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2169 messages eug.jobs Jobs offered and wanted in the Eugene, Oregon area.
1185 messages eug.forsale Stuff for sale in/near Eugene/Springfield, Oregon.
716 messages eug.arts.photography Professional and amateur photography in the Eugene area.
185 messages eug.test Eugene/Springfield (OR) local test messages.
76 messages eug.nwmusic.news Pacific Northwest music discussion/news.
74 messages eug.local.connectivity.politics Eugene/Springfield (OR) net politics.
72 messages eug.housing Discussion on housing and rentals in the Eugene, OR area.
46 messages eug.local.connectivity.tech Eugene/Springfield (OR) tech discussion.
35 messages eug.comp.sys.macintosh Macintosh computers and software in Eugene, Oregon.
24 messages eug.register.guard Discussion re Eugene Oregon's Register-Guard newspaper.
22 messages eug.config Eugene newsgroup configuration and administration
21 messages eug.bbs.excelsior Discussion of Excelsion BBS software.
14 messages eug.local.activists Paul Harrison's local activism list gateway.
5 messages eug.education.homeschooling Homeschooling in Eugene, Oregon. (Moderated)
0 messages eug.access.video Public access video in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon.