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1163606 messages can.politics Canadian politics.
202343 messages can.jobs Jobs in Canada.
133128 messages can.general Items of general interest to Canadians.
61991 messages can.taxes Discussion of how to pay or not pay taxes in Canada.
44467 messages can.talk.guns Flames about Canadian gun owners, non-owners, and laws.
39944 messages can.community.military Issues about military-community life.
39082 messages can.internet.highspeed-
32246 messages can.legal Canadian law and legal matters.
31589 messages can.francais About the Francophone population (in French).
28503 messages can.jobs.gov Government jobs in Canada (Moderated)
22335 messages can.talk.smoking Flames about/from Canadian smokers.
7381 messages can.military-brats By and about current and former dependents of the Canadian Military
7173 messages can.sun-stroke Sun Microsystems Users in Canada.
5952 messages can.motss Gay/lesbian/bi issues in Canada.
5775 messages can.ai Artificial intelligence in Canada.
5465 messages can.rec.boating Discussions on recreational boating
5025 messages can.uucp Canadian uucp problems.
4941 messages can.vlsi No description.
4132 messages can.test Testing USENET in Canada.
3068 messages can.rec.hunting-
2042 messages can.rec.fishing Discussions on Recreational Fishing
1948 messages can.scout-guide No description.
1605 messages can.canet.stats USENET statistics from major CA*Net NNTP sites.
1349 messages can.consumers Consumer interests, product reviews etc. in Canada.
849 messages can.english About the English-speaking population (in English).
689 messages can.aviation.misc General Aviation in Canada.
349 messages can.config Managing the Canadian can.* newsgroups.
335 messages can.com.misc Miscellaneous net commerce discussions in Canada.
278 messages can.arts.sf No description.
263 messages can.infohighway No description.
252 messages can.community.asian Discussions by/about/within the Asian-Canadian Community
251 messages can.travel.citc Canadian Travel Industry Forum.
211 messages can.aviation.rgs Air Cadet Gliding Program, news and views in Canada
198 messages can.domain CA-DOM discussion and announcements.
180 messages can.media.radio-
178 messages can.talk.bilingualism Flames about Canadian English or French, depending.
160 messages can.university.grad Graduate student issues in Canada
147 messages can.med.misc Medical issues in Canada.
135 messages can.shad-valley The Shad Valley program for gifted high school students.
105 messages can.newprod New products/services of interest to Canadian readers.
100 messages can.usrgroup Unix user group information in Canada.
97 messages can.com.ad-agencies Ad agency discussions in Canada.
69 messages can.infobahn No description.
66 messages can.org.misc Miscellaneous Canadian organizations.
44 messages can.org.cata Canadian Advanced Technology Association (high tech forum).
42 messages can.org.cusen Canadian Unified Student Environmental Network discussions
40 messages can.org.cips Canadian Information Processing Society.
2 messages can.uucp.maps Canadian UUCP maps are posted here. (Moderated)