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11411 messages alabama.test News system testing in the alabama hierarchy.
10372 messages alabama.politics Politics in the state of Alabama.
9805 messages alabama.shoals.general Discussion about the Shoals area in NW Alabama, USA.
6663 messages alabama.sports.alabama University of Alabama sports.
3794 messages alabama.sports.auburn Auburn University sports.
3069 messages alabama.general General discussion in the state of Alabama.
2572 messages alabama.birmingham.forsale Things for sale in Birmingham, AL only.
1356 messages alabama.jobs The Alabama job market. (Moderated)
1241 messages alabama.birmingham.general General discussion about Birmingham, AL, USA.
1163 messages alabama.decatur.general General discussion about Decatur, Alabama, USA.
1021 messages alabama.birmingham.radio.amateur Birmingham, AL amateur radio.
787 messages alabama.birmingham.sports Birmingham, Alabama sports.
747 messages alabama.education Education in the state of Alabama.
693 messages alabama.mobile.general General discussion about Mobile, Alabama (Moderated)
670 messages alabama.sports.misc Miscellaneous Alabama sports.
667 messages alabama.config Usenet news configuration in the alabama hierarchy.
648 messages alabama.birmingham.students Birmingham, Alabama student affairs.
468 messages alabama.tuscaloosa.general General discussion about Tuscaloosa, AL, USA.
323 messages alabama.birmingham.jobs Employment specifically in Birmingham, AL. (Moderated)
6 messages alabama.announce Announcements of interest to everyone in Alabama. (Moderated)