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6210 messages mex.rec.chistes Jokes and humour.
1059 messages mex.politica Mexican politics.
410 messages mex.noticias.disc Discussion about the news reported in mex.noticias.
330 messages mex.general Messages of a general nature.
general_1 303 messages mex.general.anuncios All types of announcements.
267 messages mex.comp Computer related issues.
236 messages mex.tradiciones.cocina Mexican cooking.
223 messages mex.turismo Tourism related info.
186 messages mex.artes.musica Mexican music.
174 messages mex.noticias News and only news.
143 messages mex.ciencia Science and technology related topics.
141 messages mex.deportes Sports.
135 messages mex.joven Youth issues.
126 messages mex.artes Mexican arts, music, etc.
113 messages mex.general.charla An irc-like newsgroup.
101 messages mex.edu Issues about education.
97 messages mex.empresarial Entrepreneurs and private sector.
83 messages mex.rec Recreation and entertainment.
82 messages mex.indigena Topics about indigenous people.
75 messages mex.tradiciones Mexican traditions and folklore.
63 messages mex.productividad Productivity issues on all walks of life.
32 messages mex.red Discussions about the net and new groups in Mexico.