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165746 messages austin.general Items of general interest in Austin, TX.
66646 messages austin.politics Political issues in Austin, TX.
64931 messages austin.forsale Items for sale in Austin, TX.
25269 messages austin.food Eating, cooking, and culinary delights in Austin, TX.
16031 messages austin.jobs Jobs available, wanted, and discussion in Austin, Texas.
9860 messages austin.gardening Austin and USDA Zone 8 gardening related discussions.
3035 messages austin.internet Discussion of Internet issues and connectivity in Austin.
2280 messages austin.autos Care and (mis)use of automobiles in Austin, TX.
2094 messages austin.music Music around Austin, TX.
1412 messages austin.org.sca The Society for Creative Anachronism in Austin, TX.
1386 messages austin.personals-
1226 messages austin.talk Talk in Austin, TX.
1178 messages austin.test Usenet testing in Austin, TX.
307 messages austin.usenet.config No description.
149 messages austin.announce ??? (Moderated)
105 messages austin.flame Flamefesting followup for Austin, TX.
35 messages austin.usenet.stats No description.