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306239 messages relcom.wheels Anything concerning auto/moto transport and sport.
305645 messages relcom.politics Political discussions.
256899 messages relcom.hot-news About important events in politics and social life.
63392 messages relcom.humor Ha-ha-ha. Jokes, you know them, funny.
41796 messages relcom.commerce.metals Metals and metal products.
39361 messages relcom.commerce.machinery Machinery, plant equipment.
32429 messages relcom.fido.flirt FIDOnet, just talking of love.
20903 messages relcom.netnews.big General BIG articles.
17902 messages relcom.commerce.construction Construction materials and equipment.
15382 messages relcom.commerce.transport Vehicles and spare parts.
14072 messages relcom.video Video equipment, non-commercial.
12901 messages relcom.commerce.other Miscelannia.
12711 messages relcom.commerce.chemical Chemical production.
12067 messages relcom.commerce.communications Communications facilities, data transmission channels.
12036 messages relcom.commerce.money Credits, deposits, currency.
11463 messages relcom.sci.philosophy Philosophic discussions and related projects.
10726 messages relcom.commerce.raw-materials Raw materials and semifinished items.
10265 messages relcom.comp.os.windows.nt FIDOnet area, Windows NT operating system.
9136 messages relcom.commerce.medicine Medical services, equipment, drugs.
9077 messages relcom.commerce.food Food.
8876 messages relcom.test "Wow, does it really work?".
8428 messages relcom.religion Discussions on religions and related topics.
8058 messages relcom.commerce.energy Gas, coal, oil, fuel, generators, etc.
7119 messages relcom.talk Unfettered talk.
6292 messages relcom.games.pbem Play by E-Mail games.
6288 messages relcom.astrology-
6270 messages relcom.commerce.household All for house - furniture, freezers, ovens, etc.
5884 messages relcom.commerce.tradeserv Services providing commercial activities.
5422 messages relcom.commerce.estate Real estate.
5394 messages relcom.comp.dbms.oracle Oracle database discussions.
4990 messages relcom.commerce.reckoning Barter, offsets, commodity credits, insolvency.
4968 messages relcom.archives.d Discussions on file servers, archives.
4599 messages relcom.skeptik-
4140 messages relcom.commerce.consume Cosmetics, parfumes, dresses, shoes.
3916 messages relcom.games Discussion of computer, deck and other games.
3619 messages relcom.commerce.audio-video Audio & video equipment.
3505 messages relcom.arts.qwerty Literary arts of small forms (less then 10 Kbytes).
3302 messages relcom.commerce.tour Tourism, leisure and entertainment opportunities.
2864 messages relcom.commerce.computers Computer hardware.
2757 messages relcom.commerce.jobs Jobs offered/wantedy.
2714 messages relcom.auto All about car driving and maintenance.
2664 messages relcom.commerce.food.sweet Sweeties, sugar.
2537 messages relcom.commerce.publishing Books, publishing services.
2530 messages relcom.commerce.software Software.
2397 messages relcom.commerce.food.drinks Spirits and soft drinks.
2379 messages relcom.commerce.infoserv Information services.
2072 messages relcom.newusers Q&A of new Relcom users.
1949 messages relcom.commerce.talk Discussions about commercial groups.
1827 messages relcom.commerce.orgtech Office equipment.
1809 messages relcom.commerce.ctrlsystems Control and data gathering systems.
1737 messages relcom.ads Non-commercial ads.
1714 messages relcom.commerce.tobacco Cigarettes and tobacco.
1707 messages relcom.archives Messages about new items on archive sites.
1581 messages relcom.commerce.stocks Stocks and bonds.
942 messages relcom.music Music lovers.
852 messages relcom.currency Exchange rates in CIS countries.
757 messages relcom.accounting Everything about book-keeping.
731 messages relcom.cinema General discussions about movies.
721 messages relcom.commerce.software.demo Demo versions of commercial software.
698 messages relcom.ecology Ecological discussions. (Moderated)
647 messages relcom.penpals To find friends, colleagues, etc.
438 messages relcom.comp.virus Computer viruses.
391 messages relcom.arts.photo.img Original (not reprinted) photo pictures and discussions.
354 messages relcom.humor.lus Moderated humor and jokes. (Moderated)
337 messages relcom.comp.dbms.vista db_Vista discussions. (Moderated)
330 messages relcom.banktech Discussions on banking technologies.
303 messages relcom.railways All about railroading and rail transport.
295 messages relcom.radio Radioelectronics, non-commercial.
262 messages relcom.postmasters.d Discussion of postmaster's troubles and bright ideas.
245 messages relcom.education Education discussions, from pre-school to higher. (Moderated)
232 messages relcom.cinema.soap For "soap operas" fans and haters.
219 messages relcom.comp.os.windows FIDOnet area, MS-Windows operating system.
211 messages relcom.comp.animation Discussions on computer animation programs.
199 messages relcom.expo Exhibitions and fairs announcements and reviews.
172 messages relcom.comp.os.vms VMS operating system.
171 messages relcom.fido.ru.linux FIDOnet, OS Linux.
167 messages relcom.arts.magick Discussing Magick and related subjects.
164 messages relcom.netnews Information about new network capabilities and services.
155 messages relcom.arts.epic Literary arts of epical kind (more then 10 Kbytes).
141 messages relcom.fido.ru.photo FIDOnet, photography and related topics.
132 messages relcom.medicine.blood-service Questions and problems of the Russian Blood Service.
131 messages relcom.consumers Consumer info on products and services. No ads.
125 messages relcom.comp.dbms.foxpro FoxPro database development system.
124 messages relcom.comp.ai Theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence.
122 messages relcom.comp.security Computer data security discussions.
113 messages relcom.culture.ministry General management of culture. (Moderated)
113 messages relcom.games.big Files concerning to computer games.
111 messages relcom.arts.obec.pactet FIDOnet area, literary arts, humor creation.
111 messages relcom.talk.sport Questions and discussions on sport.
106 messages relcom.fantasy All what applies to Fantasy.
100 messages relcom.technology All about modern technologies and manufacturing.
94 messages relcom.fido.ru.modem Inter-network discussion on modems.
94 messages relcom.kids About kids.
91 messages relcom.comp.software-eng Inter-network, software engineering.
90 messages relcom.www.users WWW usage, announces of new services.
85 messages relcom.fido.su.books FIDOnet, for book readers and lovers.
84 messages relcom.rec.tourism Hiking, sport tourism discussions.
78 messages relcom.postmasters For RELCOM postmasters, official. (Moderated)
77 messages relcom.fido.ru.networks Inter-network discussion of global nets.
76 messages relcom.advertising.theory Theory of advertisement and Public Relations. (Moderated)
75 messages relcom.child.special Problems of children with special needs. (Moderated)
75 messages relcom.commerce.mega.tech "Mega Pro et Contra" bulletin, other equipment. (Moderated)
74 messages relcom.commerce.mega.comp "Mega Pro et Contra" bulletin, computer hardware. (Moderated)
72 messages relcom.culture.underground Culture, arts, ideology of the underground.
70 messages relcom.triz Theory of solving inventors' problems. (Moderated)
68 messages relcom.comp.os.windows.prog FIDOnet area, programming under MS-Windows.
65 messages relcom.glb Life of sexual minorities.
64 messages relcom.comp.clarion CLARION database management system.
61 messages relcom.msdos MS-DOS software.
60 messages relcom.fido.ru.military Inter-network, army and it's history.
60 messages relcom.radio.diagrams Diagrams and pictures for articles in relcom.radio.
60 messages relcom.rec.flirt Just a flirt, without sex ads.
58 messages relcom.fido.adinf.support FIDOnet, antivirii by DialogueScience. (Moderated)
57 messages relcom.comp.dbms.clipper Clipper database development system.
56 messages relcom.fido.ru.acad FIDOnet, AutoCAD, problems and solutions.
55 messages relcom.comp.gis Geographical information systems.
55 messages relcom.maps Relcom maps.
54 messages relcom.comp.os.unix All about *NIX systems.
53 messages relcom.rec.puzzles Puzzles, interesting problems, logical games.
51 messages relcom.comp.crosstools Inter-network, cross-tools for embedded systems. Single-chip computers.
51 messages relcom.soc.genealogy-
48 messages relcom.fido.ru.java FIDOnet, Java language.
48 messages relcom.fido.su.astronomy FIDOnet, problems of astronomy, without astrology.
48 messages relcom.rec.puzzles.aux Auxiliary materials for relcom.rec.puzzles.
48 messages relcom.x X Windows discussion.
47 messages relcom.comp.lang.c-c++ C and C++ programming languages.
47 messages relcom.comp.lang.perl Perl programming language.
47 messages relcom.fido.ru.baby FIDOnet, all about children.
46 messages relcom.fido.ru.yachting FIDOnet, everything about yachts and cutters.
46 messages relcom.fido.su.hardw FIDOnet, computer hardware.
43 messages relcom.comp.law Political and legal aspects of computers.
43 messages relcom.fido.ru.rsbank FIDOnet, discussion on "RS-Bank" software.
43 messages relcom.fido.ru.znatok FIDOnet, intellectual games "question-answer".
42 messages relcom.comp.lang.basic FIDOnet area, BASIC programming language.
42 messages relcom.culture.ministry.library About libraries. (Moderated)
42 messages relcom.fido.ru.thelema FIDOnet, about ceremonial magic and yogi.
42 messages relcom.fido.su.general FIDOnet, about everything except computers and commerce.
40 messages relcom.comp.speccy Discussions related to Spectrum compatible computers.
40 messages relcom.fido.ru.fax FIDOnet, discussions on faxes.
40 messages relcom.lan.prog FIDOnet, programming for networks.
39 messages relcom.culture.ministry.art About theatres, music and painting. (Moderated)
39 messages relcom.fido.ru.unix.bsd Inter-network, BSD-like Unices.
38 messages relcom.comp.lang.pascal Using of Pascal programming language.
38 messages relcom.fido.ru.notes FIDOnet, about Lotus Notes.
37 messages relcom.www.support Computer support of WWW services, for professionals.
36 messages relcom.extro All extraordinary (UFO, paranormal activity, cryptozoology etc.).
36 messages relcom.fido.su.c-c++ FIDOnet, C & C++ language.
35 messages relcom.comp.lang.pascal.misc Sources and materials, Pascal-kind languages.
35 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.comm Communications and network under OS/2.
35 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.drv Device drivers for OS/2.
35 messages relcom.comp.sources.misc Software sources.
35 messages relcom.fido.ru.strack FIDOnet, digitized sound.
35 messages relcom.fido.su.dbms.borland FIDOnet, about DBMS by Borland.
34 messages relcom.culture.ministry.region Information of regions and federal organisations. (Moderated)
34 messages relcom.fido.su.dbms.sql FIDOnet, SQL language and servers.
34 messages relcom.fido.su.tolkien FIDOnet, creations of J.R.R Tolkien. (Moderated)
33 messages relcom.sci.physics-
32 messages relcom.comp.dbms.powerbuilder PowerBuilder database development system.
32 messages relcom.comp.lang.forth Inter-network, Forth programming language.
32 messages relcom.fido.ru.unix Inter-network challenge to OS Unix.
32 messages relcom.fido.su.magic FIDOnet, magic and occult sciences.
31 messages relcom.fido.su.c-c++.visualage FIDOnet, about IBM VisualAge C++ compiler.
31 messages relcom.fido.su.softw FIDOnet, software in general.
30 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.faq.d Discussions about FAQ on OS/2.
30 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.src Sources related to OS/2.
29 messages relcom.comp.lan All about local area networking.
29 messages relcom.lan Inter-network discussion on local area networks.
28 messages relcom.comp.os.cmp FIDOnet area, comparison of various operating systems.
28 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.marginal Related topics on OS/2.
28 messages relcom.fido.su.dbms FIDOnet, database management systems.
27 messages relcom.comp.lan.wanted Programs for LAN wanted/offered.
27 messages relcom.comp.sources.d Discussions on sources.
27 messages relcom.tcpip TCP/IP protocols and their implementation.
26 messages relcom.dtp Desktop and Internet publishing.
25 messages relcom.comp.os.os2 FIDOnet area, OS/2 operating system.
22 messages relcom.fido.su.virus FIDOnet, viruses and vaccines. (Moderated)
21 messages relcom.fido.su.dbms.hytech FIDOnet, about HyTech DBMS.
21 messages relcom.fido.su.dbms.interbase FIDOnet, Borland Interbase Workgroup Server.
21 messages relcom.fido.su.forth FIDOnet, Forth language.
18 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.prog Programming under OS/2.
14 messages relcom.fido.ru.shell.dn FIDOnet, discussion on DOS Navigator shell.
14 messages relcom.terms Discussion of various terms and terminology.
13 messages relcom.comp.os.os2.wanted Programs for OS/2 offered/wanted.
6 messages relcom.sci.libraries Discussion of libraries and related info. (Moderated)
3 messages relcom.culture.ministry.social About education, staffs and social policy of culture. (Moderated)
3 messages relcom.fido.ru.mo.phystech-
2 messages relcom.comp.newmedia Global networks as a new mass media. (Moderated)
2 messages relcom.fido.ru.mo.sails-
1 messages relcom.culture.ministry.memorial About museums and monuments. (Moderated)
1 messages relcom.wtc Commercial proposals of World Trade Centers. (Moderated)