting Metaldetecting topics in the UK
5183 messages uk.jobs.contract Contract positions wanted/offered. No discussion
5177 messages uk.media.radio.radcliffe discussion about Mark Radcliffe's radio show
5149 messages uk.sport.betting All aspects of sports betting from a UK view
4996 messages uk.people.parents.pregnancy Pregnancy and childbirth
4974 messages uk.local.peterborough The City of Peterborough, England
4965 messages uk.local.ayrshire Ayrshire, Scotland
4941 messages uk.local.merseyside Merseyside, England
4884 messages uk.music.rave Discussion of UK rave music and the UK rave scene
4834 messages uk.people.ex-forces ex-members of HM Forces
4652 messages uk.politics.id-cards A national ID register and ID cards in the UK.
4624 messages uk.local.cornwall The county of Cornwall, England
4522 messages uk.local.north-staffs Discussion relevant to North Staffordshire
4449 messages uk.rec.gambling.misc UK-related gambling discussion
4289 messages uk.local.devon To promote events and discussion in Devon
4209 messages uk.rec.ufo UFO phenomena, reports and related topics in the UK
4035 messages uk.rec.cars.kit-car Construction, use, and repair of Kit-Cars in the UK
4011 messages uk.jobs.fortyplus-
3961 messages uk.current-events.general Discussion of UK-related news items
3898 messages uk.rec.audio.vinyl Hi-fi involving vinyl as the source
3824 messages uk.net.news.moderation Discussion of the moderation of uk.* groups
3763 messages uk.local.midlands The Midlands of England
3761 messages uk.politics.constitution Constitutional issues relating to the UK
3745 messages uk.religion.buddhist Discussion of the buddhist faith
3725 messages uk.games.video.playstation.forsale Sony Playstation sales & wants
3709 messages uk.local.bedfordshire Topics relevant to the people of Bedfordshire
3683 messages uk.transport.air discussion of commercial/military aviation in UK
3674 messages uk.people.sf-fans Discussion area for UK SF fans
3619 messages uk.sport.baseball For discussion of baseball in its widest context
3611 messages uk.local.yorkshire.noticeboard Announcements and Adverts of Yorkshire relevance
3524 messages uk.rec.cars.vw.aircooled All Aircooled VW Vehicles
3433 messages uk.rec.fishing.game for the discussion of game angling
3359 messages uk.politics.economics Economic policy relating to the UK
3272 messages uk.rec.shooting.clays Clay pigeon shooting and related disciplines
3191 messages uk.media.tv.hollyoaks The TV programme 'Hollyoaks'
3145 messages uk.people.support.mult-sclerosis Multiple sclerosis & treatment in the UK
3101 messages uk.rec.crafts Newsgroup for craft related topics in the UK
3072 messages uk.media.tv.friends UK discussion regarding the US TV series Friends
3018 messages uk.finance.stockmarket Shares, securities and the stockmarket
3000 messages uk.games.mornington-crescent Discussion and play of Mornington Crescent
2940 messages uk.rec.youth-hostel Discussion of youth hostels and hostelling
2927 messages uk.local.derbyshire Derbyshire issues, people, culture & events
2925 messages uk.games.computer.misc UK-based discussion about computer gaming
2896 messages uk.local.cheshire Items of interest regarding Cheshire
2845 messages uk.politics.environment Politics and the environment in the UK
2845 messages uk.rec.photo.adverts Adverts for photographic equipment, services and jobs
2815 messages uk.jobs.wanted Situations wanted. No discussion
2807 messages uk.local.london.info Information about living in, or visiting, London
2734 messages uk.music.misc General discussion of UK music
2721 messages uk.comp.vintage Discussion of older computers and consoles in the UK
2721 messages uk.rec.models.radio-control.land UK Radio Control Cars, Buggies, Trucks
2679 messages uk.music.alternative The UK "alternative" and "indie" music scene
2657 messages uk.net.providers UK Internet Service Provider discussion
2608 messages uk.people.crossdressing-
2607 messages uk.local.southwest.adverts Adverts in the uk.local.southwest area
2598 messages uk.local.somerset Events and discussion in Somerset
2508 messages uk.rec.cars.mg History, use and repair of MG cars in the UK
2494 messages uk.rec.boats.paddle For matters relating to boats that are paddled
2452 messages uk.net Used by UKnet maintainers
2421 messages uk.food+drink.chinese A group for discussion of Chinese cuisine
2383 messages uk.games.board Discussion, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of board games
2294 messages uk.media.films to discuss films amongst all inhabitants of the UK
2289 messages uk.rec.cars.imports Importing cars and post-import issues
2226 messages uk.community.firefighting fire safety and UK fire and rescue services
2193 messages uk.local.sunderland Issues and events affecting the Sunderland area
2169 messages uk.sport.football.scottish Association Football in Scotland
2163 messages uk.local.county-durham Topics relevant to County Durham
2152 messages uk.rec.caving Caving, pot-holing etc. for sport/exploration/research
2150 messages uk.sci.med.nursing UK Nursing Issues
2145 messages uk.sport.ice-hockey For discussion of ice hockey as played in and by GB
2140 messages uk.people.support.diabetes Advice, support and chat about diabetes
2103 messages uk.local.lothians discussions about the Lothians, Scotland
2082 messages uk.education.openuniversity Disscussion relating to the UK Open University
2019 messages uk.music.makers.dj The art and pursuit of DJing in the UK
1997 messages uk.adverts.books Adverts for books
1967 messages uk.community.ambulance Issues affecting UK ambulance services
1963 messages uk.people.disability.transport Transport issues for the disabled
1933 messages uk.rec.crafts.sewing-
1864 messages uk.sport.football.clubs.sunderland Sunderland Association Football Club
1800 messages uk.media.tv.twenty-four For discussion of "24" relevant to the UK
1797 messages uk.community.social-housing social housing policy & practice in the UK
1786 messages uk.comp.sys.sun Discussion of Sun computers
1786 messages uk.rec.shooting.target Target shooting and related disciplines
1768 messages uk.comp.os.ms-windows Use of Microsoft Windows in the UK.
1723 messages uk.religion.hindu Discussion of the hindu faith
1715 messages uk.local.bath The City of Bath, England
1690 messages uk.local.borders-region The Scottish Borders
1633 messages uk.games.computer.counterstrike Counterstrike UK Multi-Player Gaming
1599 messages uk.people.polyamorous-
1551 messages uk.people.support.mental-health Discussion of UK mental health issues
1521 messages uk.people.fathers Social issues affecting fathers and their children
1509 messages uk.gov.social-work Social Work policies and practice
1509 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-world-service Programmes of the BBC World Service
1505 messages uk.rec.cycling.moderated Cycling in the UK (Moderated)
1500 messages uk.culture.arts.writing For discussion of writing and associated topics
1432 messages uk.music.rock Rock music and rock musicians in a UK context.
1432 messages uk.philosophy.misc General discussion of philosophy
1425 messages uk.rec.motorcycles.trailriding For those interested in motorcycle trailriding
1419 messages uk.people.deaf Discussion about issues relating to deaf people
1407 messages uk.music.country UK discussion of all aspects of Country music
1380 messages uk.adverts.games.roleplay Adverts for roleplaying games in the UK
1380 messages uk.rec.collecting.misc Antiques and collectibles of interest in the UK
1373 messages uk.people.bdsm.personals Personal ads for bondage, D/s & s/m in the UK (Moderated)
1373 messages uk.rec.rights-of-way UK rights of way and associated issues
1338 messages uk.media.tv.er Discussion of TV medical drama ER within the UK
1304 messages uk.org.mensa Forum for items of interest to UK members of Mensa
1293 messages uk.local.channel-isles Living in or visiting the Channel Islands
1256 messages uk.media.radio.bbc-r3 For discussion of the output of BBC Radio 3
1235 messages uk.comp.training Creating and presenting computer training courses
1229 messages uk.food+drink.sausages Discussion about sausages
1227 messages uk.religion.other-faiths Discussion of the other faiths
1220 messages uk.net.news.announce For RFDs, CFVs, FAQs, etc. within the UK Hierarchy. (Moderated)
1195 messages uk.music.notation Discussion of music notation and software
1154 messages uk.people.disability.bikers For disabled bikers to discover a new freedom
1127 messages uk.games.misc Discussion, reviews, and advice relating to a wide range of games
1117 messages uk.comp.security Miscellaneous computer security discussion
1112 messages uk.media.radio.misc UK Radio issues and programming
1092 messages uk.education.teachers.trainee-
1085 messages uk.rec.boats.motor All aspects of motor boating in the UK
1084 messages uk.tech.misc Miscellaneous UK technology
1077 messages uk.sci.misc Miscellaneous UK science
990 messages uk.business.payroll Payroll practice, procedure and legislation
954 messages uk.religion.jewish Discussion of the jewish faith (Moderated)
919 messages uk.local.dorset Discussion about Dorset
915 messages uk.music.rhythm-n-blues UK newsgroup for discussing rhythm and blues music
896 messages uk.games.trading-cards.marketplace Auction/sale: Collectable Trading Cards
882 messages uk.media.tv.simpsons UK based discussion of US TV series The Simpsons
878 messages uk.music.christian Christian Music in the UK
878 messages uk.tech.home-automation Home Automation in the UK
873 messages uk.media.tv.cable Discussion of cable television in the UK
861 messages uk.politics.philosophy Philosophical basis for politics in the UK
856 messages uk.politics.rural A rural-centric debate of government plans and policy
841 messages uk.answers Repository for periodic UK specific USENET articles. (Moderated)
805 messages uk.people.adoption.searching All aspects of adoption searching in the UK
796 messages uk.comp.peripherals.misc Computer peripherals
788 messages uk.media.tv.sf.misc Group for general discussions of Science Fiction on UK television
762 messages uk.sport.athletics Track & Field Athletics results, rankings & fixtures
734 messages uk.culture.arts.theatre The discussion of theatre in the UK
731 messages uk.tech.digital-tv.crypt encryption used by tv providers
728 messages uk.media.tv.brookside The Channel 4 TV programme 'Brookside'
719 messages uk.media.tv.time-team Popular archaeology series on C4
683 messages uk.tech.robotics ?
667 messages uk.education.16plus Discussion about education for 16+ year olds
663 messages uk.food+drink.restaurants independent guide to UK restaurants
650 messages uk.people.adoption.misc All aspects of adoption in the UK
633 messages uk.people.support.epilepsy Epilepsy & treatment in the UK
630 messages uk.games.fantasy.football Fantasy football (soccer) competitions
617 messages uk.sci.med.pharmacy Relating to the practice of pharmacy in the UK
609 messages uk.transport.ferry UK ferry news and discussion
594 messages uk.sport.swimming Competitive Swimming in the UK
590 messages uk.education.governors Information and experiences for UK school governors
586 messages uk.media.books.sf Science Fiction literature relevant to the UK
571 messages uk.politics.electoral Discussion of elections & electoral systems in the UK
567 messages uk.sport.motorsport Motorsport Fans
549 messages uk.sport.misc Discussion of sport within the UK
534 messages uk.media.broadcast.commercials Broadcast adverts in the UK
526 messages uk.sport.football.american All aspects of UK American Football Leagues
477 messages uk.education.home-education Education of Children not enrolled at School
475 messages uk.comp.graphics.flash Forum for UK based Macromedia Flash users
473 messages uk.rec.cars.tvr TVR Manufactured sports cars and relevant events
435 messages uk.net.providers.gradwell Discussion of the ISP Gradwell
425 messages uk.games.computer.multiplayer Multiplayer computer games in the UK
425 messages uk.rec.waterways.fens Discussion of the Fen waterways
402 messages uk.food+drink.chocolate UK chocolate
400 messages uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racing Support and participation in oval track racing
388 messages uk.games.computer.quake2 Discussion of Quake2
365 messages uk.community.voluntary UK-based voluntary organisations and charities
350 messages uk.media.tv.childrens discussion of UK children's TV by people of all ages
347 messages uk.sport.speedway For all Speedway fans & Riders
345 messages uk.culture.arts.storytelling storytelling activities within the UK
337 messages uk.media.radio.hospital Hospital Radio in United Kingdom
328 messages uk.games.computer.quake3 Discussion of Quake III: Arena in the UK
318 messages uk.media.tv.xena-
305 messages uk.media.tv.us-sitcoms General discussion on UK airings of US sitcoms
298 messages uk.media.postproduction All aspects of post-production in the UK
297 messages uk.media.tv.sf.x-files Discussion of the X-Files series shown on UK TV
280 messages uk.community.childcare Discussion about non-parental childcare
252 messages uk.org.bcs.misc Discussion relating to the British Computer Society
235 messages uk.media.tv.smallville The TV programme Smallville
218 messages uk.games.computer.quake Discussion related to Quake in the UK
218 messages uk.net.regulation Regulation of the Internet in the UK
217 messages uk.sport.orienteering The sport of Orienteering in the UK
213 messages uk.education.behavioural Emotional and behavioural difficulties
209 messages uk.media.tv.dawsons-creek Dawsons Creek episodes already aired in the UK
198 messages uk.education.gcse+standard GCSEs, Standard Grades and related topics
159 messages uk.media.tv.robot-wars The TV show Robot Wars
101 messages uk.announce General announcements of UK interest (Moderated)
52 messages uk.org.bcs.announce Announcements relating to the British Computer Society (Moderated)
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