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55099 messages japan.chat Miscellaneous discussions or talking.
40370 messages japan.jiji Talking about timely matters.
21902 messages japan.soc.transgender Topics on transgendered.
11250 messages japan.chacha-jokes Jokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
10246 messages japan.robamimi Topics not permittid to talk but wanted to talk to someone.
8223 messages japan.admin.abuse.lists Lists of abuse articles on netnews.
6842 messages japan.test Testing all over japan. Very boring.
4035 messages japan.comp.toshiba Topics on TOSHIBA PC.
3969 messages japan.anime.pretty About pretty animation.
3526 messages japan.chat.hneta Exciting conversation for men And women.
3406 messages japan.security.pgp Topics on Pretty Good Privacy(tm).
3230 messages japan.anime Talking about animations.
3056 messages japan.comp.emulators.misc About emulators in general.
2970 messages japan.manga Talking about manga.
2778 messages japan.anime.evangelion Talking about Evangelion.
2639 messages japan.guchi Grumbling or complains.
2330 messages japan.anime.gundam Topics on famous japanese robot animation GUNDAM.
2206 messages japan.yoso For thread, there is no newsgroup fit in.
2107 messages japan.sports.baseball.giants About Tokyo Yomiuri Giants.
2070 messages japan.happy Topics on what you feel happy.
1949 messages japan.chacha-jokes.hneta Erotic Jokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
1774 messages japan.lang.japanese Topics about Japanese language.
1550 messages japan.vote.lists Lists and other information of vote results.
1337 messages japan.photo.exhibition Topics on photographic exhibition.
1264 messages japan.idol.morning-musume Topics on idol group morning-musume.
1166 messages japan.ad.exhibition Advertisements of products, exhibit or exhibition.
1082 messages japan.videogames.nintendo Talk about all Nintendo video game systems and software.
1065 messages japan.dreams About dreams.
1042 messages japan.sports.baseball About baseball.
sports_1 baseball_2 997 messages japan.sports.baseball.tigers About Hanshin-Tigers.
968 messages japan.admin.feed-check Feed check for usenet administrator.
949 messages japan.photo.www Topics on photogpaths serverd on WWW.
918 messages japan.asia.china Topics on China.
889 messages japan.vote.votebox For vote without comments.
870 messages japan.vote.usage Usage of netnews vote system.
844 messages japan.music.jazz Topics on jazz music.
767 messages japan.ad.announce Newsgroup for announcement, regardless on commercial or not.
763 messages japan.manga.fss Talking about The Five Star Stories.
757 messages japan.videogames.playstation Topics on Sony PlayStation.
739 messages japan.sci.astro Discussion about stars, planets and comets.
705 messages japan.photo.camera About camera and parts.
684 messages japan.food About foods, drinks and eating.
580 messages japan.poem Enjoy poems.
569 messages japan.music.guitar Topics on the guitar.
566 messages japan.chat.oyabaka Topics for OYABAKA - the ludicrously doting parents.
554 messages japan.mail-friends Requests for mail friends.
542 messages japan.travel.abroad Topics on going abroad.
522 messages japan.admin.groups Discussions and Proposal about newgroup or rmgroup.
499 messages japan.ad.personal Personal advertise or exhibition and etc.
494 messages japan.sports.baseball.lions About Seibu-Lions.
484 messages japan.aisatsu About greetings (not on duty).
479 messages japan.rail Topics on railroad.
476 messages japan.music Topics on music.
music_1 467 messages japan.music.blues Topics on blueses.
434 messages japan.comp.sony Discussions on Sony computers such as VAIO.
425 messages japan.radio Talking about radio.
419 messages japan.videogames.pc-fx Talking about PC-FX.
418 messages japan.life.single Talking about single life.
406 messages japan.photo.book Topics on phographic magazines and books.
404 messages japan.life.health Discussions on health issues.
400 messages japan.netnews.groups-idea Talking about new/remove newsgroup's ideas of japan.*.
398 messages japan.ad.misc Various advertise that there are no groups to match japan.ad.*.
393 messages japan.admin.lists News-related statistics and lists.
392 messages japan.movies Talking about movies.
392 messages japan.music.classical Topics on classical music.
385 messages japan.admin.misc Various discussions that there are no groups to match japan.admin.*.
375 messages japan.music.hard-rock Topics on hard rock music.
368 messages japan.music.heavy-metal Topics on heavy metal music.
361 messages japan.music.uk-indie Topics on UK. Iindie music and etc.
360 messages japan.asia.korea Topics on North/South Korea.
356 messages japan.environment.nature-watch Talking about Nature Watching.
353 messages japan.videogames About video games.
347 messages japan.internet.personal Topics on personal Internet connection.
340 messages japan.sumo Talk about SUMO.
338 messages japan.admin.abuse Discussions about spam or abuse of newspost.
338 messages japan.books Topics on books and magazine.
336 messages japan.autos.imported-car Talks about imported car.
335 messages japan.karaoke Talking about KARAOKE.
330 messages japan.radio.bcl Let's talk about BCL.
329 messages japan.radio.cf Topics on community frequency.
326 messages japan.cooking Topics on cooking.
326 messages japan.videogames.h Let's talk about erotic videogames.
325 messages japan.sci.space Talking about space.
317 messages japan.music.techno Talking about techno music.
317 messages japan.netnews.usage Topics about usage of the japan.* newsgroups.
311 messages japan.budo.judo Topics on Judo.
305 messages japan.music.house Topics on house music.
305 messages japan.sci.misc Topics on natural science.
303 messages japan.lang.english.communication Topics on English comminications.
303 messages japan.videogames.finalfantasy Let's play Final Fantasy.
299 messages japan.ad.products Advertises for products, services or new-releases.
299 messages japan.life Talking about our life.
295 messages japan.sci.math Topics on mathematics.
287 messages japan.music.punk Talking about punk music.
287 messages japan.sports.scubadiving Talking about Scuba Diving.
282 messages japan.audio Newsgroup for Audio.
281 messages japan.actress Topics on actress.
280 messages japan.life.kekkon Topics on marriage.
279 messages japan.travel.domestic Topics on going domestic.
277 messages japan.tv Talking about Televison.
275 messages japan.music.alternative Talking about alternative music.
271 messages japan.photo.technique About photography.
268 messages japan.music.newage Talking about new age music.
267 messages japan.idol Topics on Idol.
266 messages japan.animal.cat Topics on cat.
266 messages japan.idol.male Topics on male idols.
264 messages japan.mania.misc Talk about miscellaneous maniac topics.
264 messages japan.sports.football.association Topics, discussion and information of association football.
258 messages japan.comp.mp3 MPEG Audio Layer 3, a standard for digital audio coding.
257 messages japan.sports.golf Talk about golf.
252 messages japan.music.komuro Topics on Tetsuya-Komuro or his family or TMN.
249 messages japan.haiku-waka Enjoy@Haiku and Waka.
248 messages japan.netgames.shiritori Shiritori on netnews.
246 messages japan.music.oldies.1950-1969 Talking about American/European pops and easy listening music.
245 messages japan.fishing Topics about fishing.
242 messages japan.sports.baseball.bluewave About Orix-bluewave.
241 messages japan.life.abroad.europe About Japanese who living in Europe.
240 messages japan.ham-radio Topics about ham radio.
235 messages japan.admin.announce Information about control messages and etc, for postmasters.
234 messages japan.netnews Topics on Net-News.
233 messages japan.soramimi Delightful talking that was owing to mishearing.
232 messages japan.sports.baseball.hawks About Fukuoka-Daiei-Hawks.
231 messages japan.sports.baseball.dragons Topics on Chunichi-Dragons.
224 messages japan.comp About computers in general.
223 messages japan.internet.phone Talking about CoolTalk, NetMeeting, iphone and etc.
223 messages japan.music.compose Talking about music compose.
222 messages japan.tokusatsu Talk about SFX, "tokusatsu"(Japanese SFX) in particular.
220 messages japan.chat.mukashi-banashi Story of ld good daies, begines with now a daies youth.
220 messages japan.fusigi Topics on a wonder things.
220 messages japan.life.health.atopy Topics on atopic dermatitis.
218 messages japan.sigoto.kyu-jin For a situration vacant ad.
217 messages japan.music.black Topics on black music.
212 messages japan.bbs Talking about bbs.
212 messages japan.handmade.photo About handmade of photograph and so son.
211 messages japan.town.sapporo Talk about Local topics on Sapporo area.
210 messages japan.chat.military Chat on military. Sometimes silly.
210 messages japan.music.fusion Topics on fusion.
208 messages japan.animal.dog Topics about dogs and life with them.
208 messages japan.games.go Topics on IGO game.
208 messages japan.original.essay For posting your original essay.
208 messages japan.sake Topics on liquor.
207 messages japan.sports.baseball.buffaloes About Kintetsu-Buffaloes.
207 messages japan.sports.baseball.carp About Hiroshima-Toyo-Carp.
206 messages japan.rail.travel About travel by train in Japan.
206 messages japan.sukisuki.seifuku Expressing one's love to uniforms and people wearing them.
202 messages japan.comp.windows2000 Topics on Microsoft Windows 2000.
201 messages japan.town Let's talk about home town.
200 messages japan.internet.providers Topics on internet providers.
199 messages japan.autos.bike Topics on motorcycles.
197 messages japan.bbs.asciinet Topics on virtual ASCIInet.
197 messages japan.sports.prowrestling About prowrestling.
197 messages japan.www.design Topics on homepage design, how to make et al.
196 messages japan.sports.baseball.baystars About Yokohama-Baystars.
194 messages japan.videogames.ibm-pc Topics on videogames on IBM-PC and clones.
193 messages japan.www.browser.lynx About text WWW browser lynx.
191 messages japan.fan.announcer.women Topics about woman announcer.
190 messages japan.bbs.nifty-serve Discussions about Nifty-Serve.
190 messages japan.tv.satellite Topic on satellite television.
190 messages japan.zange Confession or repentance of one's life.
189 messages japan.town.osaka Talk about Local topics on Osaka area.
188 messages japan.gardening Topics about gardening.
187 messages japan.sports.ski Topics on Skiing.
186 messages japan.movies.bladerunner Talking about Bladerunner.
186 messages japan.netnews.reader.outlook-express Topics on Microsoft Outlook Express.
185 messages japan.netnews.reader.others Topics on other netnews readers.
184 messages japan.sports.baseball.fighters About Nipponham-fighters.
183 messages japan.internet.future Discussion about futures Netnews, WWW or Internet.
179 messages japan.rail.steam-locomotive About steam locomotive.
179 messages japan.sf.phil-k-dick Talking about Philip-K-Dick.
179 messages japan.tv.midnight Talking about midnight TV programs.
178 messages japan.sukisuki.meganekko Talking about girls who put on spectacles.
177 messages japan.pokemon Theme of pokemon.
176 messages japan.club.clubasia Let's talk about Club-Asia Maruyama-cho Shibuya Japan.
176 messages japan.music.world Talking about the music in the world.
173 messages japan.animal Topics about whole animal.
173 messages japan.sports.bicycles Topics on cycle-sports.
172 messages japan.idol.max Topics on 4 women idol singers MAX.
171 messages japan.admin.policy Discussions and Proposal about japan's policy.
171 messages japan.dreams.lucid Topics about dream or lucid dream.
171 messages japan.lang.latina Latine colloquamur. de lingua latina disputemus.
171 messages japan.mail.reader Topics on mail user agent (mail reader).
171 messages japan.tv.cm Topics on televison CM.
170 messages japan.autos.enthu Topics about enthu autos or peoples.
170 messages japan.fan.netnews-people Let's make friendship with netnews people.
170 messages japan.videogames.win95 Topics on games for the Windows95.
169 messages japan.sports.baseball.marines About CHiba-Lotte-Marines.
169 messages japan.sukisuki.yurikko Talk about fictional 'Yuri'.
168 messages japan.asia.nippon.koushitsu Discussion about the Imperial family in Japan.
168 messages japan.tv.satellite.overseas Topic on Sat TV without domestic services.
168 messages japan.videogames.gals Lets's talk about girl motif video games.
167 messages japan.food.softdrink Topics on soft drinks.
167 messages japan.gakkou.highschool Topics on high school life.
167 messages japan.sports.marine Information and discussion about marine sports.
166 messages japan.games.slot-machine This newsgroup is about slot-machines.
166 messages japan.sigoto.d Topics on getting a jobs.
165 messages japan.handmade.electronics About handmade electronics.
165 messages japan.videogames.saturn Saturn and Saturn software.
164 messages japan.comp.mobile About mobile computers and computing.
164 messages japan.environment Thinking about the environment.
164 messages japan.music.comic-band Topics on comic bands.
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