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3538 messages chinese.talk.politics Political talks in Chinese
1929 messages chinese.flame For flaming in Chinese.
1204 messages chinese.test Testing in the chinese.* hierarchy.
707 messages chinese.talk.misc Miscellaneous talks in Chinese.
683 messages chinese.comp.software Discussion of Chinese softwares and Chinese computing.
316 messages chinese.newsgroups.discussion Discussions of new groups creation/deletion.
307 messages chinese.text.unicode for flaming in Chinese
264 messages chinese.rec.sports Sports activities and comments etc.
253 messages chinese.rec.misc Miscellaneous recreatonal discussion.
224 messages chinese.newsgroups.newusers Postings by new users.
219 messages chinese.rec.magazines.multiworld discussion on WWW magazine multiworld
64 messages chinese.newsgroups.answers FAQs etc of chinese.*. (Moderated)
13 messages chinese.newsgroups.announce Important announcements of chinese.* hierarchy. (Moderated)