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13775 messages bionet.neuroscience Research issues in the neurosciences.
9252 messages bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts Requests for information and lab reagents.
3668 messages bionet.jobs.offered Job openings in the biological sciences. (Moderated)
3306 messages bionet.general General BIOSCI discussion.
2564 messages bionet.genome.arabidopsis Information about the Arabidopsis project (Moderated)
2184 messages bionet.microbiology The science and profession of microbiology.
2033 messages bionet.molbio.proteins Research on proteins and protein databases.
1500 messages bionet.organisms.zebrafish Discussion group for Zebrafish (Daniorerio) researchers (Moderated)
1454 messages bionet.plants Discussion about all aspects of plant biology.
1292 messages bionet.cellbiol Discussions about cell biology.
1216 messages bionet.software Information about software for biology. (Moderated)
1106 messages bionet.journals.note Advice on dealing with journals in biology.
1065 messages bionet.plants.education Education issues in plant biology.
1032 messages bionet.biology.computational Computer and mathematical applications. (Moderated)
989 messages bionet.agroforestry Discussion of Agroforestry.
907 messages bionet.molbio.proteins.7tms_r Research on G-protein coupled receptor systems (Moderated)
900 messages bionet.drosophila Research into the biology of fruit flies. (Moderated)
867 messages bionet.immunology Discussions about research in immunology.
763 messages bionet.jobs.wanted Requests for employment in the biological sciences.
698 messages bionet.molbio.yeast Molecular Biology and Genetics of Yeast (Moderated)
675 messages bionet.biophysics The science and profession of biophysics.
636 messages bionet.molbio.genome-program The international Human Genome Project. (Moderated)
592 messages bionet.announce Announcements of widespread interest to biologists. (Moderated)
525 messages bionet.molecules.repertoires Generation and use of libraries of molecules. (Moderated)
514 messages bionet.mycology Research with fungal life. (Moderated)
513 messages bionet.software.x-plor X-PLOR for 3D macromolecular structure determination.
475 messages bionet.info-theory Discussions about biological information theory.
380 messages bionet.biology.cardiovascular Scientists engaged in cardiovascular research.
371 messages bionet.cellbiol.cytonet The cytoskeleton, plasma membrane and cell wall.
361 messages bionet.xtallography Discussions about protein crystallography.
350 messages bionet.molec-model The physical & chemical aspects of molecular modelling.
346 messages bionet.biology.symbiosis Research in symbiosis. (Moderated)
336 messages bionet.celegans Research discussions on Caenorhabditis elegans and related nematodes (Moderated)
333 messages bionet.population-bio Technical discussions about population biology.
325 messages bionet.maize Research on maize (Moderated)
324 messages bionet.biology.grasses The biology of grasses: cereal, forage, turf, etc.
322 messages bionet.software.gcg Discussions about using the ACEDB software.
309 messages bionet.molbio.hiv Discussions about the molecular biology of HIV.
290 messages bionet.emf-bio Interactions of EM fields with biological systems. (Moderated)
277 messages bionet.molecules.peptides Research involving peptides (Moderated)
274 messages bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescent Fluorescent proteins & bioluminescence.
273 messages bionet.molbio.evolution Discussions about research in molecular evolution (Moderated)
269 messages bionet.toxicology Research in toxicology (Moderated)
254 messages bionet.molbio.bio-matrix Computer applications to biological databases.
232 messages bionet.biology.tropical Discussions about tropical biology.
222 messages bionet.genome.autosequencing Research & support on automated DNA sequencing. (Moderated)
216 messages bionet.organisms.pseudomonas Research on the genus Pseudomonas.
212 messages bionet.parasitology Research into parasitology. (Moderated)
212 messages bionet.virology Research into virology. (Moderated)
198 messages bionet.biology.n2-fixation Research issues on biological nitrogen fixation.
195 messages bionet.diagnostics.prenatal Research in prenatal diagnostics.
188 messages bionet.biology.vectors Research & control of arthropods which transmit disease. (Moderated)
185 messages bionet.molbio.rapd Research on Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA.
182 messages bionet.software.staden Using the Staden molecular sequence analysis software.
178 messages bionet.molbio.ageing Discussions of cellular and organismal ageing.
169 messages bionet.chlamydomonas Research on Chlamydomonas and other green algae. (Moderated)
169 messages bionet.molbio.genbank Info about the GenBank Nucleic acid database. (Moderated)
162 messages bionet.audiology Research on audiology and hearing science (Moderated)
151 messages bionet.cellbiol.insulin Biology and chemistry of insulin and related receptors. (Moderated)
139 messages bionet.photosynthesis Discussions about research on photosynthesis. (Moderated)
136 messages bionet.software.acedb Use of genome DBs using ACEDB. (Moderated)
132 messages bionet.prof-society.biophysics Biophysical Society official announcements. (Moderated)
128 messages bionet.molecules.p450 Research on cytochrome P450
124 messages bionet.glycosci Carbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules.
124 messages bionet.software.www Information about WWW sources of interest to biologists. (Moderated)
121 messages bionet.metabolic-reg Kinetics and thermodynamics at the cellular level.
115 messages bionet.molbio.genearrays-
114 messages bionet.women-in-bio Discussion of issues related to women in biology (Moderated)
111 messages bionet.biology.deepsea Deep-sea marine biology, oceanography, and geology. (Moderated)
107 messages bionet.molbio.embldatabank Info about the EMBL Nucleic acid database. (Moderated)
104 messages bionet.molecules.free-radicals Research on free radicals in biology & medicine. (Moderated)
96 messages bionet.genome.chromosomes Mapping and sequencing of eucaryote chromosomes.
87 messages bionet.protista Discussion on protists (protozoa, algae, zoosporic fungi) (Moderated)
85 messages bionet.prof-society.csm Canadian Society of Microbiologists. (Moderated)
80 messages bionet.molbio.gene-linkage Discussions about genetic linkage analysis.
74 messages bionet.ecology.physiology Research & education in physiological ecology. (Moderated)
73 messages bionet.microbiology.biofilms Research on microbial biofilms (Moderated)
71 messages bionet.journals.letters.biotechniques Discussion of the journal Biotechniques. (Moderated)
62 messages bionet.software.srs Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) software. (Moderated)
50 messages bionet.organisms.urodeles Research scientists using urodele amphibians. (Moderated)
47 messages bionet.prof-society.navbo North American Vascular Biology Organization. (Moderated)
41 messages bionet.plants.signaltransduc Research on plant signal transduction. (Moderated)
31 messages bionet.molbio.gdb Messages to and from the GDB database staff.
28 messages bionet.genome.gene-structure Genome and chromatin structure and function (Moderated)
27 messages bionet.organisms.schistosoma Discussions about Schistosoma research (Moderated)
21 messages bionet.users.addresses Who's who in Biology.
20 messages bionet.genomes.markers Molecular markers, microsatellites and AFLPs. (Moderated)
15 messages bionet.prof-society.aibs American Institute of Biological Sciences. (Moderated)
12 messages bionet.diagnostics Problems and techniques in all fields of diagnostics. (Moderated)
10 messages bionet.prof-society.afcr American Federation for Clinical Research. (Moderated)
2 messages bionet.neuroscience.amyloid Research on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders (Moderated)
0 messages bionet.molbio.molluscs Discussions about research on mollusc DNA. (Moderated)
0 messages bionet.structural-nmr Exploring the structure of macromolecules using NMR.