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205818 messages ba.weather National Weather Service updates.
124814 messages ba.broadcast Bay Area TV/Radio issues.
77076 messages ba.food Bay Area restaurants and eating places.
36502 messages ba.internet Discussions about Bay Area Internet connectivity.
34857 messages ba.politics Political topics of interest to Bay Area readers.
34005 messages ba.mountain-folk Living in the hills and mountains around the Bay Area.
31406 messages ba.transportation Discussion of Bay Area transit/commute/driving issues.
25363 messages ba.motorcycles Bay area motorcycle issues.
23032 messages ba.general Announcements of general interest to all readers.
12466 messages ba.bicycles Bicycling in and around the Bay Area.
7248 messages ba.test Tests of 'ba' distribution (Some sites autorespond).
5687 messages ba.jobs.agency Job Postings from agencies in the Bay Area.
4182 messages ba.consumers Experiences with retail outlets in the bay area.
2824 messages ba.singles Local newsgroup for single people.
2605 messages ba.motss Newsgroup for Bay Area motss'ers.
2383 messages ba.dance Discussion about local dance events.
1904 messages ba.market.misc For Sale/Wanted: Miscellaneous.
1334 messages ba.jobs.resumes Resume Postings for Bay Area Jobs.
1210 messages ba.announce Announcements of general interest to all readers. (Moderated)
1124 messages ba.market.computers For Sale/Wanted: Computers and software.
1058 messages ba.jobs.direct Job Postings in the Bay Area.
1006 messages ba.market.housing For Sale/Rent/Wanted: Housing, land, roommates.
947 messages ba.music Musical events in the Bay Area.
946 messages ba.jobs.contract.agency Issues involving contract employment with agencies.
863 messages ba.market.vehicles For Sale/Wanted: Autos, cycles, trucks, etc.
680 messages ba.personals Personals adds of Bay Area interest.
578 messages ba.music.drumming Drumming events in the Bay Area.
567 messages ba.seminars Announcements of Bay Area seminars.
453 messages ba.jobs.contract.direct Issues involving contract employment.
440 messages ba.broadcast.moderated-
422 messages ba.jobs.discussion Discussions about the job market in the Bay Area.
378 messages ba.smartvalley Smart Valley project- BA Information Infrastructure.
315 messages ba.gardens Gardening, methods and results in the Bay Area.
253 messages ba.art Art in and around the Bay Area.
193 messages ba.sports Discussion of sports in the Bay Area.
180 messages ba.config Meta-discussion regarding the ba.* hierarchy.
23 messages ba.startup Startup businesses in the Bay Area. (Moderated)
1 messages ba.helping-hand Volunteer/Donor Action newsgroup. (Moderated)