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234 messages okinawa.os.linux Discussion about linux.
168 messages okinawa.rec.travel Discussion about traveling.
160 messages okinawa.test Testing all over okinawa.
134 messages okinawa.mail-lists.nirai-kanai Gateway for nirai-kanai mailing list.
132 messages okinawa.misc dIscussions that match no other groups.
87 messages okinawa.chat Chat (we Okinawan say it "YUNTAKU").
68 messages okinawa.rec.music Discussion about music.
68 messages okinawa.sports.misc Talk about sports.
63 messages okinawa.networks.bbs Talk about BBSs in Okinawa.
57 messages okinawa.books Talk about books and bookstores.
55 messages okinawa.rec.games Discussion about games.
51 messages okinawa.life.misc Talk about restaurants, shortcuts, sell & buy.
48 messages okinawa.food.misc Talk about foods.
43 messages okinawa.soc.misc Discussion of Okinawa society.
42 messages okinawa.rec.misc Discussion about recreational topics.
39 messages okinawa.general Topics concerned with all members who read okinawa.*.
39 messages okinawa.networks Talk about networks.
networks_1 39 messages okinawa.networks.isdn Talk about ISDNs in Okinawa.
29 messages okinawa.networks.uucp Talk about UUCPs in Okinawa.
28 messages okinawa.news.lists Statistical information about this newsgroup.
27 messages okinawa.comp.misc General topics about computers not covered elsewhere.
26 messages okinawa.news.usage How to use the newsgroup okinawa.*.
23 messages okinawa.sources.d For any discussion of source postings.
22 messages okinawa.sys.misc Various discussions about any computers.
21 messages okinawa.news.groups Discussions and lists of newsgroups of okinawa.*.
20 messages okinawa.os.misc About operating systems not covered elsewhere.
17 messages okinawa.sys.ibmpc Discussion about IBM-PC and it's clone.
15 messages okinawa.events Entertainments, meetings, and other events.
15 messages okinawa.recycle For sale, requests for need and give.
13 messages okinawa.comp.editors Talk about editors like vi, emacs.
12 messages okinawa.sys.amiga Discussion about AMIGA.
11 messages okinawa.os.unix Discussion about UNIX.
10 messages okinawa.sources For the posting of software packages and documentation.
9 messages okinawa.sys.sun Discussion about SUN workstation.
7 messages okinawa.sys.mac Discussion about Macintosh.
7 messages okinawa.sys.next Discussion about NeXT.