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5352 messages flora.mai-not No to Neo-classical economic globalization (moderated)
2477 messages flora.cfsc Citizens for Safe Cycling: General discussions (moderated)
1326 messages flora.opirg-events Read-only access to the opirg-events@ox.org list (moderated)
344 messages flora.admin.help Flora Community WEB: ip/volunteer helpdesk (Moderated)
220 messages flora.afo Auto-Free Ottawa: general discussion group (moderated)
92 messages flora.status FLORA.org Community WEB: Status of service (moderated)
75 messages flora.action-forum Local activists forum. (moderated)
67 messages flora.perc Peace and Environment Resource Center (moderated)
58 messages flora.comnet-www Technical discussions of client/server community networks (moderated)
54 messages flora.general-
23 messages flora.ovs.recipe-
12 messages flora.ask-doctor Ask a Doctor: Questions to medical problems answered (moderated)
8 messages flora.ovs-
7 messages flora.canvis-l-
6 messages flora.admin.design FLORA.org Community WEB: New services (moderated)
3 messages flora.test.automoderated TESTING of auto-moderated list (Moderated)
1 messages flora.announce FLORA.org Community WEB: Announcements (moderated)