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3159 messages mensa.sigs.giftedchildren A forum for parents, teachers, and children. (Moderated)
31 messages mensa.us.events American Mensa events. (Moderated)
23 messages mensa.uk.events British Mensa events. (Moderated)
12 messages mensa.uk.announce British Mensa announcements. (Moderated)
9 messages mensa.de.announce German Mensa announcements. (Moderated)
8 messages mensa.config Mensa newsgroups config and policy discussions. (Moderated)
7 messages mensa.de.events German Mensa events. (Moderated)
5 messages mensa.us.announce American Mensa announcements. (Moderated)
4 messages mensa.au.events Australian Mensa events. (Moderated)
1 messages mensa.au.announce Australian Mensa announcements. (Moderated)
1 messages mensa.talk.misc General Mensa discussion. (Moderated)