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167685 messages pdaxs.services.children Child care.
14142 messages pdaxs.jobs.computers Computer sales, support, programming.
5315 messages pdaxs.religion.christian Christian religion and activities.
3324 messages pdaxs.ads.jewelry Flaunt it if you've got it.
1763 messages pdaxs.jobs.misc What you'll do is hard to describe.
1300 messages pdaxs.services.massage Feeling a little stiff?
1057 messages pdaxs.ads.antiques Antiques for sale and stores that sell them
661 messages pdaxs.issues.democrats Democratic Party & their stands on issues.
518 messages pdaxs.ads.real_estate Real estate that doesn't fit somewhere else.
488 messages pdaxs.jobs.sales The second-oldest profession. The first, really.
437 messages pdaxs.religion.jewish Jewish religion and activities.
392 messages pdaxs.calendar.business Business-related events in Portland.
378 messages pdaxs.jobs.clerical File clerks, administrative assistants.
356 messages pdaxs.ads.sales Garage sales, auctions, liquidation sales, etc.
328 messages pdaxs.ads.personals Personally, I think you sound cute.
322 messages pdaxs.issues.republicans Republican Party & their stands on issues.
319 messages pdaxs.services.electrical Things that go bzzzztt in the night.
291 messages pdaxs.jobs.engineering That's a software problem. .
273 messages pdaxs.ads.misc What the heck is it? Sell it here.
238 messages pdaxs.ads.furniture Places to sit and stores that sell it.
227 messages pdaxs.jobs.resumes We'll help you look really good on paper.
223 messages pdaxs.jobs.construction We can rebuild it. Or build it.
221 messages pdaxs.jobs.management Management positions or trainee positions.
210 messages pdaxs.services.appliance Get that toaster fixed.
207 messages pdaxs.jobs.retail Clothing, hardware, bookstores, electronics.
201 messages pdaxs.jobs.temporary Temporary work of all kinds.
197 messages pdaxs.jobs.restaurants Waitpersons, cooks, bartenders, buspersons.
196 messages pdaxs.ads.homes.sw Homes for sale in SouthWest Portland.
194 messages pdaxs.ads.books Books for sale or wanted & stores that sell them.
191 messages pdaxs.jobs.delivery Delivery jobs of all sorts.
191 messages pdaxs.jobs.wanted Will work for food. And a car. And a trip. And .
190 messages pdaxs.ads.cars.audio Car stereo & security systems.
187 messages pdaxs.jobs.domestic Help with the home.
184 messages pdaxs.ads.clothing Clothing for sale.
181 messages pdaxs.jobs.secretary Secretarial jobs.
178 messages pdaxs.ads.audio_video Audio & Video equipment.
175 messages pdaxs.ads.boats Boats, yachts, & dinghies for sale.
172 messages pdaxs.ads.cars Cars for sale or wanted.
170 messages pdaxs.jobs.volunteers We need people to help us do .
157 messages pdaxs.ads.hotels Hotels, motels, inns, & bed and breakfasts.
150 messages pdaxs.sports.golf Speak softly and carry a big stick.
139 messages pdaxs.services.roofing Raindrops keep falling on my head.
137 messages pdaxs.ads.apartments Apartments for rent or people that want them.
134 messages pdaxs.ads.homes.ne Homes for sale in NorthEast Portland.
134 messages pdaxs.religion.newage New Age religions and activities.
133 messages pdaxs.games.chess OK, I'm Fischer and you can be Spassky .
131 messages pdaxs.ads.homes.n Homes for sale in North Portland.
128 messages pdaxs.religion.misc Who'd we leave out?
128 messages pdaxs.religion.moslem Moslem religion and activities.
122 messages pdaxs.ads.homes.se Homes for sale in SouthEast Portland.
122 messages pdaxs.sports.baseball American's pastime in the Rose City.
118 messages pdaxs.ads.homes.nw Homes for sale in NorthWest Portland.
118 messages pdaxs.services.financial Got some money? We'll spend it for you.
116 messages pdaxs.ads.music Music stores, places to hear music, instruments.
115 messages pdaxs.ads.movies Theaters, posters, sneak previews.
113 messages pdaxs.sports.football NFL, semi-pro, and high school.
111 messages pdaxs.ads.cars.service People who work on cars.
110 messages pdaxs.ads.computers Computers, software, and accessories for sale.
109 messages pdaxs.ads.cars.misc Car stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.
109 messages pdaxs.services.fitness Personal trainers and other hard bodies.
108 messages pdaxs.schools.fitness Ve vill pump you up! .
96 messages pdaxs.sports.basketball Blazers, Pilots, and other hoops.
94 messages pdaxs.ads.cars.rv Recreational vehicles for sale or rent.
91 messages pdaxs.ads.wanted Have a framistan you're not using? I want it.
90 messages pdaxs.schools.acting Is that a smile on your face or are you crying?
89 messages pdaxs.services.computers Get yours fixed or learn how to use it.
88 messages pdaxs.ads.sports Sporting goods and activities.
87 messages pdaxs.schools.sports How to play golf, tennis,.
87 messages pdaxs.services.photo Photographers and videotapers.
81 messages pdaxs.games.misc Everything else except headgames (see counseling).
78 messages pdaxs.arts.music Talk about local musicians and foodstamps.
78 messages pdaxs.schools.music Musical lessons.
78 messages pdaxs.services.legal Incorporation, bankruptcy, divorce, etc.
77 messages pdaxs.ads.restaurants Good places to eat and what you can eat there.
76 messages pdaxs.ads.appliances Appliances for sale and stores that sell them.
76 messages pdaxs.schools.cooking If you make it, you have to eat it.
76 messages pdaxs.services.carpentry Tired of hitting your thumb with the hammer?
76 messages pdaxs.services.insurance Fire, auto, life, etc.
75 messages pdaxs.games.rpg Role-playing games, where to buy them, who to play with.
74 messages pdaxs.games.board Not bored, board. Like checkers, chinese checkers .
73 messages pdaxs.services.painting Tired of a blue house? Try ochre!
68 messages pdaxs.sports.rotisserie Those that can, do. Those that can't .
67 messages pdaxs.ads.food Cook's equipment, groceries, cooperatives, etc.
64 messages pdaxs.services.landscaping Your lawn needs some help.
64 messages pdaxs.services.music Learn to play the tuba!
63 messages pdaxs.ads.office Office space for rent or for lease.
63 messages pdaxs.schools.dance Up on those toes! Now do the funky chicken.
62 messages pdaxs.ads.printing Desktop publishing, printing, binding.
61 messages pdaxs.ads.fencing No description.
61 messages pdaxs.services.accounting Accounting, bookkeeping, tax advice.
61 messages pdaxs.services.gardening Watering, pruning, nurturing.
60 messages pdaxs.ads.notices We have to tell you that .
60 messages pdaxs.schools.misc What we teach is hard to describe .
60 messages pdaxs.services.cleaning Is it that time of year again?
58 messages pdaxs.calendar.music Who's playing where and when.
57 messages pdaxs.services.misc What we do is hard to describe .
56 messages pdaxs.ads.tickets Concert tickets, plane tickets, traffic tickets. Oops.
55 messages pdaxs.ads.tools Tools for cutting wood, bending metal, drilling holes.
55 messages pdaxs.schools.martial Karate, Tae Kwon Du, Ben Wa, Kung Fu.
53 messages pdaxs.ads.lostrfound Items or animals lost or found.
53 messages pdaxs.services.consulting We empty wallets quickly & efficiently.
52 messages pdaxs.games.bridge Who's the dummy now?
52 messages pdaxs.schools.kids Languages, camps, and private schools.
49 messages pdaxs.arts.museums What's that hanging on the wall?
47 messages pdaxs.arts.print Books, newspapers, magazines in Portland.
47 messages pdaxs.services.moving Tired of the same place?
42 messages pdaxs.issues.education Educational issues - college, high school, etc.
42 messages pdaxs.services.security Security systems for sale.
41 messages pdaxs.services.pets Why is Rover green?
39 messages pdaxs.calendar.computers Computer-related events of interest.
39 messages pdaxs.services.counseling Why are you the way you are?
37 messages pdaxs.arts.radio Why isn't there a decent station in town?
37 messages pdaxs.services.storage Can't bear to throw it away?
35 messages pdaxs.services.graphics Pictures and images to order.
35 messages pdaxs.services.int_design Interior design.
34 messages pdaxs.issues.portland What's really wrong with this town is .
31 messages pdaxs.arts.tv Cable, local shows, Kathy Smith's hair color.
28 messages pdaxs.services.wordproc Papers and novels done dirt cheap.
27 messages pdaxs.calendar.misc Other stuff.
26 messages pdaxs.arts.auditions Tryouts for plays, dance companies, movies, bands.
20 messages pdaxs.calendar.art Exhibits, showings, and other art events.
16 messages pdaxs.calendar.volunteers We need people to show up for .