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187049 messages chi.general General discussions, Chicago area, not forsale/wanted.
19927 messages chi.eats Group for discussion of Chicagoland restaurants.
18486 messages chi.forsale Chicago area forsale notices.
8954 messages chi.weather Chicago area weather.
8323 messages chi.jobs Jobs in the Chicago area.
7312 messages chi.internet Discussion of Net offerings in Chicagoland.
3379 messages chi.media Chicago-area radio, television and print media.
2901 messages chi.politics Political issues at all levels in and around Chicago
2449 messages chi.wanted Chicago area wanted notices.
1045 messages chi.personals Personal ads for the Chicago area.
1018 messages chi.test USENET testing in Chicago.
260 messages chi.places Group for announcements of Chicago area events.
149 messages chi.mail Discussion of Chicago area email issues.
49 messages chi.news.stats Chicago area USENET statistics.