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16862 messages pgh.opinion Where to post them if you got them.
11252 messages pgh.forsale Items for sale in greater Pittsburgh area.
8657 messages pgh.jobs.offered Employment available in the greater Pittsburgh area (Moderated)
7002 messages pgh.general Items of general interest in Pittsburgh.
3083 messages pgh.food Food in Pittsburgh.
2564 messages pgh.apartments Rental housing in the greater Pittsburgh area.
1771 messages pgh.freenet Three Rivers Free-Net public access network.
569 messages pgh.singles Pittsburgh singles network
294 messages pgh.jobs.wanted Employment desired in the greater Pittsburgh area
285 messages pgh.test Testing in Pittsburgh.
90 messages pgh.motss Lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in Pittsburg.
40 messages pgh.config USENET configuration in Pittsburgh.
37 messages pgh.org.cnbc Notices for the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.
36 messages pgh.org.uccp The University Chinese Club of Pittsburgh.
29 messages pgh.cpsr Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Pitt.
26 messages pgh.org.sca Pgh chapter, Society for Creative Anachronism.
21 messages pgh.next-users NeXT Users in Pittsburgh.