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55123 messages fj.soc.politics Discussion about politics.
47321 messages fj.os.plan9 Talk about plan9.
38633 messages fj.life.in-japan Topics on life of foreigners in Japan.
21109 messages fj.jokes Joke and humor.
18025 messages fj.news.lists.filters ?
14782 messages fj.soc.law Topics on Law and right.
11408 messages fj.test Testing all over fj. Very boring.
8978 messages fj.rec.animation Discussion about animated movies.
7953 messages fj.news.policy Discussions of fj newsgroup hierarchy itself.
7830 messages fj.rec.tokusatsu Topics of visual works with Special Effects.
6513 messages fj.rec.rail Discussion about railway & railroad.
6277 messages fj.news.usage Questions and discussions on how to work with the fj community.
6081 messages fj.os.beos Discussion about the Be operating system.
6045 messages fj.jokes.d Discussion about jokes.
5504 messages fj.rec.autos Automobiles, automotive products and laws.
3674 messages fj.misc Various discussions that there are no groups to match.
3541 messages fj.soc.misc Socially-oriented topics not covered elsewhere.
3500 messages fj.rec.sports.baseball Discussion about baseball.
3225 messages fj.sci.math Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
2837 messages fj.soc.smoking About smoking issues and manners.
2495 messages fj.chat-
2446 messages fj.comp.dev.digital-camera Discussion on the digital camera.
2433 messages fj.kanji Discussion about Kanji.
2344 messages fj.rec.photo Topics about cameras and photographs.
2321 messages fj.fleamarket.comp Fleamarket for computer hardware, software and etc.
2074 messages fj.news.lists News-related statistics and lists.
1985 messages fj.rec.motorcycles Topics on motorcycles.
1984 messages fj.fleamarket.books.comics Fleamarket of comics.
1976 messages fj.net.watch-
1816 messages fj.sci.physics Discussion on physics.
1665 messages fj.news.net-abuse Discussions about abuse of news and other network resources.
1593 messages fj.soc.economy Topics about economy and economic policies.
1417 messages fj.rec.movies Reviews and discussions of movies.
1318 messages fj.rec.comics The funnies, old and new.
1262 messages fj.life.religion Discussion on religion.
1235 messages fj.education About education in general.
1231 messages fj.mail-lists.fj-committee Messages sent to fj-committee mailing list. (Moderated)
1217 messages fj.sys.mac.os-x On Mac OS X.
1148 messages fj.sci.lang.japanese Discussion about Japanese language.
1148 messages fj.unix UNIX neophytes group.
1096 messages fj.news.style About discussion styles of Netnews posts.
1072 messages fj.rec.food Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes.
966 messages fj.rec.poems Topics about poems.
932 messages fj.sys.mac Discussion about the Apple Macintosh & Lisa.
925 messages fj.os.linux Discussion on Linux.
890 messages fj.os.ms-windows.xp-
889 messages fj.questions.misc Questions about miscellaneous subjects.
861 messages fj.rec.sf Discussion about science fiction.
853 messages fj.fleamarket.books Fleamarket for books, magazines, and etc.
838 messages fj.rec.av High fidelity audio and video components.
831 messages fj.sci.astro Discussion about stars, planets and comets.
758 messages fj.rec.sports.soccer About soccer (Association Football).
748 messages fj.soc.traffic.manners About traffic regulations and traffic manners.
731 messages fj.comp.lang.c Discussion about C.
729 messages fj.books Books of all genres, shapes, and sizes.
706 messages fj.rec.travel.world Traveling all over the world.
683 messages fj.sys.ibmpc Discussion about IBM Personal Computers and clones.
682 messages fj.life.health Discussion about health.
668 messages fj.mail-lists.election-
663 messages fj.news.group Discussions and lists of newsgroups.
642 messages fj.rec.rail.tickets Discussion on railway tickets and fare systems.
638 messages fj.archives.documents Repository for documents. (Moderated)
636 messages fj.rec.sf.startrek Discussion on startrek (in Japanese).
627 messages fj.comp.security Discussions about computer security.
626 messages fj.soc.war-and-peace Discussion about war and peace.
614 messages fj.rec.autos.sports About auto sports.
611 messages fj.rec.tv.drama Topics about TV drama.
597 messages fj.soc.traffic Socially-oriented topics on traffic & transportation.
583 messages fj.comp.input-method Computerized input method for natural language, etc.
575 messages fj.personal-ads.penpals Requests for penpals.
557 messages fj.wanted Requests for things that are needed.
555 messages fj.sci.medical Topics related to medical science.
550 messages fj.rec.tv Talk about Television and its shows.
528 messages fj.sci.bio Discussion on biology.
520 messages fj.mail Proposed new mail/network standards.
516 messages fj.comp.lang.java Discussion on Java Language.
513 messages fj.comp.lang.javascript Discussion about JavaScript.
496 messages fj.news.announce Announcements about fj Netnews. (Moderated)
489 messages fj.rec.travel.japan Traveling in Japan.
482 messages fj.news.group.misc About newsgroups of all other kinds.
471 messages fj.rec.rail.cars Discussion on railway cars and locomotives.
464 messages fj.fleamarket.misc Fleamarket for miscellaneous.
461 messages fj.rec.travel Traveling all over the world.
450 messages fj.rec.sports.sumo Discussion on sumo.
449 messages fj.os.bsd.freebsd Discussion about FreeBSD.
425 messages fj.sci.geo Discussion on earth and planetary sciences.
424 messages fj.unix.shells Discussion about shells and shell scripts.
423 messages fj.soc.history Discussion about history.
415 messages fj.news.adm.feed-check For testing by newsserver administrators.
391 messages fj.comp.arch Computer architecture.
387 messages fj.os.ms-windows.win2000 ?
384 messages fj.rec.music.classical Talk around classical music.
367 messages fj.sci.matter Discussion on science of matter.
365 messages fj.sci.philosophy Discussion about philosophy.
361 messages fj.comp.oldies Topics about old computers and softwares.
359 messages fj.net.providers Discussion on Network Service Providers.
353 messages fj.rec.games.video.characters Topics and discussions on game characters and character games.
348 messages fj.rec.games.mahjong Topics about mahjong.
340 messages fj.life.hometown.hokkaido About Hokkaido region.
325 messages fj.rec.drink.liquor Topics about Alcoholic beverages.
324 messages fj.news.misc Miscellaneous discussions of network news.
322 messages fj.1st-readme Guides of fj. No discussion. (Moderated)
322 messages fj.news.group.comp About newsgroups for discussions of computers.
318 messages fj.rec.radio Talk about Radio broadcasting and its programs.
316 messages fj.sci.lang Natural languages, communication, etc.
315 messages fj.editor.emacs EMACS editors of different flavors.
314 messages fj.net.phones.mobile Mobile phone.
310 messages fj.rec.travel.air Topics on air travel.
304 messages fj.comp.applications.excel Discussion on Excel.
299 messages fj.rec.tv.cm Information and discussions on TV commercials.
299 messages fj.soc.culture.chinese Chinese or china-related culture and related topics.
296 messages fj.1st-readme.discussion Discussion about documents for fj.1st-readme.
296 messages fj.life.hometown About domestic regions. Names, boasts, customs etc.
293 messages fj.comp.misc General topics about computers not covered elsewhere.
288 messages fj.editor.vi Discussion about vi editor.
280 messages fj.rec.music Discussion about music.
272 messages fj.fleamarket.comp.software Fleamarket for computer software.
272 messages fj.rec.spas Topics about spas.
270 messages fj.net.www.browsers About WWW browsing softwares.
270 messages fj.sys.sun Discussion about SUN workstation.
261 messages fj.rec.sports.golf About golf.
260 messages fj.soc.copyright Discussion about copyright.
259 messages fj.comp.lang.perl Discussion about perl language.
256 messages fj.soc.human-rights Discussion about human rights, bioethics and discrimination.
255 messages fj.living Discussions about various things in daily life.
255 messages fj.sources For the posting of software packages & documentation.
254 messages fj.engr.elec Electrical and electronic engineering.
254 messages fj.rec.games.video-
251 messages fj.sci.misc Discussions about sciences not covered elsewhere.
249 messages fj.education.math Discussions on mathematics education.
239 messages fj.rec.fishing Topics about fishing.
238 messages fj.mail.reader.outlookexpress Discussion about Microsoft OutlookExpress.
236 messages fj.life.school Topics on school life.
232 messages fj.mail.reader Discussion about mail readers.
230 messages fj.comp.texhax Discussion about TeXhax and delivery of mailing list.
227 messages fj.comp.dev.disk Discussion on Magnetic/Optical Disk.
227 messages fj.soc.media Social aspects of communication media and mass media.
225 messages fj.rec.bus Discussion about busses.
223 messages fj.announce-
222 messages fj.mail.system General topics about email systems.
220 messages fj.news.reader General topics about network news reader softwares.
219 messages fj.comp.applications.photoshop Discussion on Photoshop.
214 messages fj.rec.games.video.home.playstation Topics about PlayStation.
214 messages fj.sci.law Study and discussion of/on legal issues.
213 messages fj.rec.games.video.home.playstation2 ?
213 messages fj.rec.gardens Gardening, including potted plants and water plants.
212 messages fj.personal-ads.friends Requests for friends.
210 messages fj.news.group.rec About newsgroups for discussions of recreations.
209 messages fj.comp.dev.keyboard Discussion on Keyboard.
208 messages fj.personal-ads.misc Nonprofit personal advertisements.
206 messages fj.net.misc Discussions on networks in general.
201 messages fj.soc.environment Talks about natural environment and society.
199 messages fj.questions.internet Questions and answers about the Internet.
199 messages fj.rec.bicycles Topics on bicycles.
198 messages fj.os.ms-windows.win98 Discussion about the Windows 98 operating system.
194 messages fj.comp.applications.misc Discussion on miscellaneous computer software or software packages.
193 messages fj.rec.sports.scuba-diving About scuba-diving.
192 messages fj.rec.fine-arts Topics around fine-arts, which is visual arts.
189 messages fj.soc.education On public or political issues concerning education and school.
187 messages fj.questions.unix Questions especially about UNIX.
184 messages fj.news.group.net About newsgroups for discussions of networks.
182 messages fj.fleamarket.appliances Fleamarket for appliances.
180 messages fj.comp.programming Programming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
174 messages fj.comp.lang.misc Different computer languages not specifically listed.
171 messages fj.rec.seiyu Discussion about Voice Actor & Actress.
171 messages fj.sys.pc98 Discussion about NEC PC-9800 & other computers.
168 messages fj.net.www.authoring About WWW authoring techniques.
168 messages fj.news.adm Comments directed to news administrators.
168 messages fj.soc.men-women Fairness ,Right, etc. between women and men.
166 messages fj.comp.x11 About X window systems.
166 messages fj.rec.games.video.pc Discussion about video game for personal computer.
164 messages fj.rec.animation.oldies Topics about nostalgic animations.
163 messages fj.fleamarket.autos Fleamarket for automobiles, motorcycle and etc.
163 messages fj.net.phones Telephone network.
161 messages fj.rec.sports Topics about sports.
160 messages fj.comp.lang.visualbasic Discussion about Microsoft Visual Basic programming.
157 messages fj.comp.announce Announcements for computer-related topics/meetings.
157 messages fj.rec.rail.historical Discussion on railway in our memories.
154 messages fj.comp.lang.c++ Discussion about C++.
154 messages fj.net.www.servers About WWW serving softwares.
154 messages fj.rec.games Discussion about games.
153 messages fj.news.reader.gnus Discussion about GNUS.
153 messages fj.rec.aerospace About aviation. Airplane, airsports, etc.
152 messages fj.rec.music.j-pop Topics about Japanese popular music(J-pop).
151 messages fj.comp.lang.lisp Discussion about LISP.
149 messages fj.meetings Announce for conference, workshop, etc.
149 messages fj.rec.music.progressive Talk around Progressive rock.
147 messages fj.mail.friends Requests for e-mail friends.
145 messages fj.rec.games.pachinko Discussion about pachinko game.
143 messages fj.rec.sports.prowrestling About prowrestling.
142 messages fj.comp.dev.misc Discussion on miscellaneous computer device.
140 messages fj.sys.zaurus Discussion on zaurus palmtop computer.
139 messages fj.comp.databases Discussions about databases and data management.
139 messages fj.comp.music Topics about computers and music.
138 messages fj.comp.dev.printer Discussion on printers, plotters, etc.
138 messages fj.os.linux.networking Discussion about networking and communications under Linux.
138 messages fj.rec.drink Topics about various drinks.
138 messages fj.rec.sports.basketball About basketball.
135 messages fj.net.www Discussion about WWW(World Wide Web).
135 messages fj.soc.medical Social aspects of medical practice and science.
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