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1115 messages iijnet.jobs Requests for jobs and employees that are needed.
508 messages iijnet.real-estate Information of Real-estate in important area in Japan.
304 messages iijnet.music Topics and discussions about music.
205 messages iijnet.forsale Short, tasteful postings about items for sale.
191 messages iijnet.travel Topics and discussions about traveling.
161 messages iijnet.mpu Discussions about Micro Processer Unit
66 messages iijnet.multimedia Discussions about Multimedia.
63 messages iijnet.announce Important annoucement from IIJ.
57 messages iijnet.games Topics and discussions about games.
57 messages iijnet.sports Topics about sports.
57 messages iijnet.wanted Requests for things that are needed.
55 messages iijnet.internet Discussions about Internet.
48 messages iijnet.food Topics and information about food, cooking, wine, etc.
45 messages iijnet.literature Discussions about Literature.
44 messages iijnet.diy Topics and discussions about Do-It-Yourself.
40 messages iijnet.arts Topics about arts, museum, etc.
39 messages iijnet.sci Discussions about Science.
33 messages iijnet.cm Commercial messages and advertisament.
31 messages iijnet.dcom.modem Discussion of Modems.
31 messages iijnet.netnews Discussions of netnews software, systems,etc.
31 messages iijnet.os.unix Discussions about UNIX.
27 messages iijnet.dcom.isdn Discussion of ISDN.
26 messages iijnet.med Discussions about Mediacal.
25 messages iijnet.dcom Discussions about Datacommunications.
23 messages iijnet.os Discussions about Operating systems.
22 messages iijnet.general General interest to readers in IIJnet.
21 messages iijnet.databases Discussions about Database systems and software.
21 messages iijnet.sys.ibm-pc Discussions about IBM Personal computers and clones.
20 messages iijnet.dcom.carrier Discussions about Carriers in Japan.
20 messages iijnet.mpu.sparc Discussion of SPARC-chip
19 messages iijnet.mail Discussions of mail software,standard,etc.
15 messages iijnet.chem Discussions about Chemistry
15 messages iijnet.event Information of events, showcase, semminers.
15 messages iijnet.os.msdos Discussions about MS-DOS.
14 messages iijnet.examination Information of qualifying examinations ant etc.in Japan.
14 messages iijnet.internauts Announcement, requests, etc. about people on internet.
10 messages iijnet.living Topics and discussions about various things in dairy life.
10 messages iijnet.mpu.i486 Discussion of Intel(80486)
10 messages iijnet.os.dosv Discussions about DOS/V.